Peru and Galapagos - October 2003

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Lake Titicaca: The Uros Islands and our homestay on Amantani Island

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Uros Islands

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us on uros islands.jpg (53791 bytes)           buying stuff from locals.jpg (60645 bytes)    bill_eating_totora.jpg (26048 bytes)           posing on another island.jpg (50278 bytes)

  reed boat on lake titicaca.jpg (27917 bytes)

Amantani Island

the back yard.jpg (39312 bytes)   Bill hanging with chickens.jpg (46616 bytes)   

  Ernestos house.jpg (53797 bytes)   door to our room .jpg (32686 bytes)  bill going into our room.jpg (33238 bytes)       the sink for washing up.jpg (42753 bytes)   short beds.jpg (32658 bytes)   lunch at Ernesto and Juanas.jpg (41858 bytes)  

  Ernesto and kids.jpg (47791 bytes)      Ernesto Juana and kids.jpg (51432 bytes) 

      local women at soccer game.jpg (56309 bytes)  local women spinning.jpg (38002 bytes)    hiking to the top of the island.jpg (42783 bytes)      view from the top 4100m.jpg (23380 bytes)         bill at sunset.jpg (22539 bytes)

   Bill Juana and me.jpg (32994 bytes)  karen and I stylin.jpg (29499 bytes)  bill_wendy_and_jenny_Amantani_syle.jpg (29618 bytes)      please no more dancing.jpg (30386 bytes)  

       Bill and Juana getting funky.jpg (33796 bytes)     me dancing with Guido.jpg (29890 bytes)         

Ernesto waves goodby.jpg (61224 bytes)

Taquile Island

the square on Taquile island.jpg (40587 bytes)         peruvian folks.jpg (41206 bytes)          life on taquile island.jpg (46803 bytes)     on top of Taquile Island.jpg (36620 bytes)  

Fixing the boat

rudder repair.jpg (35095 bytes)    successfull rudder repair.jpg (27815 bytes)