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December 2006

Nekton Pilot Liveaboard



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The Dives

DosCocosTerrieandBill (Small).jpg (44026 bytes)

Sunday, December 17th: 

Lighthouse Reef~Long Cay, Dos Cocos    (Weight/equipment check dive -  No Camera)

Quite a few Barracuda, French and Queen Angels, Parrotfish, Rock Beauties, two Turtles, Trumpetfish, FourEye Butterflyfish, Fairy Basslets, Blue Cromis and Creole Wrasse, big group of Honeycombed Cowfish that appeared to be doing the mating dances, Spotted Moray Eel, Lots of other tropicals including gobies, Yellow Headed Jawfish, Yellow Tail Snappers and huge schools of Horse Eyed Jacks circling under the boat.


Lighthouse Reef~Long Cay, Dos Cocos (with the camera this time)

All of those mentioned above plus several Queen Triggerfish, some big Tarpon, a juvenile YellowTail Damselfish, Spanish Hogfish, lots of LongSpined Sea Urchins and Feather Duster Worms.

DosCocosASiteBoard (Small).jpg (52629 bytes)

DosCocosBillatSafetyStop (Small).jpg (50146 bytes)     DosCocosBlueChromisOnTheReef (Small).jpg (79355 bytes)    DosCocosBranchingTubeSponge (Small).jpg (69769 bytes)    DosCocosFairyBassletandMazeCoral (Small).jpg (74374 bytes)     DosCocosTerrie (Small).jpg (48723 bytes)

DosCocosDavidDoingSkills (Small).jpg (61533 bytes)    DosCocosDavidWaving (Small).jpg (32347 bytes)

DosCocosFishComingAtYaCloseUp (Small).jpg (89812 bytes)    DosCocosFlatTreeOysteronGorgonian (Small).jpg (82674 bytes)    DosCocosGobiOnTubeSponge (Small).jpg (41115 bytes)    DosCocosFourEyeButterflyfish (Small).jpg (80960 bytes)    DosCocosQueenTriggerfish (Small).jpg (64262 bytes)

DosCocosReef (Small).jpg (79396 bytes)   DosCocosRockHind (Small).jpg (88653 bytes)   DosCocosSandDollar (Small).jpg (98056 bytes)   DosCocosSocialFeatherDusterWorms (Small).jpg (38492 bytes)   DosCocosSchoolingJacksCloseUp (Small).jpg (54723 bytes)   DosCocosSpanishHogfish (Small).jpg (74382 bytes)   DosCocosTarpon (Small).jpg (41876 bytes)

DosCocosTrumpetfish2 (Small).jpg (64615 bytes)  DosCocosTurtleonReefclose up (Small).jpg (74238 bytes)    DosCocosYellowHeadedJawfishCloseUp (Small).jpg (113136 bytes)  DosCocosYellowHeadedJawfishCloseUp2 (Small).jpg (102369 bytes)   DosCocosYellowTubeSponge (Small).jpg (74770 bytes)  DosCocosWhiteFeatherDusterWorm (Small).jpg (77334 bytes)

DosCocosBillCloseUP (Small).jpg (47538 bytes)  DosCocosBillontheReef2 (Small).jpg (51290 bytes)    DosCocosTerrieBelowtheFish (Small).jpg (35106 bytes)  DosCocosTerrieWithFish (Small).jpg (50246 bytes)


Lighthouse Reef~Long Cay, Silver Caves (swim throughs)

The silver in Silver Caves refers to the abundance of Tarpon at this site, also squirrelfish, Black Margates, Schoolmasters, YellowTail Snappers, Trumpetfish, parrotfish, Barracuda, Black Durgons, Tangs, pair of large Scrawled Filefish, a big Tiger Grouper sitting on the sand getting cleaned, several LongSpined Sea Urchins and Hermit Crabs, Damselfish and Butterflyfish as well as the ever present Horse Eyed Jacks.

SilverCavesASiteBoard (Small).jpg (60967 bytes)

SilverCavesBarracuda (Small).jpg (58195 bytes)    SilverCavesBlueTang (Small).jpg (91984 bytes)    SilverCavesBigScrollCoral (Small).jpg (61582 bytes)    SilverCavesChubChow (Small).jpg (49659 bytes)    SilverCavesFairyBassletsandReefColors (Small).jpg (76378 bytes)

SilverCavesSeaFanSilhouette (Small).jpg (67914 bytes)    SilverCavesFishComingAtYa (Small).jpg (34228 bytes)   SilverCavesFishLips (Small).jpg (37717 bytes)   SilverCavesGrayAngel (Small).jpg (51565 bytes)   SilverCavesGrouperGettingCleanedCloseUp (Small).jpg (68555 bytes)   SilverCavesNassauGrouperintheSand (Small).jpg (46922 bytes)    SilverCavesRedStarCoralonReef (Small).jpg (65223 bytes)

SilverCavesSquirrelfishLookingatYa (Small).jpg (83796 bytes)    SilverCavesTrumpetfish (Small).jpg (71679 bytes)    SilverCavesYellowTailSnapperonReef (Small).jpg (57824 bytes)    SilverCavesSquirrelfishonReef (Small).jpg (81238 bytes) 


Lighthouse Reef~Long Cay, Silver Caves (Night Dive)

Shallow night dive where the Tarpon were our constant companions, also saw a lot of Basket Stars, an Arrow Crab, Hermit Crabs, Lobsters, some small jellies, a big Southern Stingray and managed to get attacked by a small Caribbean Reef Squid.

SilverCavesNightArrowCrab (Small).jpg (76482 bytes)    SilverCavesNightLobster (Small).jpg (65309 bytes)    SilverCavesNightLongSpinedSeaUrchin (Small).jpg (76234 bytes)    SilverCavesNightSleepingRedbandParrotfish (Small).jpg (70126 bytes)

SilverCavesNightStingray (Small).jpg (29413 bytes)    SilverCavesNightStingray3 (Small).jpg (35091 bytes)    SilverCavesNightStingray2 (Small).jpg (31189 bytes)

SilverCavesNightCaribbeanReefSquid2 (Small).jpg (25102 bytes)      SilverCavesNightCaribbeanReefSquid (Small).jpg (60977 bytes)      SilverCavesNightCaribbeanReefSquid3 (Small).jpg (25098 bytes)

SilverCavesNightCaribbeanReefSquidBW (Small).jpg (20232 bytes)


Monday, December 18th: (Six Dives in one day!)

Lighthouse Reef~Long Cay, Silver Caves (Dawn Dive/no camera)

The only Dawn dive of the trip, the Tarpon were still there, saw lots of sleeping fish, Indigo Hamlets and Parrotfish, some Trumpetfish, Squirrelfish, Lobster and a nice Adult Spotted Drum.  Bill found the only Spotted Scorpionfish we saw on the trip.


Lighthouse Reef~Long Cay, Aquarium (two dives ~ Our 100th Dive)

Lots of various tropicals, Angels, Parrotfish, Trumpetfish, Hogfish, Rock Beauties, Butterflyfish, Black Durgons, Tangs, Damselfish, small Spotted Moray Eel, Barracuda, Honeycombed Cowfish, YellowTail Snappers, Blue Chromis and Blue Heads, big Black Groupers, Nassau and Tiger Groupers, little YellowHeaded Jawfish, Coral Banded Shrimp and a big tan colored Nurse Shark that swam off before we could get a picture.

AquariumASiteBoard (Small).jpg (53019 bytes)

AquariumBlueChromisontheReef (Small).jpg (78971 bytes)   AquariumChannelCrabCloseUp (Small).jpg (75335 bytes)   AquariumCoralHead (Small).jpg (54131 bytes)   AquariumBranchingTubeSponge (Small).jpg (89565 bytes)   AquariumCoralWithOpenPolyps2 (Small).jpg (74925 bytes)   AquariumFeatherDusterWorm (Small).jpg (81655 bytes)   AquariumSeaPlumes (Small).jpg (58500 bytes)

AquariumSchoolmaster2 (Small).jpg (65364 bytes)   AquariumGraysbyintheReef (Small).jpg (74350 bytes)   AquariumHogfish (Small).jpg (46980 bytes)   AquariumSchoolmaster (Small).jpg (54744 bytes)   AquariumSchoolmasterPosing (Small).jpg (68055 bytes)

AquariumPaintedTunicates (Small).jpg (54553 bytes)   AquariumVaseSpongeandEncrustingSpongeonReef (Small).jpg (73831 bytes)   Aquarium2BranchingTubeSponge (Small).jpg (59946 bytes)   Aqurium2SharpNosePuffer (Small).jpg (68145 bytes)   AquriumBranchingVaseSponge (Small).jpg (79639 bytes)

Aquarium2TrumpetfishTail (Small).jpg (58446 bytes)   Aquarium2FeatherDusterWorm (Small).jpg (66305 bytes)    Aquarium2FingerCoral (Small).jpg (95780 bytes)   Aquarium2ReefCoralandFans (Small).jpg (43657 bytes)   Aquarium2LongSpinedSquirrelfish (Small).jpg (65272 bytes)    Aquarium2RedHind (Small).jpg (78143 bytes)   Aquarium2Trumpetfish (Small).jpg (56696 bytes) 


Lighthouse Reef~Long Cay, Long Caye Ridge (two dives)

Lots of swim throughs at this site, found a big Green Moray Eel, Honeycombed Cowfish, Barracudas, Several Coral Banded Shrimp, Queen Angels, Porkfish, Tarpon, Blue Chromis and Blue Heads, Butterflyfish, Hogfish, some big Grouper, French Angels, Smooth Trunkfish, lots of YellowTail Snappers and HorseEyed Jacks.

LongCayRidgeASiteBoard (Small).jpg (59075 bytes)

LongCayRidge2IntoATubeSponge (Small).jpg (65086 bytes)   LongCayRidgeStaghornCoral (Small).jpg (102231 bytes)   LongCayRidge2ReefOutcropping (Small).jpg (52412 bytes)   LongCayRidge2BigBarrelSponge (Small).jpg (37855 bytes)   LongCayRidge2RedBoringSponge (Small).jpg (60543 bytes)   LongCayRidgeScrollCoral (Small).jpg (80912 bytes)   LongCayRidgeCoralHeads (Small).jpg (62980 bytes)

LongCayRidgeGreenMorayEel (Small).jpg (74253 bytes)     LongCayRidge2SpottedMorayEel (Small).jpg (82621 bytes)     LongCayRidgeGreenMorayEel2 (Small).jpg (78352 bytes)

 LongCayRidge2Tarpon (Small).jpg (30159 bytes)    LongCayRidge2TarponSilhouette (Small).jpg (37663 bytes)    LongCayRidgeBarracuda (Small).jpg (61035 bytes)    LongCayRidgeBarracudaAtSafetyStop (Small).jpg (25334 bytes)    LongCayRidgeBarracudaUndertheBoat (Small).jpg (26342 bytes)

LongCayRidge2Terrie (Small).jpg (37413 bytes)   LongCayRidgeBill (Small).jpg (27887 bytes)   LongCayRidgeDavidandAlice (Small).jpg (28606 bytes)   LongCayRidgeBillAtSafetyStop (Small).jpg (43218 bytes)   LongCayRidgeTerrieUnderTheBoat (Small).jpg (40468 bytes) 

LongCayRidgeCoralBandedShrimpInTubeSponge (Small).jpg (52080 bytes)    LongCayRidgeFishandSpongeOnTheReef (Small).jpg (96305 bytes)    LongCayRidgeHorseEyeJacks (Small).jpg (53634 bytes)    LongCayRidgeHorseEyeJacks2 (Small).jpg (52785 bytes)    LongCayRidgeHoneycombedCowfish (Small).jpg (86614 bytes)    LongCayRidgeSocialFeatherDusters3 (Small).jpg (67445 bytes)

LongCayRidgeSwimThrough (Small).jpg (71630 bytes)   LongCayRidge2RockHind (Small).jpg (75720 bytes)

LongCayRidgeSeaBassDoingFlipsonHangBar (Small).jpg (26108 bytes)  LongCayRidgeSeaBassSafetyStop (Small).jpg (16267 bytes)  LongCayRidgeTheProp (Small).jpg (38505 bytes)


Lighthouse Reef~Long Cay, Long Caye Ridge (Night Dive/No Camera)

Several large Black Groupers decided to follow us around on this dive, Bill spotted an Octopus, there were lots of Squirrelfish and Long Spined Sea Urchins, some Lobster, Arrow Crabs and a big (4-5 inch) pinkish, red Nudibrach with tan colored gill fringe that I think was a Leather-Backed Doris.


Tuesday, December 19th:

Lighthouse Reef~Long Cay, Cathedral (Two Dives)

Octopus in his hole, lots of trash floating along the wall, Tiger and Nassau Grouper, Horse Eyed Jacks, YellowTailed Snappers, both Queen and French Angels, Clinging Crab, lots of Pederson Shrimp and their Anemones, FourEye and Banded Butterflyfish, Ocean Triggerfish, Stoplight Parrotfish, Tangs, a big Black Barracuda, Spotted Moray Eel, lots of miscellaneous juveniles, Fairy Basslets and Neon Gobis.  At this site I had my second encounter with a baby Trunkfish, couldn't get a picture of the little guy though.

 CathedralASiteBoard (Small).jpg (67808 bytes)     CathedralPaulDoesBriefing (Small).jpg (50018 bytes)

CathedralClingingCrab (Small).jpg (81177 bytes)   CathedralCoralandSponge (Small).jpg (68711 bytes)   CathedralRedHind (Small).jpg (90575 bytes)   CathedralFairyBassletonFlowerCoral (Small).jpg (71889 bytes)   CathedralTrash (Small).jpg (49217 bytes)   CathedralTubeSponge (Small).jpg (36774 bytes)

     CathedralPedersonCleanerShrimp3 (Small).jpg (82440 bytes)    CathedralCoralBandedShrimpOnPurpleSponge (Small).jpg (56142 bytes)    CathedralPedersonCleanerShrimp (Small).jpg (88523 bytes)    Cathedral2PedersonCleanerShrimp (Small).jpg (68889 bytes)    Cathedral2KnobbyAmemoneAndPedersonShrimp (Small).jpg (88972 bytes)

 Cathedral2StarCoral (Small).jpg (75974 bytes)   Cathedral2SpottedMorayEel (Small).jpg (76222 bytes)   Cathedral2OceanTriggerfishCloseUp (Small).jpg (88355 bytes)   Cathedral2OrangeIcingSpongeCloseUp (Small).jpg (76586 bytes)   Cathedral2DashGobi (Small).jpg (64831 bytes)

CathedralTerrieAtTheProp (Small).jpg (45414 bytes)  CathedralUnderTheBoat (Small).jpg (23667 bytes)


Lighthouse Reef~Long Cay, Que Brada (Two Dives)

The clouds and wind picked up at this site but the color of the sponges was still vibrant in spite of the clouds.  Saw some large Barracuda, French, Gray and Queen Angels, Blue Chromis and Squirrelfish (of course), some large Tiger Groupers, Trumpetfish, couple of big Porkupine fish, lots of Queen Triggerfish, Large Honeycombed Cowfish, small Flounder (see if you can find him in the picture below), Parrotfish, Jacks, Snappers and Tarpon as well.

QueBradaASiteBoard (Small).jpg (45556 bytes)

  QueBradaBranchingVaseSponge (Small).jpg (89899 bytes)  QueBradaBrownTubeSponge (Small).jpg (52047 bytes)  QueBradaSocialFeatherDusterWormsAmongThe Sponges (Small).jpg (63599 bytes)   QueBradaLargeBarrelSponge (Small).jpg (36089 bytes)   QueBradaBrownTubeSpongeOnTheWall (Small).jpg (56667 bytes)  QueBrada2EncrustingGorgonianCloseUp (Small).jpg (80816 bytes)  QueBradaMermaidsFanGrowingOnOrangeSieveEncrustingSponge (Small).jpg (80316 bytes)


QueBradaSunOnTheWater (Small).jpg (31322 bytes)   QueBradaSpongesOnTheWall (Small).jpg (49096 bytes)   QueBradaVolcanoSponge (Small).jpg (77514 bytes)   QueBradaWallIntoTheSun (Small).jpg (46715 bytes) 

QueBrada2ReefScene (Small).jpg (49807 bytes)   QueBradaBlueChromis (Small).jpg (77427 bytes)   QueBrada2EyedFlounder (Small).jpg (103059 bytes)   QueBrada2BlennyOnCoralCloseUp (Small).jpg (49766 bytes)   QueBrada2PinkBushAlgae (Small).jpg (78683 bytes)   QueBrada2ReefScene2 (Small).jpg (74990 bytes)   QueBrada2Trumpetfish (Small).jpg (41802 bytes)

QueBrada2GrayangelCloseUp (Small).jpg (58911 bytes)  QueBrada2GrayAngelFace (Small).jpg (70486 bytes)  QueBrada2LargeGrayAngel (Small).jpg (41979 bytes)  QueBrada2PairOfGrayAngels (Small).jpg (75423 bytes)

QueBrada2QueenTriggerfish (Small).jpg (71867 bytes)  QueBrada2QueenTriggerfish2 (Small).jpg (54475 bytes)  QueBrada2QueenTriggerfish3 (Small).jpg (82570 bytes)


Lighthouse Reef~Long Cay, Que Brada (Night Dive/No Camera)

Went out to the wall and were followed by a lot of Tarpon, saw some Lobsters and a lot of sleeping fish, back in the shallower water saw a freeswimming Spotted Moray Eel, watched a Sharptail Eel and then saw another one acting strange.  Upon closer investigation we were able to watch as he pounded his head into a hole in pursuit of a fish for dinner, he came up with the small fish half out of his mouth and proceeded to swallow him like a snake.  The Eel was completely oblivious to Bill and I with our lights. 


Wednesday, December 20th:

Lighthouse Reef~Half Moon Cay, Tarpon Caves (Two Dives)

Some Dolphins came to check out the boat at this site but they didn't stay around long enough for anyone to get in with them.  There were a lot of nice swim throughs that the Tarpon were hanging in, some big Midnight Parrotfish, Nassau Grouper, Angels, Honeycombed Cowfish pair, Barracuda, Trumpetfish, big Porcupinefish, Bicolor Damselfish, YellowTail Snappers, Tangs, lots of various juveniles, Peppermint Shrimp, Hermit Crabs, Conchs, a field of Garden Eels, and some Southern Stingrays.  At the ladder a Sharksucker tried to attach to my leg but I was able to shake him off.

TarponCavesASiteBoard (Small).jpg (59426 bytes) 

TarponCavesBlackSnapper (Small).jpg (73817 bytes)   TarponCavesTarponbutts (Small).jpg (28332 bytes)   TarponCavesTarponFromAbove (Small).jpg (63508 bytes) 

TarponCavesGardenEels (Small).jpg (45569 bytes)   TarponCaves2GardenEelHeads (Small).jpg (57567 bytes)   TarponCaves2BristleBallBrushGreenAlgae (Small).jpg (71777 bytes)   TarponCaves2FemaleRosyRazorfish (Small).jpg (75218 bytes)   TarponCaves2MuttonSnapper (Small).jpg (60958 bytes)

TarponCaves2HoleInLeatheryBarrelSponge (Small).jpg (82981 bytes)   TarponCaves2MidnightParrotfish (Small).jpg (54580 bytes)   TarponCaves2StarCoralOnReef (Small).jpg (100130 bytes)   TarponCaves2ReefCutThrough (Small).jpg (34527 bytes)   TarponCaves2RockyReef (Small).jpg (50691 bytes)   TarponCaves2HermitCrabConvoy (Small).jpg (24645 bytes)   TarponCaves2FingerCoral (Small).jpg (89291 bytes)

TarponCaves2SeaGrass (Small).jpg (59938 bytes)    TarponCaves2SandPoop (Small).jpg (70147 bytes)    TarponCaves2SandSwirls (Small).jpg (41452 bytes)    TarponCavesSharkSuckerOnTerriesLeg (Small).jpg (41417 bytes)    TarponCaves2TurtleGrassAndSand (Small).jpg (46155 bytes)


Lighthouse Reef~Half Moon Cay, Dolphin Pass (Two Dives/One Without Camera)

This site had a resident juvenile French Angelfish that lives in the base of the mooring, luckily he was out cleaning a White Margate and I was able to get some pictures, also saw three big Blue Parrotfish that allowed us to get very close.  There were a lot of Hogfish and several Southern Stingrays, a big Eagle Ray came over the reef for a visit.  Saw Midnight and Stoplight Parrotfish, Grunts, YellowTail Snappers, Tarpon (big ones hanging under the boat), Dash Goatfish, Barracuda, Indigo Hamlets, Tiger Groupers, a small Spotted Trunkfish, Sharp Nosed Puffers, a juvenile Yellow Tail Damselfish along with a lot of other juveniles.

DolphinPassASiteBoard (Small).jpg (67270 bytes) 

DolphinPassBigBlueParrotfish (Small).jpg (33273 bytes)  DolphinPassBigBlueParrotfish2 (Small).jpg (40645 bytes)  DolphinPassBigBlueParrotfishTimesThree (Small).jpg (31099 bytes) 

 DolphinPassBlueParrotfishFromAbove (Small).jpg (75511 bytes)   DolphinPassCorkySeaFingerAroundVaseSponges (Small).jpg (59912 bytes)   DolphinPassBipinnateSeaPlume (Small).jpg (61212 bytes)   DolphinPassFrenchGrunt (Small).jpg (65773 bytes)   DolphinPassGiantBarrelSponge (Small).jpg (47048 bytes)  DolphinPassGraysbyAndANeonGoby (Small).jpg (67594 bytes)

DolphinPassJuvFrenchAngelCleaningWhiteMargate2 (Small).jpg (52936 bytes)     DolphinPassJuvenileFrenchAngelfish (Small).jpg (88007 bytes)     DolphinPassJuvFrenchAngelCleaningWhiteMargate (Small).jpg (51474 bytes)

DolphinPassReefCutThrough (Small).jpg (70021 bytes)     DolphinPassRedStarCoral (Small).jpg (59413 bytes)     DolphinPassTigerTailSeaCucumber (Small).jpg (68860 bytes)    DolphinPassWhiteMargate (Small).jpg (46018 bytes)


Lighthouse Reef~Half Moon Cay, Dolphin Pass (Night Dive/No Camera)

Lots of Lobster and various kinds of reef shrimp were out.  The bioluminescent algae was everywhere, Bill kept covering his light and slinging his arms around in it.  Saw lots of Sea Cucumbers, Hermit Crabs, a juvenile Hogfish in the Red Mottled stage and lots of small fish not yet asleep.  The big Tarpon were following our lights, looking for a meal.


Thursday, December 21st:

Lighthouse Reef~Long Cay, Long Caye Wall (Two Dives/One Without Camera)

Back to Long Cay area due to the shift of the winds.  Got a few pictures before the camera locked up and refused to work for the rest of the trip.  Saw our first Lizardfish of this trip, several large Queen Angels, Coral Banded Shrimp, FourEye Butterflyfish, a Scrawled Filefish as long as my leg.  Spotted a large Octopus, sitting out in the open and a big Adult Spotted Drum right in front of it, Trumpetfish, Parrotfish, YellowTail Snappers, HorseEye Jacks, Spotted Moray Eel, Black Groupers, big Lobsters and a huge Channel Crab.  Bill got a nice shot of a Peppermint Shrimp in a Tube Sponge with some Bristle Stars.

LongCayeWallASiteBoard (Small).jpg (62307 bytes)

LongCayeWallCoralBandedShrimp (Small).jpg (78311 bytes)   LongCayeWallBranchingVaseSponge (Small).jpg (57445 bytes)   LongCayeWallPeppermintShrimpInSponge (Small).jpg (76245 bytes)   LongCayeWallDeepWaterSeaFan (Small).jpg (48193 bytes)   LongCayeWallRopeSponge (Small).jpg (69958 bytes) 

QueBradaScubaBubbles (Small).jpg (38594 bytes)


Lighthouse Reef~Long Cay, Hat Caye Wall (Two Dives/No Camera)

This site was very murky on the first dive but cleared up significantly for the second and night dive.  Saw a lot of the usual suspects, Stoplight Parrotfish, Blue Tangs, an intermediate Spotted Drum, big Scrawled Filefish, Fairy Basslets, Spanish Hogfish, Black Durgons, Blue Chromis, Creole Wrasse, Hogfish, big French and Queen Angels, Schoolmasters and YellowTail Snappers.  Saw an unusual sponge growth that turned out to be Yellow boring Sponge, though it looks like small stalagmites and is white.  And a couple of small button shaped, bright pink spots that we determined to be speckled Cup Coral.  Saw some big Lobster, and a porcupine fish with a head as big as mine.


Lighthouse Reef~Long Cay, Hat Caye Wall (Night Dive/No Camera)

Lots of worms on this night dive, saw some Clinging Crabs, Spiny Lobster, Coral Banded Shrimp, big Reef Shrimp and some Arrow Crabs.


Friday, December 22nd:

Turneffe, Coral Gardens (Two Dives/No Camera)

Our last two dives of the trip.  Nice site with an assortment of what we had seen earlier, big Southern Stingrays in the sand, Spotted Trunkfish, big gray Trunkfish, lots of Tangs, Parrotfish, Fairy Basslets, Spotted Moray Eel, Yellow Headed Jawfish, another Lizardfish, YellowTail Snappers and Schoolmasters.  A big Channel Crab and a smaller crab right next to another Spotted Moray Eel, several Gray Angels and a group of small Pederson Shrimp with their Anemone right at the mooring. 


Pictures From Around the Nekton Pilot

BelizeNektonPilotCrew (Small).jpg (39961 bytes)  BelizeNektonPilotGuests (Small).jpg (39125 bytes)

BelizeNektonPilotGuestsinSalon2 (Small).jpg (67609 bytes)   DiveDeckAlan (Small).jpg (47580 bytes)   LifeSaver (Small).jpg (81567 bytes)   DiveDeckAlan2 (Small).jpg (43803 bytes)   DiveDeckDebbieandAlan (Small).jpg (80235 bytes)

DiveDeckBillandTerrie (Small).jpg (68762 bytes)    DiveDeckBillReadyToJump (Small).jpg (52282 bytes)    DiveDeckGettingReady (Small).jpg (42800 bytes)   DiveDeckTerrie (Small).jpg (48909 bytes)   DiveDeckTerrieGettingReady (Small).jpg (71060 bytes)

DiveDeckeGear (Small).jpg (61968 bytes)     DiveDeckAirSide (Small).jpg (84101 bytes)     DiveDeckLadder (Small).jpg (68715 bytes)     DiveDeckStairs (Small).jpg (86518 bytes)     SaveMeSkiff (Small).jpg (66238 bytes)

InsideSpiralStaircase (Small).jpg (47179 bytes)    LowerDeckHallway (Small).jpg (42431 bytes)    Cabin14Bill (Small).jpg (32341 bytes)    MidDeckBillNearCameraTable (Small).jpg (57267 bytes)    MidDeckDiningRoom (Small).jpg (78112 bytes)    PilotHouseMike (Small).jpg (61480 bytes)    BelizeNektonPilotCrewPaulonDiveDeck (Small).jpg (80949 bytes)

HalfMoonCay2 (Small).jpg (56721 bytes)      Islands (Small).jpg (53854 bytes)     HalfMoonCayCloseUp (Small).jpg (40802 bytes)

SunDeck (Small).jpg (69265 bytes)  SunDeckBillCloser (Small).jpg (58943 bytes)  SunDeckDiveFlag (Small).jpg (64190 bytes)  SunDeckDryBins (Small).jpg (58694 bytes)  SunDeckLaundry2 (Small).jpg (72807 bytes)  SunDeckLaundry3 (Small).jpg (60679 bytes)  SunDeckSIT (Small).jpg (66507 bytes)


Pictures from around Belize City

BelizeCityAirport (Small).jpg (21827 bytes)

BelizeCityAirportBar (Small).jpg (83822 bytes)  BelizeCityCanal (Small).jpg (48286 bytes)  BelizeCityCemetery (Small).jpg (56936 bytes)  BelizeCityChurch (Small).jpg (73159 bytes)  BelizeCityHomes (Small).jpg (68890 bytes)  BelizeCityStreets (Small).jpg (61521 bytes)

BelizeCityHarbourBridge (Small).jpg (52874 bytes)    BelizeCityHarbourBirds (Small).jpg (66264 bytes)    BelizeCityHarbourTugBoat (Small).jpg (78285 bytes)

BillandTerrieintheVantoAirport (Small).jpg (55155 bytes)