September 2006

Nekton Rorqual Liveaboard




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The Dives

Sunday, September 24th: 

Grand Cayman, Jax Dax    (Weight/equipment check dive -  No Camera)

        Turtles, Spotted Trunkfish, Black Durgons, Fairy Basslets, Rock Hinds, Lobsters, Schoolmasters, Garden Eels, Lizardfish, Queen Angels, French Angels, Tangs, Parrotfish etc

 Grand Cayman, Doc Poulson Wreck and Reef (Two Dives)

Stingray, Porcupinefish, Gray Angel, schools of Horse-Eye Jacks, Yellowtail Goatfish, Diamond Blennies, Schoolmasters, Trumpetfish, Bicolor Damselfish, Butterflyfish, Tangs, Black Durgons, Hogfish, Spanish Hogfish, Tobaccofish, Stoplight and Queen Parrotfish etc

0924DocPoulsonBoard (Small).jpg (51686 bytes)

0924DocPoulsonWreck (Small).jpg (29567 bytes)   0924DocPoulsonHorseEyeJacks (Small).jpg (43045 bytes)   0924DocPoulsonTerrieSwimming (Small).jpg (58400 bytes)   0924DocPoulsonGorgonians (Small).jpg (48160 bytes)  0924DocPoulsonReefBillSwimming (Small).jpg (41859 bytes)   0924DocPoulsonBowl2 (Small).jpg (67667 bytes)   0924DocPoulsonWreck2 (Small).jpg (48673 bytes)

0924DocPoulsonChristmasTreeWorms (Small).jpg (74121 bytes)   0924DocPoulsonReefBlackDurgon (Small).jpg (66419 bytes)   0924DocPoulsonReefSchoolmaster (Small).jpg (86761 bytes)   0924DocPoulsonReefTrumpetfish2 (Small).jpg (59268 bytes)   0924DocPoulsonStingrayinSand2 (Small).jpg (39414 bytes)   0924DocPoulsonReefQueenParrotfishInitialPhase (Small).jpg (76357 bytes)  

             0924DocPoulsonTerrie (Small).jpg (31746 bytes)

0924DocPoulsonReefBill (Small).jpg (55260 bytes)     0924DocPoulsonReefBillInvestigates (Small).jpg (57217 bytes)    0924DocPoulsonReefBillInvestigates2 (Small).jpg (40113 bytes)    0924DocPoulsonReefBillHands (Small).jpg (51333 bytes)


Grand Cayman, Doc Poulson Wreck (Night Dive)

Big Rainbow Parrotfish sleeping on top of the wreck, Lobsters, Jacks, Flamingo tongues, fed the little red worms to the Brain Coral

0924DocPoulsonNightRainbowParrotfish2 (Small).jpg (58463 bytes)  0924DocPoulsonNightRainbowParrotfish (Small).jpg (54460 bytes)  0924DocPoulsonNightLobster (Small).jpg (48539 bytes)  0924DocPoulsonNightFlamingoTongues2 (Small).jpg (56685 bytes)  0924DocPoulsonNightWorms (Small).jpg (45960 bytes)  0924DocPoulsonNightBrainCoralEatsWorms (Small).jpg (74102 bytes)  0924DocPoulsonNightGorgonian (Small).jpg (86279 bytes)

Click on the image below for a Night Dive Movie Clip

Monday, September 25th:

Grand Cayman, Tarpon Alley (Two Dives ~ Deepest Dive)

Dog Snappers, 4-Eye Butterflyfish, Blue Parrotfish/Initial Phase, Hermit Crabs, Fairy Basslets, Damselfish, Porkfish, Hogfish, Both Gray and Queen Angels, Honeycombed Cowfish, Squirrelfish, Smooth Trunkfish, Diamond Blennies, Tiger Groupers, Red Snappers, Tangs, many schools of Blue Chromis etc

0925TarponAlleyBoard (Small).jpg (36453 bytes)

0925TarponAlleyBipinnateSeaPlumeonStarCoral (Small).jpg (64951 bytes)   0925TarponAlleyBrownBowlSponge (Small).jpg (78569 bytes)   0925TarponAlleyDiamondBlenny (Small).jpg (75890 bytes)   0925TarponAlleyGrayAngelFace (Small).jpg (75416 bytes)   0925TarponAlleyHoneycombCowfish2 (Small).jpg (66320 bytes)  

0925TarponAlleyPorkfish (Small).jpg (51970 bytes)   0925TarponAlleyJuvenilePrincessParrotfish (Small).jpg (69623 bytes)   0925TarponAlleyReefShotwithFish (Small).jpg (68212 bytes)   0925TarponAlleySpineyLobster (Small).jpg (74198 bytes)  0925TarponAlleyBlueTang (Small).jpg (50572 bytes)   0925TarponAlleySplitCrownFeatherDusterWorm (Small).jpg (80766 bytes)   0925TarponAlleyStoplightParrotfishinFlight (Small).jpg (56498 bytes)

0925TarponAlleyBillFloating (Small).jpg (22617 bytes)     0925TarponAlleyTerrieSafetyStop (Small).jpg (23939 bytes)     0925TarponAlleyBillSafetyStop (Small).jpg (20849 bytes)

Grand Cayman, McCurly's Wall (Two Dives)

Lots of nice Sponges and Rope Corals on the pinnacle near the Babylon mooring (right next to the McCurly's Wall mooring), lots of juveniles, Smooth Trunkfish, juvenile Drum, Trumpetfish, Squirrelfish, Creole Wrasse, Blue Chromis, Dusky Damselfish, Stoplight Parrotfish, Fairy Basslets everywhere, Yellowtail Snappers, Slender Filefish, Goldface Toby's, Butterflyfish, Spotted Moray Eel, White Spotted Filefish/Orange phase, Dash Goatfish etc

0925McCurlyWallBoard (Small).jpg (42263 bytes)

0925McCurlyWallBranchingTubeSponge (Small).jpg (72488 bytes)   0925McCurlyWallBrownTubeSponge2 (Small).jpg (63749 bytes)   0925McCurlyWallConchontheMove (Small).jpg (37332 bytes)   0925McCurlyWallDeepWaterSeaFans (Small).jpg (36162 bytes)   0925McCurlyWallDeepWaterSeaFansCloseUp (Small).jpg (48940 bytes)   0925McCurlyWallBrownTubeSponge (Small).jpg (68456 bytes)   0925McCurlyWallGiantAnenomeCloseUp (Small).jpg (68489 bytes)

0925McCurlyWallJuvenileDrum3 (Small).jpg (72763 bytes)    0925McCurlyWallLoggerheadSponge (Small).jpg (78506 bytes)    0925McCurlyWallReefOutcropping2 (Small).jpg (42073 bytes)    0925McCurlyWallReefShot (Small).jpg (41715 bytes)    0925McCurlyWallReefParrotfishSillouette (Small).jpg (56605 bytes)    0925McCurlyWallReefwithSeaPlumb (Small).jpg (76840 bytes)    0925McCurlyWallJuvenileDrum2 (Small).jpg (71766 bytes)

 0925McCurlyWallSpottedMorayEelCloseUp (Small).jpg (76017 bytes)   0925McCurlyWallSquirrelfish2 (Small).jpg (70229 bytes)   0925McCurlyWallTrumpetfish (Small).jpg (60764 bytes)   0925McCurlyWallSeaRod (Small).jpg (34246 bytes)   0925McCurlyWallTubeSponge (Small).jpg (76309 bytes)   0925McCurlyWallWhiteSpottedFilefishOrangePhase2 (Small).jpg (51695 bytes)   0925McCurlyWallSnapperandTangonReef (Small).jpg (68900 bytes)

0925McCurlyWallRorqualProp (Small).jpg (25504 bytes)     0925McCurlyWallBillSafetyStop (Small).jpg (28576 bytes)    0925McCurlyWallSafetyStopUpsideDown2 (Small).jpg (43561 bytes)     0925McCurlyWallTerrie ComingOutofSwimThrough (Small).jpg (28758 bytes)

Grand Cayman, McCurly's Wall/Babylon Pinnacle (Night Dive ~ No Camera)

Relaxing night dive around the top of the pinnacle, stayed around 45 feet, Arrow Crabs, huge Clinging Crab, Lobsters, Hogfish in its red mottled phase, many sleeping Parrotfish, etc

Tuesday, September 26th:

Little Cayman, Bloody Bay - Marilyns Cut (Day Boat)

Due to Bloody Bay Marine Park rules some of us volunteered to dive off a smaller day boat to lessen the number of divers per boat in the park.  This allowed us two different dive locations within Bloody Bay.  

Many Nassau Grouper, squirrelfish, Lobsters, Barracuda, bearded Fireworms, swim throughs, lots of cleaning stations and juveniles, beautiful SeaFans, Coral and Sponges along deep vertical drop off

  0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayBeardedFirewormonSeaRod (Small).jpg (95217 bytes)  0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayBranchingTubeSponge2 (Small).jpg (88064 bytes)  0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayBranchingTubeSponge (Small).jpg (39873 bytes)  0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayFansandfish (Small).jpg (74038 bytes)  0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayReef (Small).jpg (28577 bytes)  0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayVaseSponge (Small).jpg (56971 bytes)  0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayYellowLineGobyInSponge (Small).jpg (48611 bytes)  

0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayBarracuda (Small).jpg (27394 bytes)     0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayMikeandCameraGear,jpg (Small).jpg (29700 bytes)     0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayYellowTubeSponge (Small).jpg (75550 bytes)

0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayTerrie (Small).jpg (50336 bytes)   0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayDMSharvinandGrouper (Small).jpg (53145 bytes)   0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayDMDanKeepingTerrieFromFloating (Small).jpg (70308 bytes)   0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayBillandTerrie (Small).jpg (59554 bytes)   0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayCindyIntoSwimThrough (Small).jpg (90489 bytes)   0926MarilynsCutBloodyBayBill (Small).jpg (71000 bytes)

Little Cayman, Bloody Bay - Three Fathom Wall/Mixing Bowl (Day Boat)

Started out along the wall against the current, came back in a fairly strong current almost like a drift dive on top of wall at about 25 feet, great fun.

Nassau Grouper, Lobster, Pederson and Banded Coral Shrimp, Squirrelfish, Blue Chromis and Wrasse in schools, Banded Butterflyfish, 4-Eye Butterflyfish, Black Durgon, Slender Filefish, Toby's, Yellowtail Snappers, Graysbys, Barracuda, Dash Goatfish, many damselfish and assorted juveniles etc

0926ThreeFathomWallBloodyBayBlackDurgon2 (Small).jpg (69784 bytes)    0926ThreeFathomWallBloodyBayGraysby (Small).jpg (81905 bytes)    0926ThreeFathomWallBloodyBayYellowTubeSponge (Small).jpg (86494 bytes)    0926ThreeFathomWallBloodyBayPurpleVaseSponge (Small).jpg (82833 bytes)    0926ThreeFathomWallBloodyBayReefShot (Small).jpg (60998 bytes)    0926ThreeFathomWallBloodyBaySpineyLobster (Small).jpg (81051 bytes)

0926ThreeFathomWallBloodyBaySquirrelfish2 (Small).jpg (88104 bytes)   0926ThreeFathomWallBloodyBayDiversontheReef (Small).jpg (56765 bytes)   0926ThreeFathomWallBloodyBayDMSharvinandhisGrouperPet (Small).jpg (72054 bytes)   0926ThreeFathomWallBloodyBayBlackDurgon (Small).jpg (31280 bytes)

Little Cayman, Black Hole (Three Dives)

Spent most of the time in the shallows, though went through a few chimneys, swim throughs and down a long sand chute cut.  Two large Spotted Eagle Rays swam a full 360 around us, eight foot Nurse Shark under a ledge, lots of Nassau Grouper, a pair of large French Angels, Hogfish, juvenile Stoplight and Queen Parrotfish, juvenile Yellowtail Damselfish, Queen Triggerfish, Saddled Blenny, Tangs etc

0926TheBlackHoleBoard (Small).jpg (47502 bytes) 

0926TheBlackHoleHogfish (Small).jpg (51995 bytes)   0926TheBlackHoleJuvenileStoplightParrotfishandStripedParrotfish (Small).jpg (81637 bytes)   0926TheBlackHoleJuvenileYellowTailDamselfish (Small).jpg (65557 bytes)    0926TheBlackHoleSaddledBlenny (Small).jpg (108980 bytes)   0926TheBlackHoleNurseShark2 (Small).jpg (53298 bytes)   0926TheBlackHoleQueenTriggerfishCloseUp (Small).jpg (67113 bytes)

0926TheBlackHoleNasauGrouperHeadShot (Small).jpg (82256 bytes)    0926TheBlackHoleNassauGrouperPosing (Small).jpg (92154 bytes)    0926TheBlackHoleTerrieatSafetyStop (Small).jpg (36608 bytes)    0926TheBlackHoleNassauGrouperCloseUp (Small).jpg (62496 bytes)   0926TheBlackHoleNassauGrouper2 (Small).jpg (73185 bytes)

Little Cayman, Black Hole (Night Dive ~ No Camera)

This is the night dive pontificated about on the front page.  Little Cayman's version of Deadliest Catch.

Clinging Crab on a Sea Fan, Octopus, Stingrays, Adult Spotted Drum, juvenile Drums, Ruby Brittle Star, lots of sleeping fish and a stormy exit

Wednesday, September 27th:

Cayman Brac, Capt.Keith Tibbetts Wreck/Surrounding Reef  (Two Dives)

Cayman Islands authorities bought the vessel from Cuba.  It was sunk as an artificial reefin 1996. A Russian built Brigadier Type II Class Frigate, 330 ft. long with a 45 ft. beam and weighing 1590 tons, she had formed part of the old Soviet fleet of destroyers stationed in Cuba during the Cold War.  We dove all over the wreck and around the coral reefs just beyond.

Big Dog Snappers, several porcupine fish, Barracuda, Stingrays, Arrow Crabs, juvenile Queen Angelfish, Golden Moray Eel, many Nassau Grouper, Red and Rock Hinds, Trumpetfish, big French Angel, Garden Eels, Pederson and Banded Coral Shrimp, Schoolmasters, a hiding Margate and a variety of juveniles etc

0927CaptTibbettsBoard (Small).jpg (47803 bytes)

0927CaptTibbettsWreck2 (Small).jpg (43821 bytes)   0927CaptTibbettsWreck (Small).jpg (26676 bytes)   0927CaptTibbettsWreckBow (Small).jpg (45123 bytes)   0927CaptTibbettsWreckGunsonStern (Small).jpg (35864 bytes)   0927CaptTibbettsWreckDeck (Small).jpg (79919 bytes)   0927CaptTibbettsWreckInside (Small).jpg (60669 bytes)   0927CaptTibbettsWreckmidsection2 (Small).jpg (47962 bytes)  

0927CaptTibbettsWreckSpongGrowth (Small).jpg (70065 bytes)  0927CaptTibbettsWreckPorcupinefish (Small).jpg (64724 bytes)  0927CaptTibbettsWreckTerrieJustUnderGuns (Small).jpg (50185 bytes)  0927CaptTibbettsWreckTerrieStearingtoNowhere (Small).jpg (46740 bytes)  0927CaptTibbettsWreckBillwithGunWalesonStern (Small).jpg (46796 bytes)  0927CaptTibbettsWreckBillonSternDeck (Small).jpg (39565 bytes)  0927CaptTibbettsWreckTerrieonDeck (Small).jpg (38180 bytes)

0927CaptTibbettsReefTrumpetfish2 (Small).jpg (87780 bytes)      0927CaptTibbettsReefSchoolmaster (Small).jpg (76959 bytes)     0927CaptTibbettsReefGoldentailMorayEel3.jpg (69061 bytes)     0927CaptTibbettsReefRedHindandTigerGrouper (Small).jpg (87543 bytes)     0927CaptTibbettsReefBandedCoralShrimpandPedersonCleanerShrimp (Small).jpg (66546 bytes)

0927CaptTibbettsReefWhiteMargate (Small).jpg (76020 bytes)       0927CaptTibbettsReefGiantBarrelSponge (Small).jpg (42337 bytes)      0927CaptTibbettsReefShot (Small).jpg (71002 bytes)

Cayman Brac, Atlantis/Radar Reef (Night Dive)

Not much to see on this dive, except lots of jellyfish and Sea Wasps.  Several people got stings as soon as they hit the water, me included.  The Atlantis project isn't much and rather cheesy.  Around the reef saw some large Lobsters, Crab, lots of sleeping Parrotfish and Indigo Hamlets

0927NightDiveAtlantisBoard (Small).jpg (43342 bytes)

0927NightDiveAtlantisPillarandFish (Small).jpg (24682 bytes)     0927NightDiveAtlantisPillarBase (Small).jpg (35834 bytes)    Jelly Fish Stings0927NightDiveAtlantisJellyFishStingFatLip (Small).jpg (37563 bytes) Day Two0927NightDiveAtlantisJellyFishStingFatLipDay2 (Small).jpg (23232 bytes)

Thursday, September 28th:

Little Cayman, Bloody Bay Wall/Randy's Gazebo (Two Dives)

Nice couple of swim throughs, chimney and covered ledge, Lobsters, 4-Eye Butterflyfish, Stoplight Parrotfish, Black Durgon, Yellow Stingray hiding on the reef, Barracuda did a safety stop with everyone, Adult Spotted Drum, Orangespotted Filefish, Sharpnose Puffer, Schoolmasters, Queen Angel, Turtle, schools of Blue Chromis and Wrasse, Trumpetfish, Squirrelfish, school of Chub, Honeycombed Cowfish, Green Tube Tunicate, Giant Tunicates and lots of pretty fans and Sea Plumes etc

0928RandysGazeboBoard (Small).jpg (47014 bytes)

0928RandysGazeboAdultSpottedDrum2 (Small).jpg (77847 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboAdultSpottedDrum (Small).jpg (79540 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboBasketStaronSeaPlume (Small).jpg (92776 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboGiantBarrelSponges (Small).jpg (35560 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboBrownTubeSpongeandGreenTubeTunicate (Small).jpg (85087 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboGiantTunicatesontheNekton (Small).jpg (63267 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboGreenTubeTunicateCloseUp (Small).jpg (58353 bytes)

0928RandysGazeboHoneycombedCowfish2 (Small).jpg (83672 bytes)     0928RandysGazeboReefandBlackDurgon (Small).jpg (82150 bytes)     0928RandysGazeboSchoolofChub3.jpg (31777 bytes)     0928RandysGazeboSchoolmastersCloseUp (Small).jpg (74088 bytes)    0928RandysGazeboSchoolofChub2 (Small).jpg (64769 bytes)

0928RandysGazeboSeaPearl (Small).jpg (93812 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboSeaPlumeandFish (Small).jpg (61101 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboSpineyLobster2 (Small).jpg (74672 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboTrumpetfish (Small).jpg (55859 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboSquirrelfish (Small).jpg (89383 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboSwimThrough (Small).jpg (45045 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboTrumpetfish2 (Small).jpg (77748 bytes)

0928RandysGazeboHoneycombedCowfish3 (Small).jpg (91152 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboTurtleonReef2 (Small).jpg (93625 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboYellowStingray (Small).jpg (77393 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboReefFansandSeaPlumesandCowfish (Small).jpg (74846 bytes)

0928RandysGazeboCindyandGaryUndertheBoat (Small).jpg (45347 bytes)    0928RandysGazeboGaryandCindy (Small).jpg (48976 bytes)    0928RandysGazeboBillandTerrie (Small).jpg (64403 bytes)    0928RandysGazeboTerrie (Small).jpg (48879 bytes)    0928RandysGazeboTerrieOverReef (Small).jpg (54231 bytes)

Some pictures by Dive Master Red below

0928RandysGazeboDrBobandSherra.jpg (324110 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboBill.jpg (353918 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboBillandTerrie.jpg (289866 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboBillandTerrieBuddys.jpg (448639 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboTerrie.jpg (317648 bytes)   0927CaptTibbettsWreckTimandMike.jpg (330752 bytes)   0928RandysGazeboTomandJackie.jpg (377766 bytes)

Little Cayman, Jigsaw Puzzle to Fish-Eye (Drift/Live Dive - Led by DM Denise)

Since there really wasn't much current it was more of a swimming "live-dive" than a drift dive but the ship moved on and we swam along to meet up with it, no navigation back to the mooring.  DM Denise led the dive with a buoy and DM Dan stayed back and kept people from wandering off.  The props were running and the ship was moving.

Lobster, swimming Turtle, schools of Blue Chromis and Wrasse, some Nassau Groupers, several Giant Anenomes, SailFin Blenny and Diamond Blennies, Balloonfish, Slender Filefish, Schoolmasters, Lots of broken Sea Fans and Coral

0928JigsawPuzzletoFishEyeLiveDiveLeaderDenise (Small).jpg (20707 bytes)  0928JigsawPuzzletoFishEyeLiveDiveBuoy (Small).jpg (33584 bytes)  

  0928JigsawPuzzletoFishEyeCoralandFish (Small).jpg (61510 bytes)     0928JigsawPuzzletoFishEyeBranchingSponge (Small).jpg (58915 bytes)     0928JigsawPuzzletoFishEyeBalloonfish (Small).jpg (37797 bytes)     0928JigsawPuzzletoFishEyeGiantAnenome (Small).jpg (79004 bytes)     0928JigsawPuzzletoFishEyeGiantAnenomeandButterflyfish (Small).jpg (74504 bytes)     0928JigsawPuzzletoFishEyeReefShot (Small).jpg (84114 bytes)

  0928JigsawPuzzletoFishEyeOrangeIcingSponge (Small).jpg (77514 bytes)    0928JigsawPuzzletoFishEyeReefGrowth (Small).jpg (51234 bytes)    0928JigsawPuzzletoFishEyeSponge2 (Small).jpg (51222 bytes)    0928JigsawPuzzletoFishEyeSeaFan (Small).jpg (57720 bytes)    0928JigsawPuzzletoFishEyeWrasseonReef (Small).jpg (63987 bytes)

Little Cayman, Patty's Place (Twilight Dive ~ No Camera)

Not much to see on this dive, couple of Spotted Porcupinefish, large school of Horse-Eye Jacks, at least six Barracuda all together.

0928PattysPlaceBoard (Small).jpg (48404 bytes)

Friday, September 29th:

Grand Cayman, Bonnies Arch (Two Dives, One just after Dawn ~ No Camera for either dive)

Rainy morning, good time to be in the water.  Nice site, big archway with lots of "stuff", saw my first juvenile Smooth Trunkfish (looks like a little black marble with yellow spots), Spotted and Smooth Trunkfish adults, 3 Turtles, Lobster, Crab, 4-Eye Butterflyfish, Queen and French Angels, Rock Beautys, bluish Greater Soapfish, Banded Butterflyfish, Stoplight Parrotfish, Spanish Hogfish, Toby's, Schools of Blue Chromis and Creole Wrasse, adult Spotted Drum, Orangespotted Filefish, Scorpionfish (only one of the trip), Golden Moray Eel, Tangs, juvenile Yellowtail Damselfish, lots of cleaner shrimp and cleaner gobies and Diamond Blennies, many assorted Damselfish etc

0929BonniesArchBoard (Small).jpg (48023 bytes)          NektonRorqualRainyDay (Small).jpg (34190 bytes)

Grand Cayman, Round Rock (The Final Two Dives)

Big French Angel, HUGE school of Horse-Eye Jacks, few Barracuda, blue(purple?)tipped Giant Anenome, Honeycombed Cowfish, Smooth Truckfish, Yellowtail Snappers, Banded Butterflyfish, MidnightParrotfish (black with dark blue face), lots of Peppermint Gobies, Diamond Blennies, Trumpetfish, Dash Goatfish, Pederson Shrimp, Sting Rays, and the usual suspects Blue Chromis, Wrasse, Damselfish etc...  The camera decided to have issues so not many pictures.

0929RoundRockBoard (Small).jpg (49931 bytes)

0929RoundRockFrenchAngel (Small).jpg (64687 bytes)  0929RoundRockJacksonReef (Small).jpg (58380 bytes)  0929RoundRockSchoolofJacks (Small).jpg (26447 bytes)

Arrival on Saturday

The dock at Sunset House and our first view of the Nekton Rorqual.

0923DockatSunsetHouse (Small).jpg (44248 bytes)     0923ArrivalatSunsetHouse (Small).jpg (44085 bytes)     0923RorqualatHarbor (Small).jpg (46892 bytes)

Cayman Brac Shore Excursion on Wednesday afternoon

NektonRorqualBillandGaryonSunDeck (Small).jpg (40505 bytes)  NektonRorqualTerrieBillandGaryonSunDeck (Small).jpg (66630 bytes)  0927CaymanBracAShoreExcursionTerrie (Small).jpg (44993 bytes)  0927CaymanBracAShoreExcursionTransfer (Small).jpg (55502 bytes)  0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionBillHeadsToTheVan (Small).jpg (73430 bytes)

0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionBatCaveExplanation (Small).jpg (50768 bytes) 0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionBillEnteringCave (Small).jpg (38891 bytes)  0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionBillInBatCave2 (Small).jpg (70495 bytes)  0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionBillTimMikeandOnielatCaveEntrance (Small).jpg (57290 bytes)  0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionCave2 (Small).jpg (52165 bytes)

0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionCaveEntrance (Small).jpg (90371 bytes)   0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionTerrieinaBatCave (Small).jpg (52903 bytes)   0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionHoleInCave (Small).jpg (60354 bytes)   0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionStepstotheBatCave (Small).jpg (69262 bytes)   0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionTreesinaBatCave (Small).jpg (75872 bytes)

0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionRebeccasCaveMarker (Small).jpg (42607 bytes)  0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionRebeccasMemorial (Small).jpg (53541 bytes)  0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionRebeccasCaveEntrance (Small).jpg (51985 bytes)

0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionColumbusGardensGate (Small).jpg (108216 bytes)   0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionColumbusMarker (Small).jpg (101753 bytes)   0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionColumbusGardensBillandBigCactus (Small).jpg (67677 bytes)   0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionColumbusGardensBillTimandOneilCheckingoutWall (Small).jpg (86317 bytes)   0927CaymanBracShoreExcursionGuideOneil (Small).jpg (85988 bytes)


Misc pictures around the Nekton Rorqual

 NektonRorqualatSea (Small).jpg (59553 bytes)      NektonRorqualDiveDeckandCrew2 (Small).jpg (62506 bytes)

NektonRorqualCabin (Small).jpg (33012 bytes)  NektonRorqualDeckTerrie (Small).jpg (34435 bytes)  NektonRorqualMidLevelCameraTable (Small).jpg (68952 bytes)  NektonRorqualSunDeckAlmostClearedOut (Small).jpg (62034 bytes)  NektonRorqualCoveredAreaofSunDeck (Small).jpg (72704 bytes)  NektonRorqualDiveDeckSteps (Small).jpg (84120 bytes)  NektonRorqualDiveDeck2 (Small).jpg (59711 bytes)

Some of our Dive Masters for the week

(photos by either Dive Master Red or Dive Master Tucker)

Austin.jpg (453050 bytes)    Cliff.jpg (104172 bytes)   Dallon.jpg (72018 bytes)   Red.jpg (364205 bytes)   Cameron.jpg (301955 bytes)   Tucker.jpg (306604 bytes)   RedonDeck.jpg (258671 bytes)

Friday evening gear clean-up/new dive friends and sunset

0929NektonRorqualLastDayBillandTerrieatSunset (Small).jpg (37036 bytes)    0929NektonRorqualLastDaySunset (Small).jpg (57461 bytes)    0929NektonRorqualLastDayTerrieandBillatSunset (Small).jpg (57939 bytes)  

 0929NektonRorqualLastDayBillRincingBCD (Small).jpg (38579 bytes)  0929NektonRorqualLastDayBillRincingGearatSunset (Small).jpg (41123 bytes)  0929NektonRorqualLastDayBillTalksToSherra (Small).jpg (72615 bytes)  0929NektonRorqualLastDayJohnSteveJeremyFranandRick (Small).jpg (44312 bytes)  0929NektonRorqualLastDayTheTulsaGroup (Small).jpg (57712 bytes)  0929NektonRorqualLastDayTomandJackieWithDryingGearonSunDeck (Small).jpg (55728 bytes)  NektonRorqualCrewandGuests (Small).jpg (59146 bytes)  

Saturday morning before departure

  NektonRorqualDiveDeckSansGear (Small).jpg (74041 bytes)    NektonRorqualDockedatGrandCaymanBillandTiminDeepDiscussion (Small).jpg (58095 bytes)     NektonRorqualSunDeckViewofRoatanFishingBoat (Small).jpg (74319 bytes)    NektonRorqualViewFromSunDeckofPirateBoatandSubinHarbor (Small).jpg (29570 bytes)