Pelagian Photos

August/September 2007


Bima, Sumbawa

Airport arrival

BimaArrival_tn.jpg (42899 bytes)      BimaAirport_tn.jpg (74923 bytes) 

Scenes from around town in Bima

 BimaCemetary_tn.jpg (120929 bytes)   BimaSceneofHome_tn.jpg (88059 bytes)   BimaScenesInTown_tn.jpg (88340 bytes)   BimaScenery2_tn.jpg (74687 bytes)   BimaSchoolAndChildren_tn.jpg (88147 bytes)   BimaTruckFancyPaintJob_tn.jpg (85078 bytes)   BimaStreetScene_tn.jpg (91377 bytes)

The Harbor

BimaHarbor_tn.jpg (82711 bytes)  BimaHarborHouseBoat_tn.jpg (65493 bytes)  BimaOcean_tn.jpg (75505 bytes)  BimaScenery_tn.jpg (67707 bytes)


The Pelagian

ThePelagianliveAboard_tn.jpg (80832 bytes)        ThePelagian_tn.jpg (73198 bytes)       ThePelagianStern_tn.jpg (70485 bytes)  


   ThePelagianCameraRoomInUse_tn.jpg (67144 bytes)    ThePelagianCameraRoom_tn.jpg (56143 bytes)    ThePelagianStairs_tn.jpg (60222 bytes)    ThePelagiansGuitar_tn.jpg (72265 bytes)    ThePelagianSalonAndBill2_tn.jpg (69547 bytes)    ThePelagianSalonAndBill_tn.jpg (63174 bytes)


PelagianAndSkiff_tn.jpg (69636 bytes)     ThePelagianDeck_tn.jpg (73808 bytes)     ThePelagianTender2DriverBromAgain_tn.jpg (74455 bytes)     ThePelagianDeckDiveBreifingArea_tn.jpg (69485 bytes)     ThePelagianDeckDryBoxes_tn.jpg (78340 bytes)

ThePelagianTender2_tn.jpg (101674 bytes)      ThePelagianAtSea_tn.jpg (85063 bytes)     PelagianAndTerrieOnDeck_tn.jpg (57789 bytes)     PelagianLifePerserverAndTerrie_tn.jpg (76219 bytes)     HogaIslandAtSITTimeTerrieWithFishBook_tn.jpg (93593 bytes)     ThePelagianTender2DriverBrom_tn.jpg (99069 bytes)     ThePelagianTender2GearCovered_tn.jpg (71254 bytes)


ThePelagianCompresserHoses_tn.jpg (70675 bytes)  ThePelagianCompresserNitroxSystem_tn.jpg (65507 bytes)  ThePelagianCompresserSystem_tn.jpg (76182 bytes)

Cabin 5

 ThePelagianBathroom_tn.jpg (68273 bytes)    ThePelagianBathroomShower_tn.jpg (67980 bytes)    ThePelagianCabin5_tn.jpg (60228 bytes)    ThePelagianCabin5Also_tn.jpg (64360 bytes)    ThePelagianCabin5AndBill_tn.jpg (70858 bytes)


The Diving and Excursions

August 29th, Wednesday - Sangeang Island

Dive #1 site - Black Magic

Very little current with 100+ vis for a 55 minute check out dive on a wall with a max depth of 84 feet.  We saw lots of Anthias, some Clown Triggerfish, Moorish Idols, Shrimp Gobis, Spearing Mantis Shrimp, Anemonefish, Bird Wrasse and lots of Butterflyfish.  No camera on this dive as it was the check out/weight check dive.

BlackMagicDiveSiteDrawing_tn.jpg (70185 bytes)

Dive #2 site - Tekno Reef

A little more current on this dive but great visibility for a 1 hr and 2 minute dive with a max depth of 69 feet.  Saw several Spadefish, Parrotfish, some Puffers, an Octopus in his hole, some Coral Banded Shrimp, beautiful Anemones and Anemonefish, a small Leaf Scorpionfish, lots of Gobis and Blennies.  A large Emperor Angelfish and Moorish Idols as well as Butterflyfish.  Some Nudibranchs, Tube Worms, Bubble Coral and Tunicates everywhere.

TeknoReefDiveSiteBoard_tn.jpg (57867 bytes)

TeknoReefBubbleCoral_tn.jpg (94295 bytes)    TeknoReefCushionStarFish_tn.jpg (160514 bytes)    TeknoReefGiantClam_tn.jpg (103057 bytes)    TeknoReefMoorishIdol_tn.jpg (108098 bytes)    TeknoReefMushroomLeatherCoral_tn.jpg (137180 bytes)    TeknoReefMushroomLeatherCoral2_tn.jpg (105895 bytes)    TeknoReefOctopus_tn.jpg (103280 bytes) 

TeknoReefNudiandfish_tn.jpg (123270 bytes)    TeknoReefTinyTunicates_tn.jpg (125186 bytes)    TeknoReefTunicate_tn.jpg (79099 bytes)    TeknoReefworm_tn.jpg (139923 bytes)    TeknoReefSaddledGobi_tn.jpg (120419 bytes)     TeknoReefTunicatealso_tn.jpg (100320 bytes)

Dive #3 site - Bubble Rock

A bit choppy on the surface, visibility still pretty good.  This dive was in volcanic rock that had bubbles rising every once in a while for a very unique experience.  It was an hour and 3 minutes long with a max depth of 71 feet.  Here we saw some big Bumphead Parrotfish, our first Pigmy Seahorses, Scorpionfish, Lizardfish, Huge School of Moorish Idols, lots of juveniles in the beautiful corals of vivid greens and oranges.  Got a great picture of a Spotted Porcelain Crab.  There were lots of Anemones and Anemonefish and a fun dive with all the fish life.

BubbleRockSiteDrawing_tn.jpg (101537 bytes)

BubbleRockAnthiasInHardCoral_tn.jpg (117606 bytes)    BubbleRockBubbleCoral_tn.jpg (103329 bytes)    BubbleRockBathsBlenny_tn.jpg (117068 bytes)    BubbleRockBubbles_tn.jpg (84364 bytes)    BubbleRockSpottedPorcelainCrab_tn.jpg (100035 bytes)    BubbleRockColorfulAnthiasAndCoral_tn.jpg (134230 bytes)    BubbleRockCoralScallop_tn.jpg (134837 bytes)

BubbleRockCrinoids_tn.jpg (128818 bytes)    BubbleRockDamagedStarfish_tn.jpg (124052 bytes)    BubbleRockLionfishHiding_tn.jpg (93289 bytes)    BubbleRockTerrie_tn.jpg (41452 bytes)    BubbleRockRedCoral_tn.jpg (154878 bytes)    BubbleRockRedCoralWithAnthias_tn.jpg (112824 bytes)    BubbleRockSnappers_tn.jpg (47080 bytes)    BubbleRockTubeAnemone_tn.jpg (133959 bytes)

    BubbleRockTunicate_tn.jpg (131099 bytes)    BubbleRockTunicates_tn.jpg (116312 bytes)    BubbleRockHammerCoral_tn.jpg (101886 bytes)    BubbleRockWhiteBandedCleanerShrimp_tn.jpg (84823 bytes)    BubbleRockWorm_tn.jpg (112983 bytes)

Dive #4 site - Black Magic

We went back to Black Magic for a dusk dive but didn't take the camera on that dive.  It was 1 hour and 10 minutes at a max depth of 65 feet.  There was a bit of surge as we searched the shallows.  Looking for small stuff we found 2 mini Frogfish, some nice Nudibranchs, several Sea Pens.  There was a big Hairy Crab and a lot of small shrimp.  Startled a Flounder and saw a few Flying Gunards.


August 30th,  Thursday - between Gili Lawa Laut and Gili Lawa Darat and on to Komodo Island

Dive #5 site - Crystal Rock

Very little to no current and great visibility on this hour long dive with a max depth of 87 feet.  Saw a few big White Tip Sharks right away.  Its a pinnacle site and full of very large Six Banded Angels and schools of Triggerfish, including Clown Triggers.  Saw some big blue colored Black Spotted Pufferfish, Moorish Idols, Bannerfish, two different Moray Eels and lots of misc juveniles and Damselfish.  Some large Sweetlips and even some Trumpetfish.  A tiny Spotted Porcelain Crab posed for some photos.  A very nice dive.

CrystalRockDiveSiteDrawing_tn.jpg (68661 bytes)

        CrystalRockCoralHind_tn.jpg (103421 bytes)     CrystalRockHarlequinSweetlips_tn.jpg (110223 bytes)     CrystalRockHarlequinSweetlipsFace_tn.jpg (127447 bytes)     CrystalRockLinedSweetlips_tn.jpg (123439 bytes)     CrystalRockLionfish_tn.jpg (129119 bytes)

CrystalRockChromisSchoolOnReef_tn.jpg (88054 bytes)     CrystalRockDamselfishAndAnthias_tn.jpg (142671 bytes)     CrystalRockMorayEel_tn.jpg (115458 bytes)     CrystalRockMorayEel2_tn.jpg (93090 bytes)     CrystalRockDamselsSilhouetted_tn.jpg (48650 bytes) 

 CrystalRockFishOnReef_tn.jpg (100709 bytes)     CrystalRockReefScene_tn.jpg (137922 bytes)     CrystalRockBluespottedHind_tn.jpg (134251 bytes)     CrystalRockElongatedSurgeonfish_tn.jpg (136632 bytes)     CrystalRockAnemoneFish_tn.jpg (114365 bytes)     CrystalRockPurpleCoral_tn.jpg (129891 bytes)     CrystalRockMoustacheTriggerfish_tn.jpg (152978 bytes)

CrystalRockSam_tn.jpg (78723 bytes)   CrystalRockSchoolsOfDamselfish_tn.jpg (81224 bytes)   CrystalRockSixBandedAngelfishPair_tn.jpg (111917 bytes)   CrystalRockSpottedPorcelainCrab_tn.jpg (89269 bytes)   CrystalRockTigerCowry_tn.jpg (120498 bytes)   CrystalRockSweetlipsFrenzy_tn.jpg (134598 bytes)   CrystalRockTailspotSquirrelfish_tn.jpg (90865 bytes)

sharks at a bit of a distance

CrystalRockWhiteTipShark_tn.jpg (88163 bytes)     CrystalRockWhiteTipShark2_tn.jpg (62238 bytes)      CrystalRockWhiteTipSharkSwimming_tn.jpg (101215 bytes)

Sit time between Gili Lawa Laut and Gili Lawa Darat

GiliLawaLautAndSailboat_tn.jpg (87669 bytes)     GiliLawaLautFishermanApproachesthePelagian_tn.jpg (79625 bytes)     GiliLawaLautIndonesianIsland_tn.jpg (86049 bytes)     GiliLawaLautSITTimeViewOfABoat_tn.jpg (71914 bytes)

Dive #6 site - The Calderon

A dive through a channel with a super sweeping heavy current where various Rays including Mantas are known to hang out.  We dropped in at The Aquarium and swam across a strong current to the edge of the channel where we dropped down, swimming along to the outer edge mostly against current.  The Russian group had reef hooks and Rex and Katy pulled themselves along the rocks on the bottom.  Bill and I swam it and found out that contrary to what you would think the current was quite a bit stronger at the bottom.   Once I rose up a bit the current changed and pulled me along nicely.  While in the channel we looked up to see a school of ten Mobulas passing over us.  They came around twice before heading off.  We did a 48 minute dive with a max depth of 80 feet.  Also saw some White Tip Sharks and a big school of Circular Spadefish.

TheCalderonDiveSiteDrawing_tn.jpg (69558 bytes)

TheCalderonStaghornCoral_tn.jpg (149942 bytes)      TheCalderonLizardfish_tn.jpg (150539 bytes)       TheCalderonMobulaRays_tn.jpg (35546 bytes)      TheCalderonMobulaRaysLeaving_tn.jpg (23391 bytes) 


Dive #7 site - Pantai Merah / Pink Beach (off Komodo Island)

A nice sloping Coral covered reef for an hour long dive with an 80 foot max depth.  Lots of fish at this site and huge Anemones with their accompanying Anemonefish.  Several different kinds of Nudibranchs.  Some big Rabbitfish, big Sweetlips and schools of Sergeant Majors, Fire Urchins and tiny Coral Crabs.  Saw some Trunkfish, Squirrelfish, Tunicates and Tube worms as well.

PinkBeachAnemoneAndPinkAnemonefish_tn.jpg (91295 bytes)     PinkBeachAnemoneAndPinkAnemonefish2_tn.jpg (80952 bytes)     PinkBeachAnemoneAndPinkAnemonefishCloseUp,jpg_tn.jpg (98137 bytes)     PinkBeachAnemonefish_tn.jpg (87078 bytes)

PinkBeachSpottedTrunkfish_tn.jpg (95671 bytes)    PinkBeachBlackspotCleanerWrasseOnBlackSnapper_tn.jpg (108526 bytes)    PinkBeachChromodorismagnificaNudi_tn.jpg (139479 bytes)    PinkBeachCoralCrab_tn.jpg (79442 bytes)    PinkBeachFireUrchin_tn.jpg (119371 bytes)    PinkBeachFireUrchin2_tn.jpg (141306 bytes)    PinkBeachHarlequinSweetlips_tn.jpg (71489 bytes)

PinkBeachSargentMajorsOnTheReef_tn.jpg (88175 bytes)     PinkBeachTailSpotSquirrelfish_tn.jpg (99337 bytes)     PinkBeachTinySeaCucumber_tn.jpg (126019 bytes)     PinkBeachBlackSaddledMimicFilefish_tn.jpg (119636 bytes)     PinkBeachTunicates_tn.jpg (122970 bytes) 

PinkBeachTwoLizardfish_tn.jpg (146510 bytes)    PinkBeachWhiteStarfish_tn.jpg (137334 bytes)    PinkBeachWorm_tn.jpg (105064 bytes)    PinkBeachTubeWorm_tn.jpg (127578 bytes)    PinkBeachYellowCheekedTuskfish_tn.jpg (69712 bytes)    PinkBeachTunicates2_tn.jpg (100600 bytes)

Komodo Island - The Dragon Excursion

We hurried over to the Komodo Natl Park for a shore excursion to see some Komodo Dragons and have a little visit with the rangers.  It was a bit late and they don't let you hike around after dark so we didn't go off into the woods but rather had a short tour with Johnny.  We didn't have to go far to see several large Dragons.

KomodoIsland_tn.jpg (85317 bytes)      KomodoIsland2_tn.jpg (69875 bytes)      KomodoIsland3_tn.jpg (71858 bytes)  

KomodoIslandDayTripBay_tn.jpg (87283 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripBay2_tn.jpg (72843 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripTerrie_tn.jpg (72058 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripBay3_tn.jpg (51692 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripBayWithPeople_tn.jpg (59427 bytes)

KomodoIslandDayTripSiteMaps_tn.jpg (103102 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripSiteMaps2_tn.jpg (95427 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripBathrooms_tn.jpg (82246 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripNatlParkWelcomeSign_tn.jpg (99863 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripBillWithDragonForks_tn.jpg (101265 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripSiteMaps3_tn.jpg (92553 bytes)

KomodoIslandDayTripNatlParkSignBillandTerrie_tn.jpg (116598 bytes)

      KomodoIslandDayTripGuideJohnny_tn.jpg (117777 bytes)      KomodoIslandDayTripJohnnyAndCobra_tn.jpg (138617 bytes)      KomodoIslandDayTripCobra_tn.jpg (77344 bytes)      KomodoIslandDayTripBillandCobra_tn.jpg (91528 bytes)

KomodoIslandDayTripDragonAndBill_tn.jpg (89008 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripDragonAndTongue_tn.jpg (83405 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripDragonCloseUp_tn.jpg (82831 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripDragonAndTerrie_tn.jpg (126664 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripDragonPosing_tn.jpg (124630 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripDragonWalking_tn.jpg (105400 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripTerrieAndDragon_tn.jpg (98077 bytes)

KomodoIslandDayTripDragonWantsACoke_tn.jpg (98693 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripDragonDrinking_tn.jpg (75049 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripDragonFace_tn.jpg (75838 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripJohnnyAndDragon_tn.jpg (162701 bytes)    KomodoIslandDayTripKomodoDragon_tn.jpg (157953 bytes)

click on the Komodo Dragon above to see a dragon walking along the path.


August 31st,  Friday - Rinca Island and diving at Horseshoe Bay

Dive #8 Site - Cannibal Rock

I slept in (feeling congested) and Bill did this dive with Sam and Brigitte.  The camera locked up and he had to resurface, hand up the camera and then find the group.  He got in an hour long dive with a max depth of 62 feet.  Noted that he saw tiny shrimp and snails, big Spadefish and Angels and there was tons of fish life up toward the top of the reef.

Dive #9 site - Cannibal Rock

Pretty cool water at 73 degrees for this one hour and ten minute dive with a max depth of 95 feet.  It was calm and the visibility was good.  We saw large Angelfish and yellow Trumpetfish.  A big Spearing Mantis shrimp and lots of pretty Anemones and some Sea Apples.  Beautiful brightly colored Crinoids, Soldierfish, Surgeonfish and Mimic Filefish were spotted.  There were lots of Starfish, Cardinalfish, Anthias and Butterflyfish on the reef as well.

CannibalRockAnemoneAndAnemonefish_tn.jpg (112970 bytes)        CannibalRockAnemoneAndAnemonefishCloseUp_tn.jpg (106014 bytes)       CannibalRockAnemoneAndFish_tn.jpg (114252 bytes)  

CannibalRockBlackbarredSandperch_tn.jpg (107980 bytes)    CannibalRockFinspottedSoldierfish_tn.jpg (113179 bytes)    CannibalRockMimicFilefishAndSpotnapeCardinalfishOnReef_tn.jpg (126831 bytes)    CannibalRockBlackTippedGrouper_tn.jpg (104325 bytes)    CannibalRockCrinoids_tn.jpg (105638 bytes)    CannibalRockKleinsButterflyfishOnReef_tn.jpg (111879 bytes)    CannibalRockElongatedSurgeonfish_tn.jpg (84280 bytes)

CannibalRockMultibarredGoatfishAndSpotnapeCardinalfish_tn.jpg (100136 bytes)   CannibalRockLionfish_tn.jpg (98084 bytes)   CannibalRockPairOfSixBandedAngelfish_tn.jpg (92777 bytes)   CannibalRockTwolinedSpinecheek_tn.jpg (94999 bytes)   CannibalRockReefLife_tn.jpg (106577 bytes)   CannibalRockReefWithSurgeonfish_tn.jpg (74816 bytes)   CannibalRockReefWtihSurgeonfish2.jpg_tn.jpg (73212 bytes)

CannibalRockSeaAppleAndAnemone_tn.jpg (123017 bytes)   CannibalRockSeaAppleClosed_tn.jpg (118576 bytes)   CannibalRockSeaAppleOpen_tn.jpg (115260 bytes)   CannibalRockSevenArmedStarfish_tn.jpg (114123 bytes)   CannibalRockSmashingMantisShrimp_tn.jpg (101941 bytes)   CannibalRockLionfish2_tn.jpg (96920 bytes)

CannibalRockTerrieAndFish_tn.jpg (55948 bytes)     CannibalRockTerrieAndReef_tn.jpg (77680 bytes)     CannibalRockTerrieAndReefTop_tn.jpg (64056 bytes)

Rinca Island - Dragons Part 2

We arrived at the park at Rinca Island in time to do a nice hike around the island.  We saw several Dragons and were shown several nesting places.

RincaIslandApproachWithSailboats_tn.jpg (71486 bytes)      RincaIslandAnExcursionTerrie_tn.jpg (77888 bytes)     RincaIslandDock_tn.jpg (84848 bytes)   

RincaIslandDockArrival_tn.jpg (93269 bytes)      RincaIslandDockedBoats_tn.jpg (125317 bytes)       RincaIslandDockHouse_tn.jpg (95938 bytes)      RincaIslandDockHouseAndBill_tn.jpg (95323 bytes)      RincaIslandDockedBoats2_tn.jpg (97198 bytes)

  RincaIslandDragon_tn.jpg (192019 bytes)    RincaIslandScenery_tn.jpg (85796 bytes)     RincaIslandGuide_tn.jpg (105798 bytes)    RincaIslandNatlParkSignAndBill_tn.jpg (128239 bytes)    RincaIslandKomodoDragon_tn.jpg (144639 bytes)    RincaIslandKomodoDragon2_tn.jpg (137641 bytes)    RincaIslandDockWelcomingCommittee_tn.jpg (113078 bytes)

RincaIslandKomodoUnderThePorch_tn.jpg (88001 bytes)    RincaIslandPalmTrees_tn.jpg (85879 bytes)    RincaIslandScaryDeadTree_tn.jpg (113413 bytes)    RincaIslandPath_tn.jpg (90338 bytes)    RincaIslandPathWithBillAndTerrie_tn.jpg (100124 bytes)

RincaIslandStoreAndCafe_tn.jpg (121033 bytes)     RincaIslandGuesthouse_tn.jpg (138697 bytes)     RincaIslandTerrie_tn.jpg (88695 bytes)     RincaIslandTreeGrowth_tn.jpg (135086 bytes)    RincaIslandTheEnd_tn.jpg (78817 bytes)


Dive #10 site - Name your site (Rinca Island Near the Ranger Station)

We did a dusk dive not far from the Rinca Island Ranger Station.  It was a nice protected bay and gave us a chance for a night dive of 1 hour and 7 minutes with a max depth of 62 feet.  Iman wanted to explore the site for future diving so we all went in rather not knowing what we would find.  Bill didn't take the camera on this dive so of course we saw some new and unusual things.  There was a lot of rubble hiding Hermit Crabs and small Coral Crabs.  Saw several Lionfish including a Spotfin Lionfish and some Ringed Pipefish swimming around a stand of rod like coral.  A big Yellow Spotted Burrfish was trying to sleep and we even saw a Bearded Botula, a rather weird looking fish.  There was a lot of Staghorn coral full of juveniles and small fish.


September 1st, Saturday  Tatawa and Sabolo Kecil

Dive #11 site - Batu Bolong

Lots of heavy whirling currents going on around this pinnacle off Tatawa Island.  We dropped in and stayed to one side of the Pinnacle, zig zagging up trying to avoid the worst of the currents.  The dive was 46 minutes long with a max depth of 94 feet.  Another site for large White Tip Sharks as well as a couple of really big Turtles.  Some big Napoleon Wrasse and Trivally as well as lots of Butterflyfish and some Emperor Angels were spotted.  Also saw several Lionfish and beautiful coral as a home to a Moray Eel and schools of Damselfish.

BatuBolongDrawingOfSiteCloseUp_tn.jpg (75901 bytes)    BatuBolongDrawingOfSite_tn.jpg (69715 bytes)    BatuBolongAgitatedSurfaceCurrents_tn.jpg (80836 bytes)

     BatuBolongBlacktippedGrouper_tn.jpg (110428 bytes)    BatuBolongCoralWithAnthias_tn.jpg (130465 bytes)     BatuBolongLionfish_tn.jpg (116447 bytes)    BatuBolongLionfishHiding_tn.jpg (115949 bytes)     BatuBolongColorfulCrinoid_tn.jpg (96536 bytes)  

 BatuBolongEmporerAngelfish_tn.jpg (104637 bytes)     BatuBolongLinedButterflyfishClose_tn.jpg (79334 bytes)     BatuBolongLinedButterflyfish_tn.jpg (89039 bytes)    BatuBolongRedlippedParrotfishInitialPhase_tn.jpg (130841 bytes)     BatuBolongNapoleonWrasse_tn.jpg (77091 bytes)     BatuBolongNapoleonWrasse2_tn.jpg (94505 bytes)

BatuBolongTerrieAndTrivally_tn.jpg (46653 bytes)     BatuBolongTrivally_tn.jpg (42475 bytes)      BatuBolongTurtle_tn.jpg (56524 bytes)     BatuBolongWhiteTipShark_tn.jpg (82566 bytes)   BatuBolongWhiteTipSharkLeaving_tn.jpg (88454 bytes)

Indonesian Islands and the Sea

Islands_tn.jpg (57496 bytes)    Islands2_tn.jpg (62750 bytes)    Islands3_tn.jpg (59033 bytes)    IslandsAndSeasSurfaceAgitation_tn.jpg (63332 bytes)    TatawaBesarABeach_tn.jpg (71634 bytes)

Dive #12 Site - Tatawa Besar

The current started off strong for this 1 hour and 7 minute dive with a max depth of 72 feet.  It leveled off to become easily managable and we saw quite an abundance of life at this site.  A very large cuttlefish (no pic of this guy), several big Sweetlips, Angels and Triggers.  Had a nice Turtle encounter and saw lots of juveniles, Damselfish and Anthias.  Very pretty dive with lots to see.

TatawaBesaraDrawingOfSite_tn.jpg (63156 bytes)

TatawaBesarAlmostReadyTerrie_tn.jpg (73212 bytes)   TatawaBesarAnthias_tn.jpg (129658 bytes)   TatawaBesarBillSurveysTheReef_tn.jpg (86106 bytes)   TatawaBesarMoorishIdolNose_tn.jpg (100394 bytes)   TatawaBesarBlackDurgonDoublestripedDottybackAndaParrotfish_tn.jpg (78955 bytes)   TatawaBesarBlackDurgonOnTheReef_tn.jpg (86653 bytes)   TatawaBesarBlueDurgonTriggerfishAndDoublestripedDottyback_tn.jpg (129524 bytes)

TatawaBesarCoralOutcropping_tn.jpg (113939 bytes)    TatawaBesarPinnateSpadefish2_tn.jpg (115653 bytes)    TatawaBesarGiantClam_tn.jpg (145060 bytes)    TatawaBesarEnroute2_tn.jpg (82869 bytes)    TatawaBesarIdolsAndAngels_tn.jpg (124656 bytes)    TatawaBesarLinedSweetlips_tn.jpg (119632 bytes)    TatawaBesarPairOfLinedSweetlips_tn.jpg (124671 bytes)

TatawaBesarPinnateSpadefish_tn.jpg (117675 bytes)    TatawaBesarRegalAngelfish_tn.jpg (53218 bytes)    TatawaBesarReef_tn.jpg (109211 bytes)    TatawaBesarReefAndBill_tn.jpg (95865 bytes)    TatawaBesarReefShotWithBill_tn.jpg (93256 bytes)    TatawaBesarReefTablecoralAndFish_tn.jpg (90106 bytes)    TatawaBesarJuvenilePennateBannerfish_tn.jpg (58120 bytes)

TatawaBesarReticultedDascyllus_tn.jpg (138701 bytes)   TatawaBesarSixBandedAngelAndMoorishIdol_tn.jpg (124469 bytes)   TatawaBesarSchoolOfWhiteBellyDamsels_tn.jpg (115904 bytes)   TatawaBesarSpadefishAndSweetlips_tn.jpg (100588 bytes)   TatawaBesarSpottedTrunkfish_tn.jpg (102717 bytes)   TatawaBesarSpottedSweetlips_tn.jpg (134758 bytes)   TatawaBesarSpottedSweetlips2_tn.jpg (127443 bytes) 

TatawaBesarStarfish_tn.jpg (144998 bytes)   TatawaBesarStarfish2_tn.jpg (163188 bytes)   TatawaBesarTerrieSelfPortrait_tn.jpg (65500 bytes)   TatawaBesarTurtle_tn.jpg (119441 bytes)   TatawaBesarTurtle2_tn.jpg (111318 bytes)

Dive #13 Site - Sabolo Kecil

The site name means "Little Island" and since there was a fairly strong current we dropped in and just drifted our way around the island for a 1 hour and 6 minute dive, going a max depth of 74 feet.  Saw lots of Angels, Triggerfish, and a school of HUGE Bumphead Parrotfish hanging with a school of Spadefish.  Saw some more Ringed Pipefish and an assortment of Pufferfish as well.

SaboloKecilDrawingOfSite_tn.jpg (70123 bytes)     SaboloKecilIslands_tn.jpg (87245 bytes)

SaboloKecilOyster_tn.jpg (97526 bytes)    SaboloKecilBlackspottedPuffer_tn.jpg (125550 bytes)    SaboloKecilCylindricalSandperch_tn.jpg (126666 bytes)    SaboloKecilBubbleCoral_tn.jpg (125887 bytes)    SaboloKecilShortSpinedPorcupinefish_tn.jpg (83091 bytes) 

SaboloKecilLargeBumpheadParrotfish_tn.jpg (79431 bytes)    SaboloKecilLargeBumpheadParrotfish2_tn.jpg (82067 bytes)    SaboloKecilLargeBumpheadParrotfishSpadefishAndSam_tn.jpg (64068 bytes)    SaboloKecilRingedPipefish_tn.jpg (69286 bytes)    SaboloKecilReticulatedDascyllus_tn.jpg (106115 bytes)

SaboloKecilLizardfish_tn.jpg (145986 bytes)    SaboloKecilReefScene_tn.jpg (74713 bytes)    SaboloKecilYellowBoxfish_tn.jpg (89346 bytes)    SaboloKecilReefScene2_tn.jpg (96670 bytes)    SaboloKecilStarfishOnReef_tn.jpg (117593 bytes)


September 2nd,  Sunday - Out in the Blue and Kayupangang Island

Dive #14 Site - Marianne's Reef

This dive took us to a reef literally in the middle of nowhere.  The reef barely broke the surface of the ocean.  The visibility wasn't great in the strong current for this 1 hour and 7 minute dive with a max depth of 81 feet.  There was a great deal of particulate but we still managed to see quite a bit.  Spotted a huge Pufferfish, several Lionfish, some big Spadefish ,Bannerfish, Angels and Triggerfish.  A nice Scorpionfish posed for some pictures and we found a big swarm of Striped Catfish.  It was raining when we surfaced.

MariannesReefAhead_tn.jpg (71166 bytes)       MariannesReefAheadRockLine_tn.jpg (82580 bytes)

MariannesReefAnthiasChromisAndDamsels_tn.jpg (103172 bytes)    MariannesReefGiantClam_tn.jpg (108240 bytes)    MariannesReefLionfish_tn.jpg (109339 bytes)    MariannesReefReticulatedDascyllusAndTableCoral_tn.jpg (100780 bytes)   MariannesReefSchoolOfStripedCatfish_tn.jpg (146455 bytes)

MariannesReefScorpionfish_tn.jpg (104912 bytes)      MariannesReefScorpionfishHead_tn.jpg (121446 bytes)     MariannesReefScorpionfishFace_tn.jpg (84118 bytes)

Dive #15 Site - Karang Kayupangang

Still had some low visibility on this steep vertical wall dive with a pretty brisk current.  The dive was 1 hour and 11 minutes with a 92 feet max depth.  Saw some Lionfish, Unicornfish and a nice little Juvenile Bicolor Parrotfish.  A big Turtle, small Pufferfish, a Moray Eel and a Trumpetfish were spotted.  Some Trivallys or Tunas swam by in the distance and there were lots of juveniles, Butterflyfish and those wormy looking White Sea Cucumbers.

KarangKayupangangDiveSiteBoard_tn.jpg (55489 bytes) 

KarangKayupangangBoundTerrie_tn.jpg (79184 bytes)    KarangKayupangangLighthouse_tn.jpg (70120 bytes)    KarangKayupangangLocalsCheckingUsOut_tn.jpg (77320 bytes)    KarangKayupangangBillReadyToDive_tn.jpg (61888 bytes)

  KarangKayupangangJuvenileKleinsButterflyfish_tn.jpg (87571 bytes)      karangKayupangangJuvenilesAndSoftCorals_tn.jpg (136876 bytes)      KarangKayupangangGoldFleckedMorayEel_tn.jpg (100438 bytes)      KarangKayupangangPairOfJuvenileKleinButterflyfish_tn.jpg (97308 bytes)     KarangKayupangangReefScene_tn.jpg (113061 bytes)

 KarangKayupangangTrumpetfish_tn.jpg (118434 bytes)     KarangKayupangangYellowBoxfish_tn.jpg (88796 bytes)     KarangKayupangangLambertsSeaCucumbers_tn.jpg (88875 bytes)     KarangKayupangangTurtle2_tn.jpg (93415 bytes)     KarangKayupangangTurtle_tn.jpg (79345 bytes)

KarangKayupangangTunicates_tn.jpg (100938 bytes)   KarangKayupangangTunicates2_tn.jpg (77942 bytes)   KarangKayupangangStarfish_tn.jpg (122463 bytes)


September 3rd, Monday - PasarWajo, Buton Island

Dive #16 Site - Bianca 2 and Magic Pier

The Bianca 2 is a small wreck in a shallow area near the Pier.  We started at the wreck and headed toward the pier for a 1 hour and 12 minute dive with a max depth of 78 feet.  The water wasn't very clear though in the muck diving near the pier we found juvenile Ribbon Eels, Razorfish (Shrimpfish?), Lizardfish, lots of small Pederson Cleaner Shrimp and some Burrfish trying desperately to hide from us.  Near the wreck was an old fishermans cage where a Cuttlefish and a Crocodilefish were trapped.  The Cuttlefish was obviously agitated and it was quite the endeavor to free them and render the bamboo cage useless.

Bianca2DiveSiteBoard_tn.jpg (55586 bytes)

Bianca2WreckAtButongIsland_tn.jpg (116051 bytes)      Bianca2WreckAwaitingEntryTerrie_tn.jpg (117104 bytes)     ButongIsland_tn.jpg (63272 bytes)      ButongIslandlocalFishermansRaft_tn.jpg (68736 bytes)     ButongIslandLocals_tn.jpg (78551 bytes)

 Bianca2WreckBillInTheMist_tn.jpg (33471 bytes)      Bianca2WreckWithBill_tn.jpg (44734 bytes)      Bianca2WreckBillLookingAround_tn.jpg (37549 bytes)      Bianca2WreckTerrieLookingAtWreck_tn.jpg (49681 bytes)

Bianca2WreckRazorfish_tn.jpg (87149 bytes)     Bianca2WreckBlackSpottedPuffer_tn.jpg (96290 bytes)     Bianca2WreckBlueRibbonEelJuvenile2_tn.jpg (114332 bytes)     Bianca2WreckBlueRibbonEelJuvenile_tn.jpg (107115 bytes)     Bianca2WreckBrigitteLookingInTire_tn.jpg (73055 bytes) 

   Bianca2WreckJuvenileKleinsButterflyfish_tn.jpg (78393 bytes)    Bianca2WreckOrbicularBurrfish_tn.jpg (92718 bytes)    Bianca2WreckBurrfish_tn.jpg (104501 bytes)    Bianca2WreckPedersonCleanerShrimpOnAnemone_tn.jpg (85219 bytes)    Bianca2WreckOrbicularBurrfish2_tn.jpg (78905 bytes)    Bianca2WreckReefLizardfish_tn.jpg (96671 bytes) 

Bianca2WreckLocalsFishTrap_tn.jpg (73147 bytes)    Bianca2WreckCrocodilefishInTrap_tn.jpg (121789 bytes)   Bianca2WreckTrumpetfish_tn.jpg (73498 bytes)   Bianca2WreckLocalsFishTrapAndBrigitte_tn.jpg (73502 bytes)    Bianca2WreckLocalsFishTrapRelease_tn.jpg (71867 bytes)

Dive #17 Site - Cheeky Beach

This was muck diving on a sandy slope for 1 hour and 16 minutes with a max depth of 64 feet.  We saw several small Octopus, a couple of large Seahorses, some pigmy Cuttlefish and lots of Pipefish.  There were several small Lionfish and tiny Anemone Crabs sharing their home with the Anemonefish.  Blennies living in bottles and three Eels all clustered together.  There were lots of miscellaneous juveniles and Nudibranchs around.  Saw some Flying Gunards and Spearing Mantis Shrimp as well.  Great site for a variety of muck diving critters.

CheekyBeach_tn.jpg (127040 bytes) 

CheekyBeachOrbicularBurrfish_tn.jpg (87016 bytes)    CheekyBeachFireUrchin_tn.jpg (99443 bytes)    CheekyBeachDwarfLionfishAndUrchins_tn.jpg (94209 bytes)    CheekyBeachClownSnakeEel_tn.jpg (86105 bytes)    CheekyBeachLionfish_tn.jpg (83343 bytes)    CheekyBeachLionfish2_tn.jpg (91457 bytes)    CheekyBeachFishAmongUrchins_tn.jpg (117164 bytes)

CheekyBeachPipefish_tn.jpg (126265 bytes)    CheekyBeachMorayEel_tn.jpg (84424 bytes)    CheekyBeachOctopus_tn.jpg (89894 bytes)    CheekyBeachSnowflakeMorayEel_tn.jpg (99320 bytes)    CheekyBeachPigmyCuttlefish_tn.jpg (89609 bytes)    CheekyBeachSmashingMantisShrimp_tn.jpg (90520 bytes)   CheekyBeachPurpleOctopus_tn.jpg (144441 bytes)

    CheekyBeachUrchinEye_tn.jpg (122610 bytes)    CheekyBeachYellowSeahorse_tn.jpg (108010 bytes)    CheekyBeachYellowSeahorse2_tn.jpg (91652 bytes)    CheekyBeachBrownSeahorse_tn.jpg (111192 bytes)   CheekyBeachStarfish_tn.jpg (101466 bytes)

Dive #18 Site - Cheeky Beach Dusk/Night Dive

Another dive at Cheeky Beach during the night to see who would come out.  A one hour dive with a max depth of 55 feet.  We didn't see as much but still saw some Octopus, some Flying Gunards, several Lionfish and Eels.  Saw a small Juvenile Cowfish and small Pufferfish.  Brigitte found the tiny Anemone Crab again and Sam spotted us a Shrimp riding on a Fire Urchin.  A couple of Banded Sea Snakes came out to visit and were hanging around the Skiff when we were ready to climb in.  Brom shooooo'd them away with the lights so we could climb aboard and leave them in the water.

    NightCheekyBeachBandedSeaSnake_tn.jpg (80465 bytes)    NightCheekyBeachDwarfLionfish_tn.jpg (68107 bytes)    NightCheekyBeachFlyingGunard_tn.jpg (90427 bytes)    NIghtCheekyBeachFlyingGunard2_tn.jpg (93252 bytes)    NightCheekyBeachJuvenileCowfish_tn.jpg (88633 bytes)   

NightCheekyBeachMorayEel_tn.jpg (107443 bytes)    NightCheekyBeachPigmyCuttlefish_tn.jpg (101957 bytes)    NightCheekyBeachMorayEel2_tn.jpg (112919 bytes)    NightCheekyBeachShrimpInFireCoral_tn.jpg (104761 bytes)    NightCheekyBeachSpottedAnemoneCrab_tn.jpg (52873 bytes)    NightCheekyBeachSpottedPufferfish_tn.jpg (89330 bytes)

NightCheekyBeachSandfishEverywhere_tn.jpg (98763 bytes)    NightCheekyBeachMimicFilefish_tn.jpg (132276 bytes)    NightCheekyBeachStipedPuffer_tn.jpg (79026 bytes)    NightCheekyBeachLionfish_tn.jpg (93530 bytes)

Dive #19 Site - Magic Pier Late Night dive

Bill, Iman, Vladimir and Irina did a late night dive at Magic Pier where they saw Pufferfish, Coral Shrimp, Octopus, schools of Razorfish and Flounders.  They spotted a nice juvenile Pinnate Spadefish as well.  Bill said there were lots of fish carcasses along the edge of the water as if they had been filleted and thrown in.  Hmmmm glad I missed that.  Their dive lasted 1 hour and 3 minutes and had a max depth of 34 feet.  He didn't take the camera.


September 4th,  Tuesday - Wangi Wangi Island

Dive #20 Site - Alice in Wonderland

It was a little windy and rainy as we headed down for this wall dive.  Starting at our max depth of 92 feet we made our way up the wall for a 1 hour and 14 minute dive.  Saw some Banded Sea Snakes, small Crabs and lots of Butterflyfish, Longnose Butterflyfish and various juveniles.  There were a lot of Triggerfish, including Clown Triggers, a Turtle, Scorpionfish and some fat brown Jawfish.  Lots of Fusiliers, Anthias, Anemones and Anemonefish.  Also saw Nudibranchs and Blackfin Dartfish all over the place.

AliceInWonderlandChromodorisdianaeNudibranch_tn.jpg (82049 bytes)      AliceInWonderlandClownTriggerfish_tn.jpg (91135 bytes)      AliceInWonderlandDamselfish_tn.jpg (86350 bytes)      AliceInWonderlandJawfish_tn.jpg (82200 bytes)      AliceInWonderlandDontKnow_tn.jpg (81855 bytes)

AliceInWonderlandAnemone_tn.jpg (124176 bytes)      AliceInWonderlandSamLookingForSeahorses_tn.jpg (86712 bytes)      AliceInWonderlandReef_tn.jpg (93243 bytes)

Dive #21 Site - Blue Mosque

A nice hour and 13 minute long wall dive with a max depth of 91 feet.  The wall was covered in Barrel Sponges with lots of fans and beautiful corals.  Saw Trumpetfish, Wrasse, lots of Peach Anthias and Fusiliers.  There were schools of Butterflyfish, Longnose Butterflyfish and Moorish Idols.  In the deeper water there were several large Snappers, some Sweetlips, another Banded Sea Snake and some Triggerfish.  Pretty reef in the shallows with lots of fish life.

BlueMosqueADiveSiteBoard_tn.jpg (54721 bytes)

BlueMosqueBubbleCoral_tn.jpg (108923 bytes)    BlueMosqueLargeCabbageCoral_tn.jpg (97796 bytes)    BlueMosqueLeatherCoral_tn.jpg (132076 bytes)    BlueMosquePeachAnthiasOnTheReef_tn.jpg (123772 bytes)    BlueMosquePennantBannerfishCloseUp_tn.jpg (141665 bytes)    BlueMosquePennantBannerfishONReef_tn.jpg (125897 bytes)    BlueMosqueLyretailAndPeachAnthias_tn.jpg (127740 bytes)

BlueMosqueReticulatedDascyllus_tn.jpg (154955 bytes)      BlueMosqueLongNoseHawkfish_tn.jpg (97589 bytes)      BlueMosqueSchoolOfAnthias_tn.jpg (147610 bytes)

BlueMosqueTheReef_tn.jpg (126331 bytes)    BlueMosqueTopOfTheReef_tn.jpg (108685 bytes)    BlueMosqueTopOfTheReef2_tn.jpg (137704 bytes)    BlueMosqueReefAndSurfaceCurrents_tn.jpg (134275 bytes)

Dive #22 Site - Wangi Wangi Bay

A nice long hour and 9 minute dive with a max depth of 83 feet. Good visibility on this wall dive.  Dove along the wall first seeing a  BlueSpotted Ray racing down the wall and lots of sponges and coral teaming with fish life.  Saw a big Turtle, the fattest/longest Banded Sea Snakes ever, an Orangutan Crab in an Anemone and topped over the rim and into the bay shallows at about 7 feet.  The Bay was full of Anemones and Anemonefish, Lionfish, lots of Eels, Shrimp Gobi's with their Shrimp and Lizardfish.

WangiWangiBayDiveBoard_tn.jpg (58251 bytes)     WangiWangiBayBoatsAndFishermen_tn.jpg (69049 bytes)

WangiWangiBayAnemoneAndAnemonefish_tn.jpg (131935 bytes)    WangiWangiBayAnemoneAndAnemonefishFamily_tn.jpg (124971 bytes)    WangiWangiBayAnemoneClosedUp_tn.jpg (111414 bytes)    WangiWangiBayJuvenileBlackAndWhiteSnapper_tn.jpg (114293 bytes)    WangiWangiBayHammerCoral_tn.jpg (97529 bytes)    WangiWangiBayBarrelSponge_tn.jpg (103620 bytes)    WangiWangiBayJuvenileCanaryWrasse_tn.jpg (109294 bytes)

 WangiWangiBayOrangutanCrabs_tn.jpg (96568 bytes)    WangiWangiBayPairOfKleinsButterflyfish_tn.jpg (82946 bytes)     WangiWangiBayLizardfishAndCleaners_tn.jpg (108161 bytes)     WangiWangiBayTurtle_tn.jpg (43369 bytes)     WangiWangiBaySamAndBrigitte_tn.jpg (65211 bytes)

WangiWangiBaySeaCucumber_tn.jpg (137316 bytes)    WangiWangiBaySeaSnakeOnTheReef_tn.jpg (72870 bytes)    WangiWangiBaySeaSnakeOnTheReefCloseUp_tn.jpg (98455 bytes)    WangiWangiBayStarCoralMound_tn.jpg (118395 bytes)    WangiWangiBayTheReefAndBrigitte_tn.jpg (78709 bytes)

WangiWangiBayReefCoral_tn.jpg (115475 bytes)     WangiWangiBayWhiteEyedMorayEel_tn.jpg (110969 bytes)     WangiWangiBayReefTop_tn.jpg (81289 bytes)

Dive #23 Site - Rolling Stone

A night dive with a max depth of 55 feet for 1 hour and 7 minutes.  I spotted my first ever Halimeda Pipefish and once I showed it to Brigitte we started seeing many more of them.  A big Spider Crab that was covered in 'stuff' was making its way along the rubble.  Saw a great juvenile Pinnate Spadefish, some Lionfish, Coral Banded Shrimp and BristleStars.  Saw Fireworms and Flatworms, Trumpetfish and Sea Urchins.  There were lots of those white Sea Cucumbers that look like giant worms.

RollingStonesADiveBoard_tn.jpg (56340 bytes)

RollingStonesNightCoralBandedShrimp_tn.jpg (94321 bytes)     RollingStonesNightCupCoral_tn.jpg (94203 bytes)     RollingStonesNightFanWorms_tn.jpg (116972 bytes)     RollingStonesNightBlackAndWhiteFlatworm_tn.jpg (74397 bytes)     RollingStonesNightFuzzyCrabOnCoral_tn.jpg (108230 bytes)

RollingStonesNightJuvenilePinnateSpadefish_tn.jpg (80793 bytes)    RollingStonesNightJuvenilePinnateSpadefish2_tn.jpg (101522 bytes)    RollingStonesNightJuvenilePinnateSpadefish3_tn.jpg (76567 bytes)    RollingStonesNightJuvenilePinnateSpadefish4_tn.jpg (89297 bytes)

RollingStonesNightLionfish2_tn.jpg (113009 bytes)     RollingStonesNightLionfish_tn.jpg (82846 bytes)     RollingStonesNightSeaUrchin_tn.jpg (105952 bytes)     RollingStonesNightSeaPearl_tn.jpg (101402 bytes)     RollingStonesNightAnemone_tn.jpg (93333 bytes)     RollingStonesNightTrumpetfishSleeping_tn.jpg (103146 bytes)


September 5th,  Wednesday - Hoga and Kaledupa Islands and on to Tomia Island

Dive #24 Site - Outer Pinnacle between Hoga and Kaledupa

A nice long hour and 17 minute dive with a max depth of 93 feet.  Spiraling up the Pinnacle were Sea Fans all along the edges and some large Trivally near the surface.  Looked for Pigmy Seahorses but no luck on this site.  There were big schools of Fusiliers and Pyramid Butterflyfish, lots of Anemonefish and Juveniles.  Spotted a Turtle and several Nudibranchs.

  HogaAndKaledupaAreaFisherman2_tn.jpg (78760 bytes)     HogaAndKaledupaAreaFisherman_tn.jpg (93724 bytes)     HogaIslandAnotherLiveaboard_tn.jpg (63097 bytes)     HogaIslandLocals_tn.jpg (89228 bytes)

OuterPinnacleADiveBoard_tn.jpg (50810 bytes)

OuterPinnacleAnemoneAndAnemonefish_tn.jpg (92972 bytes)     OuterPinnacleAnemoneAndPinkAnemonefish_tn.jpg (138249 bytes)     OuterPinnacleAnemonefishFace_tn.jpg (91284 bytes)     OuterPinnacleAnemoneAndPinkAnemonefishFace_tn.jpg (121858 bytes)     OuterPinnacleLargeAnemoneAndFish_tn.jpg (127394 bytes)

OuterPinnacleStarfish_tn.jpg (114413 bytes)    OuterPinnacleCoralAndFish_tn.jpg (114709 bytes)    OuterPinnacleCrinoid onFan_tn.jpg (112994 bytes)    OuterPinnacleCrinoidsOnSponges_tn.jpg (136080 bytes)    OuterPinnacleReef_tn.jpg (91572 bytes)    OuterPinnacleFanSilhouette_tn.jpg (62151 bytes)    OuterPinnacleFlowerlikeCoral_tn.jpg (140078 bytes)

OuterPinnacleDoridNudibranch_tn.jpg (149888 bytes)    OuterPinnacleNudibranch_tn.jpg (109836 bytes)    OuterPinnacleMoorishIdol_tn.jpg (137890 bytes)    OuterPinnacleDamselsOnTheReef_tn.jpg (119369 bytes)    OuterPinnacleYellowMarginedMorayEel_tn.jpg (110427 bytes)    OuterPinnaclePairOfLongnoseButterflyfish_tn.jpg (120000 bytes)    OuterPinnacleRedCheekedAnthias_tn.jpg (129236 bytes)

OuterPinnacleButterflyfishAndTriggerfishGalore_tn.jpg (59931 bytes)    OuterPinnacleTurtle2_tn.jpg (94350 bytes)    OuterPinnacleSaddledButterflyfish_tn.jpg (85942 bytes)    OuterPinnacleSaddledButterflyfishAndMoorishIdol_tn.jpg (98624 bytes)    OuterPinnacleSeaCucumberInTheRubble_tn.jpg (163969 bytes)    OuterPinnacleSchoolsOfPyramidButterflyfish_tn.jpg (64581 bytes)

OuterPinnacleTopWithFish_tn.jpg (138587 bytes)     OuterPinnacleTurtle_tn.jpg (85242 bytes)     OuterPinnacleTopWithFish2_tn.jpg (142070 bytes)

Dive #25 Site - North Wall of Hoga

Heavy surging waves on and near the surface.  This 1 hour and 2 minute dive was on a steep/deep vertical wall and we had a max depth of 90 feet.  Saw some large Bumphead Parrotfish and a small BlueSpotted Ray.  First time we saw a big Lobster  and the usual schools of Pyramid Butterflyfish and Fusiliers as well as several Moorish Idols.  Saw a Scorpionfish with a Triggerfish hanging out of his mouth.  Also saw as a Clown Triggerfish that wasn't being eaten.

HogaIslandNorthWallBoatAndTerrie_tn.jpg (77176 bytes)    HogaIslandNorthWallBoatAndTerrieGettingReady_tn.jpg (78114 bytes)    HogaIslandNorthWallBoatAndTerrieReadyToGo_tn.jpg (80754 bytes)    HogaIslandNorthWallRoughSeas_tn.jpg (80777 bytes)

HogaIslandNorthWallADiveBoard_tn.jpg (50817 bytes)

HogaIslandNorthWallClownTriggerfish_tn.jpg (93289 bytes)    HogaIslandNorthWallCrownOfThorns_tn.jpg (125540 bytes)    HogaIslandNorthWallPennantBannerfish_tn.jpg (112705 bytes)    HogaIslandNorthWallSpadefish_tn.jpg (62344 bytes)    HogaIslandNorthWallReefTop_tn.jpg (106651 bytes)    HogaIslandNorthWallPinkAnemonefishAndAnemone_tn.jpg (90538 bytes)

HogaIslandNorthWallScorpionfishEatingTriggerfish_tn.jpg (120675 bytes)      HogaIslandNorthWallScorpionfishEatingTriggerfish2_tn.jpg (110386 bytes)

Dive #26 Site - North West Point of Kaledupa

The reef here has many fingers leading out away from the wall.  We followed the wall and one finger reef out and back for a 1 hour and 10 minute dive with a max depth of 80 feet.  Saw a couple of Blue Spotted Rays, some large Snappers, several Scorpionfish and some Parrotfish.  There were lots of Anemones and Anemonefish and schools of Fusiliers and Anthias

KaledupaIslandNWPointADiveBoard_tn.jpg (54552 bytes)

KaledupaIslandNWPointAnemonefish2_tn.jpg (92283 bytes)      KaledupaIslandNWPointAnemonefishCloseUp_tn.jpg (74327 bytes)      KaledupaIslandNWPointClownfish_tn.jpg (86930 bytes)

    KaledupaIslandNWPointBlueDamsels_tn.jpg (129886 bytes)     KaledupaIslandNWPointBlueSpottedRay_tn.jpg (108711 bytes)     KaledupaIslandNWPointClam_tn.jpg (119206 bytes)     KaledupaIslandNWPointColorfulCrinoids_tn.jpg (99707 bytes)     KaledupaIslandNWPointGiantClam_tn.jpg (131443 bytes)

KaledupaIslandNWPointBlackTippedGrouper_tn.jpg (100114 bytes)     KaledupaIslandNWPointBlackTippedGrouper2_tn.jpg (102578 bytes)     KaledupaIslandNWPointScorpionfish_tn.jpg (113625 bytes)     KaledupaIslandNWPointHammerCoral_tn.jpg (111129 bytes)     KaledupaIslandNWPointHermitCrab_tn.jpg (120933 bytes)     KaledupaIslandNWPointLionfish_tn.jpg (114373 bytes)

KaledupaIslandNWPointLizardfish_tn.jpg (98094 bytes)     KaledupaIslandNWPointYaeyamaBlenny_tn.jpg (115085 bytes)     KaledupaIslandNWPointPinkTailedTriggerfish_tn.jpg (135350 bytes)     KaledupaIslandNWPointScorpoinfishOnCoralCloseUp_tn.jpg (72673 bytes)     KaledupaIslandNWPointScorpionfishOnCoral_tn.jpg (85880 bytes)

Dive #27 Site - Dunia Baru Night Dive

This night dive location was just down a ways from the Wakatobi Resort.  Sam led the dive and he and Brom had a bit of 'discussion' on where to drop in.  We swam against current for an hour with a max depth of 64 feet.  We arrived at the actual dive site just as we ended the dive.  Bill didn't take the camera on this dive but we did see many odd new things.  A very large PluraBranch about the size of a dinner plate oozed along the reef.  There were lots of Flatworms and large Shelled Mollusks.  Saw a big Lobster and several tiny Salon Shrimp.  The water was filled with strings of Salp and Jellyfish.  Saw a big Spadefish and a small Reef Squid that inked under the glare of the flashlights and ran off.  Though it was a work out to swim against the current for an hour, we saw some of the most unusual critters yet.


September 6th,  Thursday - Wakatobi Area near the Resort

Dive #28 Site - Blade

 Blade is a series of small sea mounts that supposedly resemble the blade of a serrated knife, hence the name of the site.   We did a 1 hour and 12 minute dive with a max depth of 83 feet.  The seamounts slope off into deep water and are of varying heights, covered in Sea Fans, Coral, Sponges and Anemones.  There were many schools of Fusiliers, some Parrotfish, Moorish Idols, Longnose Butterflyfish, a very big Bumphead Parrotfish and some big Angels.  Saw a lot of Nudibranchs.  Sam found three tiny Pigmy Seahorses on a fan and the big draw at Blade is the Painted Frogfish on the middle sea mount right next to a big Anemone.

BladeADiveSiteBoard_tn.jpg (54068 bytes)

    BladeBrigitteOnTheReef_tn.jpg (69713 bytes)    BladeBlackAndWhiteSnapperOnTheReef_tn.jpg (66602 bytes)    BladeOrientalWrasse_tn.jpg (98576 bytes)    BladeBluespottedHindInASponge_tn.jpg (96857 bytes)    BladeClownfishWithAnemone_tn.jpg (108031 bytes)    BladeCoralBlob_tn.jpg (90301 bytes)    BladeCoralHind_tn.jpg (89811 bytes)

BladeCrownOfThorns_tn.jpg (109811 bytes)   BladeDeepBodiedandBlueStreakFusiliers_tn.jpg (95632 bytes)   BladePairOfDoridNudibranchs_tn.jpg (99056 bytes)   BladeDoridNudibranch_tn.jpg (113113 bytes)   BladeMoorishIdol_tn.jpg (87935 bytes)   BladeMoorishIdolFace_tn.jpg (76727 bytes)   BladePairOfCoralHinds_tn.jpg (106998 bytes)

BladeChainedSalpTunicates_tn.jpg (47607 bytes)     BladeTopOfTheReef_tn.jpg (115471 bytes)     BladeFusiliersAtTopOfTheReef_tn.jpg (90613 bytes)     BladeSamAtTopOfReef_tn.jpg (97109 bytes)     BladeTerrieBehindSeaFan_tn.jpg (99049 bytes)     BladeSchoolOfFusiliers_tn.jpg (51618 bytes)     

BladeTableCoralReefTop_tn.jpg (104109 bytes)     BladePigmySeahorseOnFan_tn.jpg (106942 bytes)     BladeWhiteMarginedGrouperWithEvilEyes_tn.jpg (75441 bytes)     BladeSpongeOnReefTop_tn.jpg (61185 bytes)     BladeFishSchool_tn.jpg (47108 bytes)

BladePaintedFrogfishPaparazzi_tn.jpg (77209 bytes)     BladePaintedFrogfishPaparazzi2_tn.jpg (80778 bytes)     BladePaintedFrogfishPaparazzi3_tn.jpg (67846 bytes)

Here is the Frogfish (mouse over to find)

Dive #29 Site - Wakatobi House Reef (Tanjung Patok)

For the last dive from the Pelagian everyone wanted to dive the House Reef at the Resort.  We were the only passengers staying on at the resort and even though we would have many more opportunities we were as keen to dive this reef as everyone else.  Turned out to be an adventuresome decision.  The dive lasted 1 hour and 13 minutes and the max depth was 77 feet.  There was a ripping current and we were doing well just to see anything while moving that fast.  By turning our back to the current and finning we could stay still long enough to get a look as long as we hugged the reef.  Saw a Cuttlefish right away along with several Scorpionfish, a hermit crab and at least four large Turtles.  There were large Parrotfish and Angels.  While Bill was taking a picture of a Crocodile fish I bent to pull up my fin strap and the current caught me.  I went flying along the wall with Sam right in front of me.  We hugged a corner and looked around to find we were the only ones around.  After a minute Brigitte showed up and motioned for me to buddy up with Sam while she went to check everyone else out.  Bill surfaced after he turned around to find me gone and then came back down and flew down the reef to the second gully where Sam and I were hanging out with some Turtles and Nudibranchs waiting for everyone to show up.  Apparently the rest of the group flew on past the gully and were quite a ways out away from the reef.  That strong of current was a bit frightening at first but once Bill showed up we spent quite a bit of time checking out all that the gully had to offer, from Sea Snakes to Fireworms.  It was quite an introduction to the House Reef.

TomiaIslandFromTheBow_tn.jpg (66156 bytes)

WakatobiHouseReefEmperorAngelfish_tn.jpg (79294 bytes)     WakatobiHouseReefEmperorAngelfishCloseUp_tn.jpg (95215 bytes)     WakatobiHouseReefMoustacheTriggerfish_tn.jpg (81262 bytes)     WakatobiHouseReefCuttlefish_tn.jpg (138164 bytes)     WakatobiHouseReefHarlequinSweetlips_tn.jpg (79825 bytes)

Dive #30 Site - Wakatobi House Reef (Again-this time with Alex)

It was the last day for the Pelagian group and most were done diving.  Since we weren't flying we decided to go dive the house reef again.  The Wakatobi dive master, Alex, was so happy to get his new regulators that we had brought in our checked luggage that he was happy to guide us through another dive on the house reef later that afternoon.  What a difference a few hours can make.  We made a 1 hour and 15 minute dive with a max depth of 52 feet and there was virtually NO current.  There was so much to see we only made it half way down the reef and exited the water at the jetty.  We saw several Pigmy Seahorses, big Stonefish, couple of Scorpionfish, Crocodile fish and lots and lots of Nudibranchs in many different colors.  We watched a big Grouper getting his teeth cleaned and Alex pointed out tiny, tiny Crinoid Squat Lobsters every few feet.  There were Bumphead Parrotfish, Fusiliers, Lionfish and Turtles.  Alex pointed out the 'disco clam' with all its flashing lights and just as we were exiting a pregnant Pipefish.  A beautiful dive.

WakatobiReefAfternoonCheckOutTerrie_tn.jpg (84139 bytes)  WakatobiReefAfternoonDiveBoats_tn.jpg (87741 bytes) 

WakatobiReefAfternoonAlexThrowingCrownOfThornsOffReef_tn.jpg (69170 bytes)    wakatobiReefAfternoonBlueLinedCoralGrouper_tn.jpg (100973 bytes)    WakatobiReefAfternoonBigGrouper_tn.jpg (72170 bytes)     WakatobiReefAfternoonBlackAndWhiteSnapper_tn.jpg (81763 bytes)    WakatobiReefAfternoonBlueSpottedRay_tn.jpg (110150 bytes)    WakatobiReefAfternoonBlueSpottedRayCloseUp_tn.jpg (97528 bytes)    WakatobiReefAfternoonCheckeredSnapperAndMoorishIdol_tn.jpg (115448 bytes)

WakatobiReefAfternoonCoralHind_tn.jpg (85942 bytes)   WakatobiReefAfternoonCoralHind2_tn.jpg (105642 bytes)   WakatobiReefAfternoonCleaningStation_tn.jpg (85173 bytes)   WakatobiReefAfternoonCrocodilefish_tn.jpg (93154 bytes)   WakatobiReefAfternoonCrinoidWithCrabs_tn.jpg (99209 bytes)   WakatobiReefAfternoonLionfish_tn.jpg (113721 bytes)   WakatobiReefAfternoonDemoiselleAndFingerCoral_tn.jpg (98921 bytes)

WakatobiReefAfternoonNudibranch_tn.jpg (110864 bytes)    WakatobiReefAfternoonYellowbackedFusilier_tn.jpg (89389 bytes)    WakatobiReefAfternoonDoridNudibranch_tn.jpg (119930 bytes)    WakatobiReefAfternoonFlatworm_tn.jpg (109061 bytes)    WakatobiReefAfternoonHiddenScorpionfish_tn.jpg (112062 bytes)    WakatobiReefAfternoonPregnantPipefish_tn.jpg (80458 bytes)    WakatobiReefAfternoonPregnantPipefish2_tn.jpg (70951 bytes)

WakatobiReefAfternoonRedBandedWrasse_tn.jpg (77400 bytes)    WakatobiReefAfternoonScrawledFilefish_tn.jpg (106733 bytes)    WakatobiReefAfternoonMoreDoridNudibranch_tn.jpg (115725 bytes)    WakatobiReefAfternoonTurtle_tn.jpg (124974 bytes)    WakatobiReefAfternoonTurtle2_tn.jpg (105738 bytes)

Can you find the Scorpionfish?  (Mouse over to find)


And so we say good-by to our Pelagian friends

Sam and Brigitte

WakatobiDiningRoomSamAndBrigitte_tn.jpg (69348 bytes)

Rex and Katy

WakatobiDiningRoomRexAndKaty_tn.jpg (72110 bytes)

Vladimir and the 'girls' Vasilya, Ekaterina and Irina

WakatobiDiningRoomVladimir_tn_tn.jpg (77529 bytes)     WakatobiResortOurRussianPelagianCompanions_tn_tn.jpg (73220 bytes)


And now for another week of diving at Wakatobi......