June 2006


For these first days of dives we did not take the camera but have a video.  Someday I will try to take some stills from the video and post them here in the meantime, here is where we dove and what we saw.

Pictures from the dives on Monday and Tuesday as well as misc pictures around the resort and town are below.

Friday, June 9th

Paradise Reef - Twilight/Night dive

Octopus, Stingray, big Crab, several Spiny Lobsters, Cozumel's own Splendid Toadfish, Scrawled Filefish, huge Queen Angel, Squid

Saturday, June 10th

Palancar Horseshoe - First AOW Certification Dive - Multilevel/computer use Dive

Lots of cool swim throughs, Turtles large and small, schools of Porkfish, Schoolmasters and Grunts hiding under the ledges

Cedar Pass/Paso del Cedral - Second AOW Certification Dive - Drift Dive

Nurse Shark cruising the sand as soon as we descended, big Southern Ray, lots of little Pipefish, Queen and French Angels, Spotted Moray Eel, more Turtles, big Grouper and an Octopus trying to stay hidden, again a lot of swim throughs

Paradise Reef - Third AOW Certification dive - Night Dive

Several Octopus, big ones and small ones, several Spiny Lobster, Squid, Jellies, sleeping Stoplight Parrotfish, Indigo Hamlets and Tangs, agitated and expanded Balloon fish, turned out our lights to see the phosphorescent algae

Sunday, June 11th

Palancar Gardens - Fourth AOW Certification Dive - Deep Dive

Did timed math problems on the boat and at depth, took a bit longer and seemed harder at 97 feet!  Big Barracuda and some very large Rainbow Parrotfish on this dive also did some swim throughs

Yucab Reef - Fifth AOW Certification Dive - Fish ID

Had some fish cards and slates where we counted and recorded the fish we saw, the current was strong so it was fun and challenging to try to write on the slate, plus there was a lot of fish life on this dive... Yellowtail Snappers, Bluehead and Creole Wrasse, Queen Triggerfish, Stoplight Parrotfish, RockHind, Damselfish, Porkfish, Squirrelfish, Stingray, Honeycombed Cowfish, 4-Eye Butterflyfish, Banded Butterflyfish, Blue Tangs, Grunts, Scorpion fish, French and Queen Angels, Black Durgons, and a Turtle

Paradise Shallows - Sixth AOW Certification Dive - Navigation

Hard to concentrate on navigation when your seeing Scorpion fish, Yellow Stingrays, schools of big Rainbow Parrotfish, free swimming Spotted Moray Eel, Black Durgons, Blue Tangs and schools of Damselfish

Monday, June 12th

Columbia Reef - Afternoon boat dive with Dive House

Cave like swim throughs, Anemones, Blue Chromis, lots of colorful sponges and coral, Margates, Black Durgons, not to mention the two big Anchors uncovered by Wilma

  ColumbiaAnchor (Small).JPG (31688 bytes)  ColumbiaReefAnchor2 (Small).JPG (26260 bytes)  ColumbiaReefAnchor (Small).JPG (41961 bytes)

    ColumbiaBarrelsponge3 (Small).JPG (53447 bytes)      ColumbiaAnenome (Small).JPG (59747 bytes)      ColumbiaBlueChromis (Small).JPG (74084 bytes)     ColumbiaInsideBarrelSponge (Small).JPG (80889 bytes)     ColumbiaSchoolofMargatesCloseup2 (Small).jpg (109617 bytes)

ColumbiaReefAnchorAndDivers (Small).JPG (47627 bytes)        ColumbiaReefPeaceSign (Small).JPG (46255 bytes)        ColumbiaReefWithDivers (Small).JPG (37335 bytes)

ColumbiaReefTerrie2 (Small).JPG (37930 bytes)       ColumbiaReefWithTerrieComingThrough (Small).JPG (38231 bytes)      ColumbiaSwimThroughTerrie2 (Small).JPG (64101 bytes)

Chankanaab Reef - Afternoon boat dive with Dive House

Big, big French Angel, Scrawled Cowfish, Yellow Stingray, Crabs, Dash Gobys, Grunts, Smooth Trunkfish, Splendid Toadfish, Spotted Moray Eel, Stoplight Parrotfish, Turtle, lots of juveniles

ChankanaabSwimThroughs2 (Small).JPG (60648 bytes)    ChankanaabSeaRodInCurrent (Small).JPG (42208 bytes)    ChankanaabPurpleBarrelSponge (Small).JPG (66990 bytes)   ChankanaabSwimThroughs (Small).JPG (31439 bytes)   ChankanaabBarrelSponge (Small).JPG (58499 bytes)    ChankanaabCoralAndSeaRod (Small).JPG (52125 bytes)    ChankanaabPorousSeaRod (Small).JPG (72255 bytes)

ChankanaabTurtle (Small).JPG (73275 bytes)       ChankanaabLgFrenchAngel (Small).JPG (70167 bytes)        ChankanaabSmoothTrunkfish2 (Small).jpg (47045 bytes)        ChankanaabStopLightParrotfish (Small).JPG (84158 bytes)       ChankanaabSpottedMoray2 (Small).JPG (81663 bytes)   

 ChankanaabSplendidToadfishCloseup (Small).jpg (90174 bytes)        ChankanaabLargeFrenchAngel (Small).JPG (63351 bytes)        ChankanaabGrunts (Small).JPG (70659 bytes)        ChankanaabDashGobiCloseup (Small).jpg (60629 bytes)

ChankanaabreefBill3 (Small).jpg (32037 bytes)       ChankanaabreefBill (Small).JPG (34012 bytes)

Tuesday, June 13th

Palancar Bricks/Caves - Morning boat dive with Dive House

Very cool cave like swim throughs, long and narrow, lots of Turtles, Gray, French and Queen Angels Blue Tangs, Blue Chromis, Anemone

  PalancarCaves2 (Small).JPG (61841 bytes)      PalancarCaves (Small).JPG (38227 bytes)      PalancarBricksDiveHouseDMAlex (Small).JPG (19876 bytes)      PalancarCaves3 (Small).JPG (48209 bytes)      PalancarCavesReef (Small).JPG (48393 bytes)

PalancarCavesLgGreyAngel2 (Small).JPG (84702 bytes)  PalancarCavesSeaAnenome (Small).JPG (72073 bytes)  PalancarCavesTurtle2 (Small).JPG (38990 bytes)

C53 Felipe Xicotencatl Wreck - Morning boat dive with Dive House, Last dive of the trip

click on the wreck name for more information about it

Fantastic dive, no current on the wreck today, Green moray Eel, Bar Jacks, Gray Angel, Turtle

C53Wreck (Small).JPG (49769 bytes)    C53WreckUpstairsQuartersDeck (Small).JPG (47827 bytes)    C53WreckBow (Small).JPG (20787 bytes)    C53wreckBridge2 (Small).JPG (26664 bytes)     C53WreckUpperDeck2 (Small).JPG (39443 bytes)

C53WreckBillonDeck (Small).JPG (21902 bytes)     C53WreckTerrieCruisingUpperDeck (Small).JPG (47087 bytes)     C53WreckBillEmerges (Small).JPG (38684 bytes)  C53WreckDMAlex (Small).JPG (23265 bytes)   C53WreckTerrieEmerging (Small).JPG (50834 bytes)     C53WreckDesentline (Small).JPG (30477 bytes)    C53WreckDMManuelBlowingRings (Small).JPG (19799 bytes)

C53WreckTurtle (Small).JPG (41304 bytes)       C53WreckUpperDeckJack (Small).jpg (31077 bytes)      C53WreckGreyAngel (Small).JPG (46675 bytes)

Around the Resort

  DiveHouse4boat (Small).JPG (52393 bytes)       DiveHouseDMAlexbriefing (Small).JPG (43491 bytes)       FiestaAmericanaDiveHouseBoat (Small).JPG (51429 bytes)  

FiestaAmericanaCruiseView (Small).JPG (34099 bytes)      FiestaAmericanaTerrie (Small).JPG (53530 bytes)      FiestaAmericanaTreeRegrowth (Small).JPG (61583 bytes)     FiestaAmericanaCasitas (Small).JPG (42072 bytes)    

sunset2 (Small).JPG (41007 bytes)      Sunset10 (Small).JPG (22510 bytes)        Sunset11 (Small).JPG (19829 bytes)

Around Town

   SanMiguelMainSquareFlag (Small).JPG (28756 bytes)         SanMiguelCozumelChamberSite (Small).JPG (57953 bytes)          SanMiguelMexicanTown (Small).JPG (43631 bytes)