Photo Album

January 2006



Captain Don's Habitat - pictures from around the resort

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            baby dock      dive lockers   resort sign   Dive boat-Bonaire Diver     DM Chris loading water on the boat

        Terrie at the dive lockers       Bill bringing some tanks        Terrie watching a hermit crab       Bill with the OLD boat schedule       The New Boat Schedule

                Captn Dons parrot     Iguana     resort directions   cat feeding is encouraged     Rum Runners restaurant from the water

                          Bill at sunset     sunset      sunset continued      ship at sunset

Oasis Cottage area

Oasis Cottage           Terrie on Oasis Patio          Bill at the fish pond

Our Villa 701

Villa 7 entrance to suite 701       Villa from the waters edge     View from the villa patio

Bill in the dining room     Villa living room        Villa bedroom

  The Diving   

  Click on the thumbnails for a larger pictures.  Hold the curser over the picture for a description.

 Terrie and Bill

La Machaca (Captn Don's reef)  Photos from January 18th, 21st and 22nd dives off the dock

La Machaca wreck 

Bill at the La Machaca wreck   Bill at La Machaca     The Reef and Sergeant Majors     Terrie at La Machaca   Terrie at La Machaca - Tada!

Creole Wrasse     Queen Parrotfish     Seabass     Yellow Goatfish     Peacock Flounder

Christmast Tree Worms        Banded Coral Shrimp     Honeycomb Cowfish    Schoolmasters    Orange Ball Sponge

   Sanddiver Lizardfish      Stoplight Parrotfish     Smooth Trunkfish     oyster in Star Coral      Dinner sized Crab 

 Spotted Moray and Bluestiped Grunt       Spotted Moray Eel


Monks-Haven (on Klein) January 20th dive boat dive

Bill along the reef

        Flower Coral     Reef life   Porous Sea Rods     Mountainous Star Coral

           Trumpetfish1.jpg (67068 bytes)           Feather Duster Worm         Scrawled Filefish   


Rock Pile (on Klein)  January 20th  boat dive

Bill closeup      Bill waving  

Cactus coral         Barracuda         Sea Fan        Reef at Rock pile with large brain coral


Cliff     Shore dive on January 22nd

The Marker at Cliff

Terrie at the Dive Memorial Flag         Terrie watching fish Traffic        The fish Traffic (blue Chromis and Wrasse)

Tiger Grouper   Tube Sponge     Schoolmasters all lined up     Three Rowed Sea Cucumber   Scrawled Filefish

 Fireworm and West Indian Sea Eggs


Site of our Salt Pier Night Shore dive  January 20th (swim out to dive under the pier)

Salt Pier          Salt Pier and Obelisk


The Hilma Hooker Wreck   boat dive on January 21st

Terrie decending    Hilma Hooker side   Bill at the Hilma Hooker   Bill under the Hilma Hooker   Hilma Hooker propeller

Terrie at Hilma Hooker       Christmas Tree worms on the propeller      BIG Tarpon       Terrie swimming with the fishes


Oil Slick Leap   shore dive on January 21st

Oil Slick Dive Site Marker    looking back at the ladder from the water

Peacock Flounder swimming by   Stoplight Parrotfish Sharptail Eel  Squirrelfish

 Pencil Coral  Purple Stove Pipe Sponge stove Pipe Sponge from the top The Reef at Oil Slick Leap   Sea Rod Coral  Tube Sponge

Terrie waving


1000 Steps   shore dive on January 22nd

1000 Steps dive site marker     1000 Steps from the water     The top of the steps      The long way down  

Terrie at the top of the steps        Terrie geared up and going down the steps        Bill at the top of the steps after the dive (with both sets of fins)   

Redlip Blenny    Large Blue Parrotfish (2 to 3 feet long)    Tiger Grouper    Yellow Tail Snappers on the reef    Flamingo Tongue

Encrusting Gorgonian and Maze Coral     Black Ball Sponge    Branching Tube Sponge    Coral and Sponge growth      Flower Coral and a Yellow Rock Beauty

Spiney Flower Coral      Stove Pipe Sponge, Fairy Basslet, Creole Wrasse and Brain Coral  

Terrie relaxing


Angel City   shore dive on January 23rd

Angel City dive site marker

Barrel Sponges    Brain Coral and Stove Pipe Sponge   Barrel Sponge

   Parrotfish in a bed of Finger Coral    Stoplight Parrotfish (Terminal Phase) Bar Jacks     Coral with Blue Headed Wrasses and  Hiding Schoolmaster  

Barracuda    Scorpionfish    The Hiding Schoolmaster      French Angelfish   Stoplight Parrotfish (Initial Phase)


 Terrie and large Stove Pipe Sponge         Terrie floating


No Name Beach   boat dive on January 23rd dive (tried to dive Knife but another boat was moored)

Reef at No Name Beach

Anemone       Another Anemone      Branching Vase Sponge      Rose Lace Coral

 Queen Angelfish      Trumpetfish      French Angel and Stove Pipe Sponge     Large French Angel

Stove Pipe Sponge        Sponges on the Reef        Sea Plume  Black Sea Rod


Some Photos from around the Island on our last day

Iguana at the airport

Bill on Pink Beach     Pink beach    

   Cactus      On the road to Rincon      Roadside outcropping      Donkey Crossing

 Bill at the overlook before Karpata     Bill and Terrie at the overlook      Terrie at the overlook before Karpata

Karpata dive site         Karpata History

flamingo       Williams Toren Lighthouse 

Jibe City sign         Jibe City Windsurfers        More Jibe City Windsurfers

  Terrie on the streets of Kralendijk at night     Lights on the water from downtown Kralendijk    Sidewalk Flamingo Art     Lisa gas     Kralendijk street

Red Slave huts        Red Slave hut         Red Slave huts and obelisk

White Slave huts         White Slave hut        Bill at a White Slave hut

Washington Slagbaai Natl park marker    Scenes from around the park    Bill and the truck at a stop in the park    The park sites    The Park roads

Bill and a cactus    Cactus fence    Cactus flower    WS Natl Park flamingo    More flamingos in the park 

Don't what?     Colorful Lizard    Trees in the park

Whale Skeleton sign      Whale skeleton