Roatan, Honduras June 2006
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What a busy year it has been for dive travel.  

After diving in Bonaire, Fiji and Cozumel (where we completed our Advanced Open Water Cert) we took off for Roatan, Honduras for diving at CocoView at the end of June.  Click on the image below to check out the CocoView Resort.

This is a resort geared toward divers with 24 hour shore diving and four boat dives a day.   We stayed in one of the bungalows over the water and found it to be more than adequate.  The food was always good and plentiful and we are already missing the lemonade.  We found the staff to be very friendly and accommodating.  We flew Continental from DFW to Houston and then on to Roatan with no problems.  All luggage arrived and Nora was waiting at the airport where the CocoView staff took care of everything.  A short van ride to the boat landing and a shorter boat ride to CocoView and we were settling in in no time.  We've traveled quite a bit in Mexico, Central America and South America and this was an extremely easy airport arrival.


Obviously our reason for being there was to dive, dive, dive and with the help of Nitrox we did just that.  Most dives were an hour long with a few longer and we did depths ranging from 92 feet at Mary's Place to 20 feet along CocoView Wall.  We managed 21 dives in 5 diving days and still had plenty of time to rest, review pictures, eat and visit with all the new divers we met.   On Wednesday we did the off site shark dive with Waihuka Adventure Diving.  Great fun.  Swimming around with sharks that are much bigger than you should be frightening but somehow it just wasn't.  Highly recommend this dive, though I think once is enough.  We also did a couple night dives to the Prince Albert and at the end of the week wish we had done more.  There were two octopi on the wreck the first night and with no one else around we could view them for quite awhile.


Our boat was the "Yellow-boat" E-Z Diver 1 and our crew was Dive Master Gringo and Capitan Marcus.  They were great and we had a lot of fun with them all week.  There were only 10 to 12 divers on the boat so we had tons of room t o spread out and never saw any other groups in the water (except on the Prince Albert occasionally).  This made for some very relaxing diving.  We did the drop off dives at CocoView Wall, Newman's Wall and the Prince Albert Wreck every time we could.  We also dove Minagerhea where we saw a large barracuda on the reef and some banded coral shrimp inside a sponge.  Did a long upward swim through at Half Moon Bay.  Spotted seahorses at Anka's Place, Connies Dream and the reef by the Mr. Bud Wreck.  Not to mention the little yellow one on the post of the boat dock.  We were surrounded by fish at Forty Foot Point where I spotted two baby green eels swimming along.   We did the swim through at Calvin's Crack and Gringo coaxed out the big toadfish with some sausages.  The most unusual sighting was the flying gunards at Big French Cay Cut and we finished off the trip with a beautiful dive at Mary's Place, after the swim through we saw a huge green moray free swimming and lots of angelfish.

We went on the Island Tour on our last day (off-gassing day) and enjoyed the Iguana Sanctuary and Carambola Gardens, followed by some shopping in West End.   Just a note from personal experience:  Iguana's love banana's, avoid wearing a bright yellow dive watch when they are feeding them...  I had one climb up my leg after my watch and those guys have some killer claws.  No injury but I wasted no time tucking my watch into my pocket.


The Resort welcomed vendors each day and provided a myriad of evening entertainment including live music, local children performing dances, hermit crab races and a rum punch party complete with fire dancers.


                                                        Click for FireDancing Video 

Click on the Photo Album button at the top of the page to see the underwater pictures and some pictures from around the resort.  I have also included a page of links for more information.  We had a great time and would not hesitate to return to Roatan and CocoView for another week of dive, eat, dive, dive, eat, sleep, dive, dive, eat, sleep........ though we may have to add a week at Utila to the trip next time, hmmmmm