Peru and Galapagos - October 2003

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Misc Peru Photos including the Jungle,

Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, Puno, Cusco and Sacsayhuaman

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bus in Juliaca.jpg (47742 bytes)  

sacred valley view.jpg (42828 bytes)        alpaca farm.jpg (66201 bytes)       alpaca.jpg (59055 bytes)        bill with vicuna or llama.jpg (58569 bytes)        bus flat tire.jpg (37553 bytes)   

 bill at 14222 feet high altitude.jpg (39581 bytes)         me at 14222 feet high altitude.jpg (40687 bytes) 

    market street in Puno.jpg (46239 bytes)      alpaca steak dinner in Puno.jpg (39632 bytes)         inca kola and big beer.jpg (39029 bytes)  Cusco at night.jpg (24287 bytes)  

   town of Ollantaytambo.jpg (42493 bytes)     our quaint hotel in ollantaytambo.jpg (59510 bytes)     face in the mountain.jpg (34672 bytes)        house in the suburbs.jpg (36164 bytes)        rooftop decor.jpg (55018 bytes)

  bill with girls.jpg (50159 bytes)  

bill at ruins outside of Pisac.jpg (42961 bytes)     Bill at Izcuchoca ruins.jpg (46484 bytes)        me with fountain at Izcuchoca.jpg (48772 bytes)         ruins at Izcuchoca.jpg (50117 bytes)         us and the andes mnts.jpg (38211 bytes)  

                  us at Sacsayhuaman.jpg (44290 bytes)        bill and the walls at Sacsayhuaman.jpg (40173 bytes)       me at doorway in Sacsayhuaman.jpg (48644 bytes)      bill at doorway of Sacsayhuaman.jpg (50437 bytes)   

Bill and Jesus.jpg (20565 bytes)          me and Jesus.jpg (26366 bytes)

      me on street in cusco.jpg (46091 bytes)                                                bill and the 12 sided stone.jpg (49415 bytes)  

cathedral at night.jpg (36189 bytes)                cathedral in Cusco.jpg (38395 bytes)

The Tambopata jungle reserve - Posada Amazonia Lodge


waiting for the boat to the jungle.jpg (54997 bytes)            jungle transportation.jpg (55926 bytes)            rivercanoe.jpg (53526 bytes)           lunch on the boat.jpg (43153 bytes)  

our room at the lodge.jpg (49983 bytes)                   me in wallless room.jpg (41200 bytes)

  jungle bill.jpg (55430 bytes)              jungle terrie.jpg (34294 bytes)  

  birds of paradise.jpg (65442 bytes)                          jungleboots.JPG (41013 bytes)                 Brazil nut pod.jpg (31882 bytes)  

Bill on the top of the tower.jpg (32665 bytes)                   me on the top of the tower.jpg (42848 bytes)   


Day tour in Lima: San Francisco church, convent and catacombs 


      Institute for the study of military history lima.jpg (38255 bytes)            llama head statue.jpg (26642 bytes)             top of train station.jpg (37018 bytes)

  San Francisco church.jpg (46291 bytes)          inside San Francisco .jpg (58725 bytes)          Inside the church.jpg (58242 bytes)         hallway to the convent of san francisco.jpg (47605 bytes)       

    heading into the catacombs.jpg (44853 bytes)                 lost your head.jpg (35821 bytes)                     artful burial.jpg (29821 bytes)  

 Santa Dominga in Cusco.jpg (37447 bytes)                    downtown lima street scene.jpg (49897 bytes)                  traffic police.jpg (38569 bytes)

                    bill at plaza in Lima.jpg (34637 bytes)                me at plaza in Lima.jpg (35201 bytes)               riot police in lima.jpg (51521 bytes)

        Parque de Amore Lima.jpg (35359 bytes)          Lunch in Lima with Wendy and Jenny.jpg (64504 bytes)