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2003 May - Costa Rica

   2003 October - Peru and Galapagos

   2006 January -  Bonaire Dive Trip

   2006 March - Las Vegas
   2006 May - Fiji
   2006 June - Cozumel, Mexico Dive Trip
   2006 June - Roatan, Honduras Dive Trip
   2006 September - Cayman Islands Dive Trip
   2006 December - Belize Dive Trip
  2007  June  -  China 
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  2007  August  -  Indonesia Dive Trip


2007 December - Puerto Rico/St. Croix Dive Trip

2008 September - Indonesia Dive Trip

             Bali/Bunaken/Lembeh Strait

2010 December - London

a day in London on the way to Asia

2011 January -  Southeast Asia


2011 May/June Papua New Guinea - Fiji

PNG Highlands/Tawali Diving/Fiji-Turtle Island


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