Wakatobi Photos

August/September 2007


Wakatobi the Resort

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WakatobiResortFromTheBoat_tn.jpg (81159 bytes)    WakatobiResortCliffVilla2View_tn.jpg (95197 bytes)    WakatobiResortCliffVilla2ViewFromDeck_tn.jpg (93093 bytes)    WakatobiResortFromTheWater_tn.jpg (82413 bytes)  

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September 7th,  Friday

Dive #31 Site - Wakatobi House Reef - Taxi boat dive

After getting settled into the resort we decided to take advantage of the taxi boats and do an unguided dive of the house reef this afternoon.  Since this was a transfer day for the resort and people would be coming in at different times there was no planned diving until Saturday morning.  We did a nice 1 hour and 7 minute dive to a max depth of 50 feet.  We saw the apparently regular school of 15 huge Bumphead Parrotfish that frequent the reef.  There were some Crocodile Longtom Needlefish at the surface, a big fat greenish brown Moray Eel and another Blue Spotted Ray.  Saw three large light blue Pufferfish, lots of Triggerfish and schools of Fusiliers.  There were some big Snappers, Groupers and Jacks or Trivallys hanging about as well as a couple large Turtles.  One Turtle was tearing into some sponge for quite some time, just ripping it out in chunks, having lunch.

The dive staff met us on shore at the second gully and took our tanks making an easy stroll back to the gear locker.

WakatobiHouseReefLookingUpAtTheDock_tn.jpg (51289 bytes)

WakatobiHouseReefBigBumpheadParrotfish_tn.jpg (86403 bytes)    WakatobiHouseReefBigBumpheadParrotfish2_tn.jpg (89512 bytes)    WakatobiHouseReefBigBumpheadParrotfishGroup_tn.jpg (77298 bytes)    WakatobiHouseReefBlacktipGrouper_tn.jpg (94256 bytes)    WakatobiHouseReefBlueSpottedRay_tn.jpg (100377 bytes)    WakatobiHouseReefBigTurtle_tn.jpg (130010 bytes)    WakatobiHouseReefBigEyeEmperor_tn.jpg (76244 bytes)

WakatobiHouseReefDoridNudibranch_tn.jpg (86403 bytes)     WakatobiHouseReefClownTriggerfish_tn.jpg (96878 bytes)     WakatobiHouseReefBlueStripedBlenny_tn.jpg (95375 bytes)    WakatobiHouseReefCrocodileLongtomNearTheSurface_tn.jpg (36925 bytes)     WakatobiHouseReefDwarfHawkfish_tn.jpg (104875 bytes)     WakatobiHouseReefEmperor_tn.jpg (102373 bytes)     WakatobiHouseReefTrumpetfish_tn.jpg (90691 bytes)

WakatobiHouseReefLongnoseButterflyfish_tn.jpg (105381 bytes)     WakatobiHouseReefSixSpotGrouper_tn.jpg (91572 bytes)     WakatobiHouseReefGiantMoray_tn.jpg (114983 bytes)    WakatobiHouseReefGiantMoray2_tn.jpg (109776 bytes)    WakatobiHouseReefSoftCorals_tn.jpg (96835 bytes)


September 8th,  Saturday

WakatobiDiveBoardSaturdaySchedule_tn.jpg (77359 bytes)

Dive #32 Site - Table Coral City  (Pinnacle)

This was the check out dive for people just arriving.  Since we'd already been diving we went on ahead of the group and did a 1 hour and 10 minute dive with a max depth of 79 feet.  Saw a big Scorpionfish, lots of Butterflyfish and Angelfish.  A BlueSpotted Ray, some Bumphead Parrotfish and schools of Fusiliers were about.  Roel pointed out some Fire Dartfish.  The Pinnacle was covered in some nice big Cabbage Coral and a lot of Staghorn Coral full of juveniles.

  TableCoralCityBigBumpheadParrotfish2_tn.jpg (90201 bytes)    TableCoralCityCabbageCoral_tn.jpg (106882 bytes)    TableCoralCityMoorishIdolAndBehnsDamsel_tn.jpg (88207 bytes)    TableCoralCityDamselsOnTheReef_tn.jpg (133023 bytes)    TableCoralCityFireDartfishAndCanaryWrasse_tn.jpg (117994 bytes)  

 TableCoralCityScorpionfish_tn.jpg (109221 bytes)      TableCoralCityWeirdGrowth_tn.jpg (119587 bytes)     TableCoralCityBigBumpheadParrotfish_tn.jpg (82041 bytes)

Dive #33 Site - Tanjung Patok (Wakatobi House Reef)

Did an hour and 10 minute dive with a max depth of 69 feet.  Saw a big FAT BlueSpotted Pufferfish, several Nudibranchs, a Turtle, some other Pufferfish and schools of Anthias and Fusiliers.  Also Crocodile fish, Scorpionfish and some Blackfin Dartfish.  Saw a group of Lined Rabbitfish and a small hairy Orangutan Crab.  Most unique thing was a little white Pigmy Seahorse free-swimming around in a little opening. 

TanjungPatokDiveBoard_tn.jpg (58487 bytes)  TanjungPatokDiveBoardDrawing_tn.jpg (72135 bytes) 

TanjungPatokAntonAndDivers_tn.jpg (85687 bytes)      TanjungPatokBlueSpottedPufferEating_tn.jpg (93359 bytes)      TanjungPatokBlackfinDartfish_tn.jpg (135093 bytes)      TanjungPatokGiantClam_tn.jpg (86933 bytes)      TanjungPatokBlueSpottedPuffer_tn.jpg (108837 bytes)

TanjungPatokCrocodilefish_tn.jpg (112312 bytes)     TanjungPatokCrocodilefishCloseUp_tn.jpg (113161 bytes)     TanjungPatokCrocodilefishFace_tn.jpg (129820 bytes)     TanjungPatokLinedRabbitfish_tn.jpg (101852 bytes)     TanjungPatokLinedRabbitfishPair_tn.jpg (76622 bytes)     TanjungPatokPairOfDoridNudibranchs_tn.jpg (164429 bytes)     TanjungPatokSeaCucumber_tn.jpg (130692 bytes)

TanjungPatokSingularBannerfish_tn.jpg (77887 bytes)    TanjungPatokWhitelinedGrouper_tn.jpg (114515 bytes)    TanjungPatokWhitespottedPuffer_tn.jpg (68564 bytes)    TanjungPatokOrangutangCrabInBubbleCoral_tn.jpg (90650 bytes)    TanjungPatokOrangutangCrab_tn.jpg (86636 bytes)

Mouse over to highlight the Nudibranch in the picture below.

Dive #34 Teluk Maya

This was  a unique site with a reef and a flat sandy muck diving area allowing for a variety of life on one dive.  We dove for 1 hour and 4 minutes with a max depth of 76 feet.  Saw a HUGE orange Frogfish, several Sea Moths, tiny black Frogfish, a Smashing Mantis Shrimp, Pipefish, Scorpionfish, Pigmy Cuttlefish and Anton pointed out tiny wormy things living on the back of a Stonefish.

TelukMayaDiveBoard_tn.jpg (63363 bytes)

TelukMayaAntonFindsAKnife_tn.jpg (41261 bytes)   TelukMayaAntonFindsAKnife1_tn.jpg (44410 bytes)   TelukMayaSeaMoths2_tn.jpg (102122 bytes)   TelukMayaGiantFrogfish_tn.jpg (89268 bytes)   TelukMayaGiantFrogfish2_tn.jpg (68690 bytes)   TelukMayaPigmyCuttlefish_tn.jpg (131771 bytes)   TelukMayaPipefish_tn.jpg (86644 bytes) 

TelukMayaSeaMothCloseUp_tn.jpg (112880 bytes)    TelukMayaScorpionfish2_tn.jpg (136574 bytes)    TelukMayaSeaMoths_tn.jpg (111749 bytes)    TelukMayaSmasherMantisShrimp_tn.jpg (73623 bytes)    TelukMayaTinyBlackFrogfish_tn.jpg (86518 bytes)    TelukMayaAntonStudiesAStonefish_tn.jpg (122060 bytes)


September 9th,  Sunday

WakatobiDiveBoardSundaySchedule_tn.jpg (74628 bytes)

Dive #35 - Blade

This would be our second dive at this site and on this hour long dive with a max depth of 89 feet we saw the same characters as before.  The Painted Frogfish was still there next to his friends the Anemonefish.  Bill found two of the Pigmy Seahorses that Anton couldn't find.  Also present were schools of Fusiliers, Nudibranchs, a big Bumphead Parrotfish, Butterflyfish, Jellyfish, Tunicates, pretty Coral and a tiny baby striped Angelfish.

Blade2DiveBriefingBoard_tn.jpg (66586 bytes)     Blade2DiveBriefingByRoel_tn.jpg (70862 bytes)

Blade2BlackspottedPuffer_tn.jpg (77198 bytes)   Blade2DoridNudibranch_tn.jpg (98193 bytes)   Blade2MoreDoridNudibranchs_tn.jpg (102577 bytes)    Blade2PigmySeahorsesOnFan_tn.jpg (73172 bytes)    Blade2SeaCucumber_tn.jpg (109874 bytes)   Blade2SeaCucumberFace_tn.jpg (64213 bytes)   Blade2SeaStarFromianodosa_tn.jpg (110288 bytes) 

Blade2Reeftop_tn.jpg (117042 bytes)    Blade2TerrieAndTopOfReef_tn.jpg (76474 bytes)    Blade2ResidentClownfish_tn.jpg (107438 bytes)    Blade2TerrieGoesOverReeftop_tn.jpg (74910 bytes)    Blade2ReeftopBeauty_tn.jpg (121513 bytes)

And here is the friendly Painted Frogfish again.  (Mouse over to find him)

Dive #36 Site - Magnifica

This dive was 1 hour and 13 minutes with a max depth of 65 feet.  Both dive groups from the boat ended up all bunched up (normally one group goes in and the other group waits a bit so the groups stay separated=fewer divers trying to look at the same stuff).  Having 14 divers and two dive masters all together made this dive less enjoyable.  Still managed to see a big Lobster, a Black Spotted Puffer, some Nudibranchs, a Coral Hind hiding in a barrel sponge, pretty Coral, Tunicates and a really nice Scorpionfish in the shallows.

MagnificaAnthiasOnTheReef_tn.jpg (134335 bytes)    MagnificaCoralHindInABarrelSponge_tn.jpg (98329 bytes)    MagnificaGiantClam_tn.jpg (140987 bytes)    MagnificaBlackSpottedPuffer_tn.jpg (128936 bytes)    MagnificaFingerCoral_tn.jpg (90353 bytes)

MagnificaSoftCorals_tn.jpg (99117 bytes)    MagnificaTunicates_tn.jpg (94235 bytes)    MagnificaDoridNudibranchOnFingerCoral_tn.jpg (73923 bytes)    MagnificaScorpionfish_tn.jpg (114356 bytes)    MagnificaHidingAnemonefish_tn.jpg (142076 bytes)    MagnificaLargeAnemoneWithAnemonefish_tn.jpg (153131 bytes)    MagnificaReeftop_tn.jpg (126871 bytes)

Dive #37 Site - Teluk Maya Night Dive

Went back to Teluk Maya for our boat group night dive.  Dove for 1 hour and 3 minutes with a max depth of 67 feet.  Saw some of the same critters like the Sea Moths, big Scorpionfish, some Lionfish.  This dive site is very sandy and unfortunately not everyone in the group stayed off the bottom so a lot of stirred up sand disturbing the sea life made the dive a bit disappointing.

TelukMayaNightAntonGivesDivePlan_tn.jpg (71712 bytes)

TelukMayaNightBigSeaCucumber_tn.jpg (111448 bytes)    TelukMayaNightClam_tn.jpg (119010 bytes)    TelukMayaNightBumpheadParrotfishMaybe_tn.jpg (85248 bytes)    TelukMayaNightHermitCrab_tn.jpg (78317 bytes)    TelukMayaNightParrotfishOrWrasse_tn.jpg (88387 bytes)    TelukMayaNightPennantBannerfish_tn.jpg (141246 bytes)    TelukMayaNightLionfish_tn.jpg (93845 bytes)

TelukMayaNightSeaPearls_tn.jpg (78241 bytes)     TelukMayaNightPairOfLionfish_tn.jpg (106127 bytes)     TelukMayaNightSleepingParrotfish_tn.jpg (111806 bytes)     TelukMayaNightStarfishBuddies_tn.jpg (113734 bytes)


September 10th,  Monday

WakatobiDiveBoardMondaySchedule_tn.jpg (75720 bytes)

Dive #38 Site - Pastel

For this morning dive we had a bottom time of 1 hour and 7 minutes with a max depth of 75 feet.  Saw a very large purple Cuttlefish right away.  Some Randalls Prawn Gobi's with their Shrimp, Angelfish, Scorpionfish, Bicolor Parrotfish, Bannerfish, Anthias, a Bird Wrasse and some Trivally.  The best part by far was the school of large Circular Spadefish that swam along with us for quite some time.  So close you could see the Isopods on their faces.  Nice wall dive.

PastelDiveBreifingMap_tn.jpg (84181 bytes)

PastelDoridNudibranchNotodorisminor_tn.jpg (107767 bytes)   PastelAnthiasOnTheReef_tn.jpg (108324 bytes)   PastelFemaleBirdWrasse_tn.jpg (81357 bytes)   PastelDMAntonHeadlessWaitingForDivers_tn.jpg (77608 bytes)   PastelMoorishIdol_tn.jpg (81006 bytes)   PastelPinktailTriggerfish_tn.jpg (111094 bytes)   PastelReefAndFish_tn.jpg (98552 bytes)

PastelCuttlefish_tn.jpg (101657 bytes)     PastelCuttlefishFace_tn.jpg (90609 bytes)     PastelCuttlefishSide_tn.jpg (106146 bytes)

PastelReefCoralAndFish_tn.jpg (116141 bytes)   PastelScorpionfish_tn.jpg (93595 bytes)   PastelRandallsPrawnGobi_tn.jpg (83586 bytes)   PastelSeaRodOnTheReef_tn.jpg (115718 bytes)   PastelTrivally_tn.jpg (85343 bytes)

PastelCircularSpadefishAndDivers_tn.jpg (58516 bytes)    PastelCircularSpadefish_tn.jpg (46479 bytes)    PastelCircularSpadefishSchool2_tn.jpg (60942 bytes)    PastelCircularSpadefishWithIsopods_tn.jpg (71121 bytes)    PastelCircularSpadefishSchool_tn.jpg (67477 bytes)

Dive #39 Site - Turkey Beach

Nice dive for 1 hour and 10 minutes with a 71 foot max depth.  This is off the South side of Wakatobi and is a very nice sloping wall with lots of pretty coral.  Saw several Crocodilefish, some Fire Dartfish, a Hermit Crab, some big Nudibranchs, Puffers, Snappers, Flatworms, a Clown Triggerfish and schools of Triggers and Pyramid Butterflyfish.

TurkeyBeachAntonGivesDiveBreifing_tn.jpg (80697 bytes)

TurkeyBeachClownTriggerfish_tn.jpg (108398 bytes)   TurkeyBeachAnemoneAndAnemonefish_tn.jpg (157373 bytes)   TurkeyBeachJuvenileBicolorParrotfish2_tn.jpg (112294 bytes)   TurkeyBeachBlackspottedPuffer_tn.jpg (92835 bytes)   TurkeyBeachBumpheadParrotfish_tn.jpg (96082 bytes)   TurkeyBeachClam_tn.jpg (115855 bytes)   TurkeyBeachCheckeredSnapper_tn.jpg (107312 bytes)

TurkeyBeachSeaCucumber_tn.jpg (141477 bytes)    TurkeyBeachDoridNudibranch_tn.jpg (104770 bytes)    TurkeyBeachFlatworm_tn.jpg (98214 bytes)   TurkeyBeachCrocodilefish_tn.jpg (114388 bytes)   TurkeyBeachPairOfFireDartfish_tn.jpg (101872 bytes)    TurkeyBeachPairOfFireDartfishKissing_tn.jpg (104158 bytes)    TurkeyBeachVioletSoldierfishSargentMajorAndDascyllus_tn.jpg (122471 bytes)

TurkeyBeachFalseClownAnemonefish_tn.jpg (96117 bytes)    TurkeyBeachFalseClownAnemonefishFace_tn.jpg (72447 bytes)    TurkeyBeachFalseClownAnemonefish2_tn.jpg (108473 bytes)

  TurkeyBeachReef_tn.jpg (82461 bytes)   TurkeyBeachReefAndFish_tn.jpg (116970 bytes)   TurkeyBeachPairOfFalseEyedTobies_tn.jpg (76853 bytes)   TurkeyBeachSchoolOfPyramidButterflyfishAndCoupleMoorishIdols_tn.jpg (116514 bytes)   TurkeyBeachPinkAnemonefish_tn.jpg (104771 bytes)   TurkeyBeachSchoolOfTriggerfish_tn.jpg (88851 bytes)   TurkeyBeachTerrieOverReef_tn.jpg (84223 bytes)

Mouse over to find the pair of Crocodilefish below


Dive #40 - Cornucopia

This hour and 12 minute dive had a max depth of 71 feet.  Cornucopia is billed as a Nudibranch site and we saw several different kinds as well as an Orangutan Crab in an Anemone, some Anemonefish, Squirrelfish, Blennies and Gobis.  Also saw a Giant Map Pufferfish and a small Scorpionfish.

CornucopiaDiveBoard_tn.jpg (74587 bytes)  CornucopiaDiveBoatBillAndTerrie_tn.jpg (63020 bytes)

CornucopiaBloodspotSquirrelfish_tn.jpg (114257 bytes)     CornucopiaDoridNudibranch_tn.jpg (96675 bytes)     CornucopiaDoridNudibranchDifferentOne_tn.jpg (97328 bytes)     CornucopiaPictusBlenny_tn.jpg (127473 bytes)     CornucopiaNudibranch_tn.jpg (102499 bytes)

CornucopiaOrangutangCrab2_tn.jpg (87940 bytes)      CornucopiaOrangutangCrab_tn.jpg (89936 bytes)      CornucopiaOrangutangCrab3_tn.jpg (83793 bytes)

CornucopiaPinkAnemonefishAndAnemone_tn.jpg (116754 bytes)    CornucopiaPictusBlenny2_tn.jpg (100879 bytes)    CornucopiaRandallsPrawnGobi2_tn.jpg (110050 bytes)    CornucopiaYellowTailWrasse_tn.jpg (101883 bytes)    CornucopiaRandallsPrawnGobi_tn.jpg (98903 bytes)

CornucopiaSkunkAnemonefishAndDamsel_tn.jpg (100746 bytes)    CornucopiaSkunkAnemonefish_tn.jpg (118407 bytes)    CornucopiaTalbotsDamoiselle_tn.jpg (108549 bytes)    CornucopiaSeaStarOnTheReef_tn.jpg (146606 bytes)    CornucopiaMapPuffer_tn.jpg (121799 bytes)

CornucopiaReefAndFish_tn.jpg (116407 bytes)     CornucopiaWallReef_tn.jpg (65203 bytes)     CornucopiaReefWithBlackDurgons_tn.jpg (109756 bytes)

CornucopiaReefCloseUpAnemone_tn.jpg (88303 bytes)

Dive #41 Site - Wakatobi House Reef Taxi Boat Dusk dive

Bill and I decided to do a dusk dive on the house reef, no camera for this dive.  Taking the taxi boat out to beyond the Villas and diving for 1 hour and 5 minutes with a 41 foot max depth made for a nice relaxing dive.  The current was variable, one minute brisk to nearly nothing the next.  Saw lots of fish life including Bumphead Parrotfish, couple of Crocodilefish, a Blue Spotted Ray, big Scrawled Filefish, couple of Turtles and a Scorpionfish.  Exited at the second gully and had to walk back with all our gear, didn't see a staff person anywhere on the beach.


September 11th,  Tuesday

WakatobiDiveBoardTuesdaySchedule_tn.jpg (73602 bytes)

Dive #42 Site - Lorenzo's Delight

Dove for 1 hour and 13 minutes with a max depth of 68 feet.  There was strong current at depth that lightened up as we came shallower.  The visibility wasn't very good until we got to the shallows.  Saw a Turtle out in the blue, a Blue Spotted Ray hiding under a ledge, tiny Nudibranchs, a big Painted Crayfish and schools of Anthias and Triggerfish.  Saw Fire Dartfish, Damsels and Butterflyfish as well.

LorenzosDelightDiveBriefingBoard_tn.jpg (71553 bytes)

LorenzosDelightAntonFindsSomething_tn.jpg (108726 bytes)   LorenzosDelightFireDartfishCloseUp_tn.jpg (127770 bytes)   LorenzosDelightClarksAnemonefish_tn.jpg (115909 bytes)   LorenzosDelightKliensButterflyfish_tn.jpg (107128 bytes)   LorenzosDelightGoldBellyDamsel_tn.jpg (108127 bytes)   LorenzosDelightGoldBellyDamselFace_tn.jpg (92406 bytes)   LorenzosDelightCoral_tn.jpg (115334 bytes)

LorenzosDelightJuvenileStripedBanquillo_tn.jpg (123969 bytes)   LorenzosDelightNeonDamsel2_tn.jpg (117501 bytes)   LorenzosDelightNeonDamsel_tn.jpg (133489 bytes)   LorenzosDelightNeonDamselsAttack_tn.jpg (147576 bytes)   LorenzosDelightPaintedCrayfish_tn.jpg (122907 bytes)

LorenzosDelightReefScene_tn.jpg (101720 bytes)    LorenzosDelightPinkAnemonefishAndAnemone_tn.jpg (118381 bytes)    LorenzosDelightReef_tn.jpg (77009 bytes)

Dive #43 Site - Trailblazer

Great 1 hour and 13 minute dive with a max depth of 72 feet.  Clear visibility with no current.  Saw a large Cuttlefish, Moray Eel, Nudibranchs, free swimming Crinoid and lots of big Triggerfish.  A Damselfish was laying eggs under a table coral.  spotted a Robust Pipefish, lots of Starfish and the giant Orange Frogfish had moved to this site from Teluk Maya.  There were schools of Fusilers, Damsels, Sergeant Majors and Wrasse.

TrailblazerAntonGivesDiveBriefing_tn.jpg (55700 bytes)      TrailblazerAntonGivesDiveBriefingDetails_tn.jpg (73385 bytes)      TrailblazerTerrieInTheWater_tn.jpg (76041 bytes)

TrailblazerFusiliersAndDamselsonTheReef_tn.jpg (75005 bytes)     TrailblazerCuttlefish2_tn.jpg (115763 bytes)     TrailblazerCuttlefish_tn.jpg (114939 bytes)     TrailblazerCuttlefishFace_tn.jpg (119839 bytes)    TrailblazerReef_tn.jpg (85363 bytes)

TrailblazerCrinoidsOnAFan_tn.jpg (148247 bytes)     TrailblazerReefCoralAndFish_tn.jpg (112880 bytes)     TrailblazerNudibranch_tn.jpg (103101 bytes)     TrailblazerMorayEel_tn.jpg (126753 bytes)     TrailblazerReefAndFish_tn.jpg (87988 bytes)

TrailblazerMoustachedTriggerfish_tn.jpg (69592 bytes)      TrailblazerGiantOrangeFrogfish_tn.jpg (89531 bytes)      TrailblazerGiantOrangeFrogfish2_tn.jpg (84381 bytes)

TrailblazerSeaStarFromianodosa_tn.jpg (137285 bytes)      TrailblazerTerrieOnTheReef_tn.jpg (86461 bytes)      TrailblazerUnknownFish_tn.jpg (116317 bytes)

Dive #44 Site - Kollo Soha  Beach

Had a 1 hour and 11 minute dive here with a max depth of 76 feet.  Anton pointed out a Yellowish/Green Tiny Pigmy Seahorse.  While Bill was taking pictures of a big Crocodilefish I was looking into the blue and an Eagle Ray came by.  The one and only Eagle Ray we (I) saw on this trip.  Saw a baby Boxfish, Fire Dartfish, a Scorpionfish and lots of Nudibranchs.  Of course there were Anthias, Damsels, Anemonefish and Dascyllus on the reef.  We even saw a big Sea Cucumber upright as if reaching for the surface.

KolloSohaDiveBriefingBoard_tn.jpg (66783 bytes)

      KolloSohaPaintedCrayfishFace_tn.jpg (107022 bytes)    KolloSohaSkunkAnemonefishFace_tn.jpg (103353 bytes)    KolloSohaTubeWorm_tn.jpg (88325 bytes)    KolloSohaSkunkAnemonefish_tn.jpg (146107 bytes)    KolloSohaReticulatedDascyllus_tn.jpg (105030 bytes)

KolloSohaCrocodilefish_tn.jpg (88319 bytes)

KolloSohaAnemonefishAndAnemone_tn.jpg (119336 bytes)     KolloSohaSeaCucumberStandingUp_tn.jpg (127489 bytes)     KolloSohaFireDartfish_tn.jpg (128456 bytes)

KolloSohaReef_tn.jpg (98627 bytes)    KolloSohaReefAndFish_tn.jpg (102402 bytes)    KolloSohaTerrieAndReef_tn.jpg (75276 bytes)    KolloSohaReefTop_tn.jpg (105674 bytes)    KolloSohaColorfulReef_tn.jpg (99220 bytes)


September 12,  Wednesday

WakatobiDiveBoardWednesdaySchedule_tn.jpg (71296 bytes)

Dive #45 Site - Spiral Corner

I managed an hour and 13 minute dive here, though Bill had to abort in the first few minutes due to his ears and rode out the time on the boat.  The excitement at this dive site came from David dropping his camera in the first five minutes of the dive.  Both groups from the boat got all mixed up and Anton took a big group on for a dive while David, Michelle, Roel and I kept searching for the camera.  After a while Roel and I went on ahead along the reef in the opposite direction of Antons group while David and Michelle continued to search, eventually giving up and surfacing for the boat.  There were schools of Pufferfish, small clingfish on the bottom of Sea Stars, a Moray Eel, Shrimp Gobi's, tiny yellow Sea Cucumbers and some real Clown Anemonefish in the shallows.  When Roel and I surfaced, the boat was quite a ways away and heading off in the other direction.  Turns out one of the guys on the boat spotted David's camera floating on the surface.  They have some amazing distance sight!  After recovering the camera the boat came back for us. 

SpiralCornerRoelGivesDiveBriefing_tn.jpg (76564 bytes)

SpiralCornerDoridNudibranch_tn.jpg (133314 bytes)     SpiralCornerLittleYellowSeaCucumbers_tn.jpg (114151 bytes)     SpiralCornerMorayEel_tn.jpg (120575 bytes)     SpiralCornerWhiteSpottedPufferFace_tn.jpg (107687 bytes)     SpiralCornerWhiteSpottedPuffers_tn.jpg (73937 bytes)

SpiralCornerRandallsPrawnGobi_tn.jpg (104503 bytes)       SpiralCornerSchoolingPuffers_tn.jpg (55143 bytes)

Dive #46 Site - The Zoo

Bill was able to do this dive but had to stay shallow at the end and went up early because of his ears.  I stayed down for 1 hour and 11 minutes and had a max depth of 66 feet.  Saw a big Aeolid Nudibranch that was white with gold flecks and looked more like a soft coral or an anemone.  We would not have known it was a Nudibranch without the dive masters pointing it out.  There were other Nudibranchs as well as a Black Spotted Pufferfish, some Anemonefish, Flatworms, Jawfish, Spadefish, Parrotfish, Angelfish, Butterflyfish and Sweetlips.  At the end of the dive in the shallows, amongst the Staghorn Coral we found a lot of Pajama Cardinalfish, another first sighting.

TheZooAntonGivesDiveBriefing_tn.jpg (60140 bytes)

TheZooBlackSpottedPufferResting_tn.jpg (120805 bytes)    TheZooBlackSpottedPufferFaceCloseUp_tn.jpg (120158 bytes)    TheZooGiantAeolidNudibranch2_tn.jpg (122561 bytes)    TheZooGiantAeolidNudibranch_tn.jpg (100873 bytes)    TheZooCrabOrParasite_tn.jpg (95690 bytes)
TheZooPinstripedWrasse_tn.jpg (114612 bytes)    TheZooEmptyLobsterShell_tn.jpg (117130 bytes)    TheZooGiantBlueClam_tn.jpg (131561 bytes)    TheZooOrangeSeaStar_tn.jpg (106721 bytes)    TheZooDoridNudibranch_tn.jpg (95753 bytes)    TheZooZigZaggedWrasse_tn.jpg (101513 bytes)

TheZooGiantClam_tn.jpg (121067 bytes)     TheZooFlatworm_tn.jpg (135865 bytes)     TheZooJawfish_tn.jpg (117566 bytes)     TheZooPinnateSpadefish_tn.jpg (117053 bytes)     TheZooThreePinnateSpadefish_tn.jpg (132141 bytes)

TheZooSpotbandedButterflyfishAndRegalAngelfish_tn.jpg (144506 bytes)    TheZooReefAndFish_tn.jpg (111505 bytes)    TheZooReefGrowth_tn.jpg (91002 bytes)    TheZooSpottedSweetlips_tn.jpg (120642 bytes)    TheZooParrotfishOnTheReef_tn.jpg (117173 bytes)

TheZooPajamaCardinalfish_tn.jpg (105231 bytes)     TheZooPajamaCardinalfish2_tn.jpg (91557 bytes)     TheZooPajamaCardinalfish3_tn.jpg (80251 bytes)

Dive #47 Site - Treasure Chest

Bill decided his ears dictated he was through diving so I took the camera and took a few pictures.  Dove for 1 hour and 10 minutes with a max depth of 76 feet.  This site was a sloping wall with a flat sandy area with lots of coral rubble.  Saw some Pigmy Seahorses, several Nudibranchs, some Bumphead Parrotfish and Green Parrotfish.  There was a lot of fish life, schools of Fusiliers, Longnose Butterflyfish, Damselfish, Pink Tailed Triggerfish and others.

TreasureChestDiveBriefingBoard_tn.jpg (89000 bytes)

TreasureChestFusiliersTriggersAndTableCoral_tn.jpg (93068 bytes)     TreasureChestDoridNudibranch_tn.jpg (117400 bytes)     TreasureChestPacificDoubleSaddleButterflyfish_tn.jpg (119633 bytes)     TreasureChestTwoEyedCoralfish_tn.jpg (122534 bytes)     TreasureChestSchoolOfFusiliers_tn.jpg (104363 bytes)


September 13th,  Thursday

Dive #48 Site - Dunia Baru

Got another chance to dive Dunia Baru, the site that we tried to do as a night dive with Sam and missed most of the site.  This time we dropped in at the giant Cabbage Coral that marks the location and did a 1 hour 13 minute dive with a 73 feet max depth.  Bill didn't dive today so I hung out with the group and took the camera for a few shots.  At the beginning of the dive Anton had some issues with his first stage and after messing with it underwater for awhile he headed up, changed it out and came back down.  The current was rather brisk along the wall but leveled off to a light surge when we turned the corner.  Saw some Snappers, some Bigeyes, and a juvenile Pinnate Spadefish on the wall.  A nice fat free swimming Moray, some Nudibranchs, juvenile Yellowtail Coris, Anemonefish and both a white and green Leaf Scorpionfish in the surgey more shallow area.

DuniaBaruDiveBriefingBoard_tn.jpg (82146 bytes)

DuniaBaruTheWakatobiVIFromTheWater_tn.jpg (93003 bytes)     DuniaBaruAntonHasRegulatorIssues_tn.jpg (70118 bytes)     DuniaBaruAntonHeadsBackUpForRepairs_tn.jpg (46239 bytes)

DuniaBaruGiantCabbageCoral2_tn.jpg (84351 bytes)    DuniaBaruSkunkAnemonefish_tn.jpg (136889 bytes)    DuniaBaruGiantCabbageCoral_tn.jpg (75550 bytes)

DuniaBaruCrescentTailBigEye_tn.jpg (114391 bytes)    DuniaBaruBlackAndWhiteSnapperAndABigEye_tn.jpg (67931 bytes)    DuniaBaruJuvenileAnemonefish_tn.jpg (111075 bytes)    DuniaBaruJuvenilePinnateSpadefish_tn.jpg (76219 bytes)    DuniaBaruJuvenileYellowtailCoris_tn.jpg (119640 bytes)    DuniaBaruDoridNudibranch_tn.jpg (126198 bytes)

DuniaBaruMorayEel_tn.jpg (109779 bytes)    DuniaBaruParrotfish_tn.jpg (109745 bytes)    DuniaBaruMorayEel2_tn.jpg (89577 bytes)

DuniaBaruGreenLeafScorpionfish_tn.jpg (102699 bytes)     DuniaBaruGreenLeafScorpionfishCloseUp_tn.jpg (129907 bytes)     DuniaBarugreenLeafScorpionfish2_tn.jpg (122416 bytes)

Dive #49 Site - Teluk Maya

For the last dive of the trip the group voted to go back to Teluk Maya.  I did a 1 hour and 18 minute dive here with a max depth of 72 feet.  Since Bill didn't dive I mostly hung around either Anton or Michelle.  At the end of the dive Anton left Michelle and I as the only two divers that still had plenty of air.  Its the last dive, you never want it to end.  There was a lot of surge at the site so it was a bit different than before.  Saw a big Cuttlefish and the little Pigmy one was there too.  The Sea Moths were present as well as some Scorpionfish, some Flatworms and a nice Flounder took time to pose for me.  There were quite a few Spadefish, some Anemonefish and Garden Eels that I didn't see before.

TelukMayaPigmyCuttlefish2_tn.jpg (128521 bytes)     TelukMaya2PigmyCuttlefish_tn.jpg (129286 bytes)     TelukMayaSpottedGardenEelsCloseUp_tn.jpg (75367 bytes)     TelukMayaCuttlefish_tn.jpg (137258 bytes)     TelukMayaCuttlefish2_tn.jpg (109327 bytes)

TelukMayaPairOfSeaMoths_tn.jpg (114856 bytes)     TelukMayaAnemonefishInASnowstorm_tn.jpg (84024 bytes)     TelukMayaFlatworm.jpg (185609 bytes)     TelukMayaSeaStarHiding_tn.jpg (95692 bytes)

TelukMayaSeaCucumber_tn.jpg (71569 bytes)     TelukMayaPinnateSpadefish_tn.jpg (94605 bytes)     TelukMayaPinnateSpadefish2_tn.jpg (88372 bytes)     TelukMayaFlounderFace_tn.jpg (92816 bytes)     TelukMayaScorpionfish_tn.jpg (149985 bytes)


My dives for the trip came to 47 and Bills came to 46 counting the one he aborted in the first five minutes.  Not bad for a very relaxing trip crossing lots of water.  The afternoon was spent drying equipment, gathering everything back up and packing.  With bags ready to go and set out to be picked up we spent the last evening at the Jetty bar visiting, saying preliminary good-byes and enjoying the evening.  The Pelagian crew were back so it was nice to see Sam and Brigitte again before we left.

September 14th,  Friday

The next day, after settling up with the Wakatobi folks and saying our final good-byes we headed by boat and van to the Wakatobi Airstrip on Tomia Island for our flight back to Bali.  Once in Bali we were heading off directly to Jakarta, Seoul and then on to DFW and home.  It was a wonderful trip, a wonderful place and we made a lot of new friends.  If you have to have birthdays this is a great way to celebrate them.

HomewardBoundBoatsOnTheHorizon_tn.jpg (68946 bytes)    HomewardBoundTerrie_tn.jpg (85705 bytes)    HomewardBoundIsleOfTomia_tn.jpg (75201 bytes)    

HomewardBoundTomiaScenery_tn.jpg (123681 bytes)     HomewardBoundTrekToTheCarPark_tn.jpg (150294 bytes)     HomewardBoundTrekToTheCarParkStairs_tn.jpg (109515 bytes)    HomewardCarToTheAirport_tn.jpg (133209 bytes)  

 HomewardCarToTheAirportDavid_tn.jpg (64308 bytes)     HomewardCarToTheAirportScenery_tn.jpg (131723 bytes)     HomewardCarToTheAirportStreets_tn.jpg (84700 bytes)     HomewardCarToTheAirportScenery2_tn.jpg (99487 bytes)     HomewardCarsToTheAirport_tn.jpg (78322 bytes)

  HomewardWakatobiAirStripDePlane_tn.jpg (73210 bytes)      HomewardWakatobiAirStrip_tn.jpg (88339 bytes)      HomewardWakatobiAirStripRunway_tn.jpg (83969 bytes)

HomewardWakatobiAirStripFuelStorage_tn.jpg (90814 bytes)    HomewardWakatobiAirStripDePlaneCloser_tn.jpg (102966 bytes)    HomewardWakatobiAirStripPlaneReFueling_tn.jpg (105722 bytes)    HomewardWakatobiAirStripTerrieInWaitingArea_tn.jpg (47289 bytes)

HomewardWakatobiOnThePlane_tn.jpg (68738 bytes)     HomewardWakatobiPlaneView_tn.jpg (86228 bytes)     HomewardWakatobiPlaneViewBoats_tn.jpg (63937 bytes)     HomewardWakatobiPlaneViewIslands_tn.jpg (48277 bytes)     HomewardWakatobiPlaneViewVolcano_tn.jpg (50687 bytes)