August/September 2007

Bali Pelagian Wakatobi


Sometime earlier in the year Bill asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  I didn't hesitate for a moment with my response...

"A dive trip to Wakatobi !"

When we started looking at what the resort had to offer we discovered the Pelagian live aboard, operated by Wakatobi.  This would give us more variety of diving around the Indonesian Islands and a unique opportunity to tie in a visit to Komodo National Park on Komodo Island.  Traveling 20 plus hours to get there meant we wanted to stay longer than one week.  We opted for the ten night transfer voyage on the Pelagian.  This itinerary allowed embarking in Bima and cruising aboard the Pelagian through the Indonesian Islands and on to Wakatobi, where they cruise an extended Wakatobi itinerary for the fall and winter.  The Wakatobi resort lies SE of the tip of Sulawesi on its own little island, Onemobaa, off the island of Tomia.

It was the first time they took guests on this itinerary and would encompass diving the Komodo area as well as some of the extended Wakatobi area before disembarking at the resort for another seven days of diving.  By adding a few days in Bali to acclimate after the long flight we put together a very luxurious three week vacation.  We booked the trip in the spring with Randal, Wakatobi's US representative in New Orleans.  He was great to work with and kept in close contact up until time for our trip.  In fact just days before we were to leave he had a request.  It seems a dive master at the resort had been trying to get some new Atomic Regulators and Randal was suppose to carry them out on his next trip.  His trip was unexpectedly cancelled and he wondered if we could find room in our checked bags for the gear.  A couple of regulators didn't seem like a big deal and Randal assured us they would make it worth our while, so we readily agreed.  He had the items shipped to our house and the day before we left we were a bit surprised to find a twelve pound box of regulators, octos, repair kits, a mask, etc...

We managed to fit it all in and since we travel light still stayed under our luggage weight limits.  Though we decided this was surely some good leverage toward some free drinks once we got to the resort!  And sure enough the powers at Wakatobi came through with much more.....

I have divided the trip into three parts; our time in Bali, the dive cruise on the Pelagian and finally the week at the Wakatobi resort.  Each section has a photo page where you can find additional photos from the river rafting in Bali, the visits to Komodo and Rincon Islands to see the dragons and finally details from the dive sites and the 47 dives we made on this trip.  Also as usual I have included links to interesting and related sites throughout the text, these links can be identified by underlines.

Hope you enjoy the report.