Dive Photos

December 2007

Nekton Rorqual Liveaboard


              The Dives           


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Sunday, December 16th:

West Side of St. Croix ~ Swirling Reef Of Death (Three dives / including a night dive)

Don't let the name fool you, this was a nice shallow calm dive site with no current.  Saw several small Flounders, a large adult Spotted Drum, some Trumpetfish and a large Smooth Trunkfish.  There were lots of juveniles, schools of Black Bar Soldierfish and Smallmouth Grunts, as well as a variety of Parrotfish.  Saw Foureyed Butterflyfish and Longsnout Butterflyfish.  Blennies, Gobies, and Garden Eels down low, Black Durgons, Doctorfish and Bluehead Wrasse up high.  Saw a nice Ballonfish and a Honeycombed Cowfish.  At night the Spiny Lobsters, Arrow Crabs, Sea Cucumbers, Stareye Hermit Crabs and Channel Clinging Crabs were out.

ASwirlingReefOfDeathDiveBoard_tn.jpg (76318 bytes)

SRDPrincessParrotfish_tn.jpg (86097 bytes)    SRDBlueHead_tn.jpg (116851 bytes)    SRDBridledGoby_tn.jpg (115505 bytes)    SRDFishOnFingerReef_tn.jpg (84005 bytes)    SRDFoureyeButterflyfish_tn.jpg (84149 bytes)

SRDGardenEels_tn.jpg (48741 bytes)    SRDGraysbyOnReef_tn.jpg (101349 bytes)    SRDHoneycombedCowfish_tn.jpg (86984 bytes)    SRDHoneycombedCowfish2_tn.jpg (109811 bytes)    SRDQueenParrotfishTerminalPhase_tn.jpg (82432 bytes)    SRDLongspineSquirrelfish_tn.jpg (87948 bytes)

SRDSmallmouthGruntsOnTheMove_tn.jpg (90741 bytes)    SRDSmoothTrunkfish_tn.jpg (102809 bytes)    SRDBlackBarSoldierfish_tn.jpg (84118 bytes)    SRDSpineyLobster_tn.jpg (79465 bytes)    SRDSpottedTrunkfish_tn.jpg (113739 bytes)

SRDTerrieTakingPicture_tn.jpg (63186 bytes)   SRDTrumpetfish_tn.jpg (85191 bytes)   SRDWhiteChristmasTreeWormOnStarCoral_tn.jpg (117768 bytes)   SRDWhiteChristmasTreeWorm_tn.jpg (93260 bytes)   SRDBillSwimmingBy_tn.jpg (48706 bytes)

SRDAustinOnHangBar_tn.jpg (29495 bytes)     SRDBillSafetyStop_tn.jpg (58895 bytes)    SRDHangbarAcrobats_tn.jpg (24772 bytes)

Night Dive

SRDNightAdultSpottedDrum_tn.jpg (68352 bytes)   SRDNightBalloonfish_tn.jpg (74071 bytes)   SRDNightChannelClingingCrab_tn.jpg (99580 bytes)   SRDNightYellowLinedArrowCrab_tn.jpg (94901 bytes)   SRDNightHermitCrabOnTheReef_tn.jpg (111259 bytes)   SRDNightStareyedHermitCrab_tn.jpg (85914 bytes)   SRDNightCoralFeeding_tn.jpg (121106 bytes)


Monday, December 17th

North West Corner of St. Croix ~ Butler Bay Deep Wrecks (Two morning dives)

This wreck of the Rosa Maria, a 177ft. long container ship and the tugboat, Coakley Bay, were sunk for dive sites.  The Story is that the Rosa Maria was hauling cinder blocks to St. Croix but they off loaded one side first which flipped the ship over and sank it.  It was towed to this site and dynamited to sink it.  Only half of the dynamite went off which flipped it back to right side up before sinking.  So it sits prettily upright in about 110 feet of water.  The tug, also upright, sits at about 60 feet.  We saw an abundance of Yellow and Spotted Goatfish, a pair of large Grey Angels, Honeycombed Cowfish, Trumpetfish, Sharpnose Puffers and Parrotfish.  The usual Black Bar Soldierfish, Doctorfish, Black Durgons, Spanish Hogfish and an a variety of colorful coral, sponges and hydroids as well as a field of Garden Eels in the sand.

ButlerBayDiveBoard_tn.jpg (64684 bytes)

ButlerBayWrecksDeckShot_tn.jpg (40243 bytes)   ButlerBayWreckWithCoralGrowth_tn.jpg (86363 bytes)   ButlerBayWreckTerrieTakingPictures_tn.jpg (45464 bytes)   ButlerBayRosaMariaBow2_tn.jpg (52678 bytes)   ButlerBayRosaMariaBillTakingPictures_tn.jpg (44787 bytes)   ButlerBayRosaMariaBow_tn.jpg (65403 bytes)   ButlerBayWreckRosaMariaUpperDeck_tn.jpg (91840 bytes)

ButlerBayWreckStoplightParrotfishTerminalPhase_tn.jpg (113302 bytes)    ButlerBayFrenchAngelOnWreck_tn.jpg (83392 bytes)    ButlerBayFenchAngelFace_tn.jpg (60643 bytes)    ButlerBayHoneycombedCowfish_tn.jpg (95708 bytes)    ButlerBayWrecksYellowTrumpetfish_tn.jpg (100704 bytes)

ButlerBayRosaMariaCoralAndSponges_tn.jpg (74267 bytes)   ButlerBayGrowthOnDeckRailing_tn.jpg (88600 bytes)   ButlerBayTerrieTakingMacroPicture_tn.jpg (49466 bytes)   ButlerBayHydroidsOnRope_tn.jpg (84590 bytes)   ButlerBayHydroidsOnRopeCloseUp_tn.jpg (71423 bytes)   ButlerBayWreckBillsilhouette_tn.jpg (37801 bytes)   ButlerBayRosaMariaSpongeGrowth_tn.jpg (62898 bytes)

ButlerBayWreckBillSwimsBy_tn.jpg (43943 bytes)    ButlerBayRosaMariaWithSpongeGrowth_tn.jpg (71221 bytes)    ButlerBaySpanishHogfish_tn.jpg (50158 bytes)    ButlerBayRosaMariaRooftop_tn.jpg (49814 bytes)    ButlerBayWreckAndTerrie_tn.jpg (55956 bytes)

ButlerBayTugCoakleyBay2_tn.jpg (45906 bytes)   ButlerBayTugCoakleyBayInside_tn.jpg (95916 bytes)   ButlerBayTugStack_tn.jpg (61343 bytes)   ButlerBayTugDeck_tn.jpg (37396 bytes)   ButlerBayTugCoakleyBayStackGrowth_tn.jpg (87280 bytes)   ButlerBayTugCoakleyBayTopDeck_tn.jpg (71860 bytes)   ButlerBayTugControlsCloseUp_tn.jpg (94788 bytes)

ButlerBayWreckChristmasTreeWormsOnRail_tn.jpg (52932 bytes)    ButlerBayWrecksBill_tn.jpg (76896 bytes)    ButlerBayWrecksBillComingOverTheSide_tn.jpg (47166 bytes)    ButlerBayWreckTerrieCloseUp_tn.jpg (63870 bytes)    ButlerBayWreckTubeSponge_tn.jpg (123888 bytes)

ButlerBayTugControls_tn.jpg (79858 bytes)   ButlerBayTugDownInTheHold_tn.jpg (65639 bytes)   ButlerBayPurpleTubeSponge_tn.jpg (97418 bytes)   ButlerBayWreckWithTerrie_tn.jpg (80224 bytes)   ButlerBayWreckGrowth_tn.jpg (55953 bytes)   ButlerBayWreckLifePerserverRack_tn.jpg (60517 bytes)

ButlerBayWrecksOrangeTubeCoralGrowth_tn.jpg (97079 bytes)    ButlerBayWreckBow_tn.jpg (58210 bytes)    ButlerBayWreckSharpnosePuffer_tn.jpg (69581 bytes)    ButlerBayWreckOrangeTubeCoral_tn.jpg (59100 bytes)    ButlerBayWrecksAndDoctorfish_tn.jpg (71914 bytes)

ButlerBayWreckDiveHangTime_tn.jpg (46620 bytes)     ButlerBayWreckBillandBubbles_tn.jpg (50000 bytes)     ButlerBayWreckJohnAtSafetyStop_tn.jpg (27890 bytes)

West Side of St. Croix ~ Alien Nation (Three dives / including a night dive)

A sloping reef with supposedly 'alien looking' sponge formation.  Lots on nice nooks and crannys amongst the coral.  There was a nice big Seahorse at the mooring, a small Goldentail Moray, big Green Moray and some Spotted Morays.  Saw a large adult Spotted Drum, lots of Parrotfish, Surgeonfish, Durgons, Tangs, Yellowtail Snappers and Sargent Majors.  My favorite fish the Smooth Trunkfish was around as well as a lot of Foureye and Longsnout Butterflyfish, a Honeycombed Cowfish and a nice Turtle.  At night the Hermit Crabs and Banded Coral Shrimp were out and the fish were sleeping easily along the reef.

AlienNationADiveBoard_tn.jpg (54401 bytes)

AlienNationBillTakingPictures_tn.jpg (57825 bytes)   AlienNationAdultSpottedDrum_tn.jpg (116077 bytes)   AlienNationBandedButterflyfish_tn.jpg (66774 bytes)   AlienNationBigeyeWithLazerEyes_tn.jpg (94036 bytes)   AlienNationBigGreenMorayEel_tn.jpg (106534 bytes)   AlienNationHoneycombCowfishCloseUp_tn.jpg (108526 bytes)   AlienNationTerrieAlongCoralHeads_tn.jpg (53996 bytes)

AlienNationFoureyeButterflyfish_tn.jpg (109143 bytes)    AlienNationBlackLongsnoutSeahorse_tn.jpg (124664 bytes)    AlienNationBlackLongsnoutSeahorse2_tn.jpg (75890 bytes)    AlienNationLongsnoutSeahorse_tn.jpg (116487 bytes)    AlienNationFoureyeButterflyfish2_tn.jpg (75767 bytes)

AlienNationOceanSurgeonfish_tn.jpg (109750 bytes)   AlienNationGraysby_tn.jpg (95604 bytes)   AlienNationSpottedMoray_tn.jpg (80371 bytes)   AlienNationBlackChristmasTreeWorm_tn.jpg (83776 bytes)   AlienNationGoldentailMorayEel_tn.jpg (99560 bytes)   AlienNationGoldentailMorayEel2_tn.jpg (106385 bytes)   AlienNationPairOfSandDiverLizardfish_tn.jpg (98689 bytes)

AlienNationCeroMackerel_tn.jpg (41046 bytes)   AlienNationLizardfishFace_tn.jpg (128585 bytes)   AlienNationBlackBarSoldierfish_tn.jpg (101374 bytes)   AlienNationTurtle_tn.jpg (49026 bytes)   AlienNationPairOfBlackBarSoldierfish_tn.jpg (95189 bytes)   AlienNationPairOfFoureyedButterflyfish_tn.jpg (125120 bytes)   AlienNationPairOfBandedButterflyfish_tn.jpg (98022 bytes)

Night Dive

AlienNationNightBristleStarsAndUrchin_tn.jpg (114661 bytes)   AlienNationNightBandedCoralShrimp_tn.jpg (89744 bytes)   AlienNationNightBandedCoralShrimp2_tn.jpg (84689 bytes)   AlienNationNightBandedTubeDwellingAnemone_tn.jpg (127627 bytes)   AlienNationNightHidingRedBandParrotfishInitialPhase_tn.jpg (126969 bytes)   AlienNationNightStareyeHermitCrab_tn.jpg (80655 bytes)   AlienNationNightOcellateSwimmingCrab_tn.jpg (110295 bytes)

AlienNationNightSeahorseOnTheMove_tn.jpg (101089 bytes)   AlienNationNightTrumpetfishAndShadow_tn.jpg (79876 bytes)   AlienNationNightSeahorseOnTheMove2_tn.jpg (103089 bytes)    


Tuesday, December 18th

North Side of St. Croix ~ Salt River (Two morning dives)

This site is said to be one of the oldest geological areas in the Caribbean, the cuts, ledges, overhangs and recesses suggest that it was once an above ground waterfall.  A Hydro lab was here for several years. Scientist would live underwater for a week or so doing research on corals and fish life.  There was a slight current, lots of surface agitation and it was quite surgy in the shallows.  We saw several Spotted Moray Eels, a few Jacks and lots of various Butterflyfish.  There were Grunts, Black Durgons, Black Bar Soldierfish, Yellow Goatfish, Parrotfish and Red Hinds.  In the shallows there were a lot of Flamingo tongues and Pederson Cleaner Shrimp and Yellow Headed Jawfish.  Saw another big Turtle on this dive.

ASaltRiverDiveBoard_tn.jpg (63467 bytes)

SaltRiverAdultSpottedDrum_tn.jpg (86734 bytes)    SaltRiverAdultSpottedDrum2_tn.jpg (88679 bytes)    SaltRiverFlamingoTongue2_tn.jpg (55740 bytes)    SaltRiverPedersonCleanerShrimp_tn.jpg (98092 bytes)    SaltRiverLongjawSquirrelfishandBrownTubeSponges_tn.jpg (78874 bytes)

SaltRiverChristmasTreeWorm_tn.jpg (96843 bytes)    SaltRiverBlackbarSoldierfishOnTheReef_tn.jpg (96874 bytes)    SaltRiverChristmasTreeWorms_tn.jpg (92372 bytes)    SaltRiverBillVenting_tn.jpg (41439 bytes)    SaltRiverCoupleOfBandedButterflyfish_tn.jpg (107462 bytes)    SaltRiverFishOnTheReef_tn.jpg (110836 bytes)

SaltRiverGiantAnemone2_tn.jpg (109494 bytes)    SaltRiverFlamingoTongue_tn.jpg (46598 bytes)    SaltRiverAdamChecksHisGuages_tn.jpg (53834 bytes)    SaltRiverGiantAnemone_tn.jpg (102150 bytes)    SaltRiverSpottedMorayEel_tn.jpg (102033 bytes)    SaltRiverHarlequinBass_tn.jpg (57409 bytes)

SaltRiverBlueChromis_tn.jpg (94826 bytes)   SaltRiverBlackbarsoldierfish_tn.jpg (80281 bytes)   SaltRiverSmallMouthGruntsAndSoldierfish_tn.jpg (83355 bytes)   SaltRiverAnotherSpottedMorayEel_tn.jpg (101414 bytes)   SaltRiverRedBandParrotfishTerminalPhase_tn.jpg (97332 bytes)   SaltRiverFlamingoTongue3_tn.jpg (68816 bytes)   SaltRiverPrincessParrotfishGettingCleaned_tn.jpg (135773 bytes)

SaltRiverRedHindWithIsopod_tn.jpg (122694 bytes)    SaltRiverReef_tn.jpg (93357 bytes)    SaltRiverLavenderTubeAnemone_tn.jpg (79522 bytes)    SaltRiverSandDiverLizardfish_tn.jpg (113627 bytes)    SaltRiverNassauGrouper_tn.jpg (79944 bytes)

SaltRiverSpotfinButterflyfish_tn.jpg (91904 bytes)     SaltRiverSpottedMorayEelMouthOpen_tn.jpg (111387 bytes)     SaltRiverStarHorseshoeWorm_tn.jpg (104772 bytes)     SaltRiverSpottedMorayEelThroatShot_tn.jpg (87202 bytes)     SaltRiverYellowheadWrasseJuvenile_tn.jpg (121466 bytes)

SaltRiverYellowHeadedJawfishCloseUp_tn.jpg (80934 bytes)     SaltRiverYellowHeadedJawfish_tn.jpg (90849 bytes)     SaltRiverYellowHeadedJawfishFace_tn.jpg (75103 bytes)

SaltRiverSpottedMorayEelCloseUp_tn.jpg (116494 bytes)    SaltRiverRedHeartUrchinRemains_tn.jpg (99145 bytes)    SaltRiverWhiteGruntAndSoldierfish_tn.jpg (81696 bytes)    SaltRiverSmallMouthGruntsOnTheReef_tn.jpg (121689 bytes)    SaltRiverYellowTailSnappersAndParrotfish_tn.jpg (81473 bytes)

SaltRiverTerrieLookingForCritters_tn.jpg (51805 bytes)    SaltRiverSilhouettedDivers_tn.jpg (35881 bytes)    SaltRiverSilhouettedTerrie_tn.jpg (44578 bytes)    SaltRiverSafetyStop_tn.jpg (38452 bytes)

    North Side of St. Croix ~ Cane Bay (Three dives / Including a night dive)

A long sloping reef with big sand spots, coral finger reefs, a deep slope and eventually a very deep wall.  I found a juvenile Smooth Trunkfish here, not quite a baby, but small. There were several Tile Fish around the sand, tiny Roughhead and Secretary Blennies, many Peacock Flounders, Black Durgons,  Trumpetfish, a White Spotted Filefish in its Orange Phase and misc juveniles.  John was videoing on this dive and a nice Turtle came by to be on film.  At night the Banded Coral and Pederson Cleaner Shrimp were plentiful along with Arrow Crabs and whole lot of sleeping Parrotfish.

CaneBayADiveBoard_tn.jpg (75970 bytes)

CaneBayAzureVaseSponge_tn.jpg (97490 bytes)    CaneBayBandedCoralShrimp_tn.jpg (114698 bytes)    CaneBayBandedCoralShrimp3_tn.jpg (90586 bytes)    CaneBayBandedCoralShrimp2_tn.jpg (97495 bytes)    CaneBayCoralHead_tn.jpg (54095 bytes)

CaneBayLongsnoutButterflyfish2_tn.jpg (101341 bytes)   CaneBayPeacockFlounder2_tn.jpg (87940 bytes)   CaneBayCocoaDamselfish_tn.jpg (99195 bytes)   CaneBayFlamingoTongueOnTheMove_tn.jpg (99725 bytes)   CaneBayBlueMaleSargentMajor_tn.jpg (101291 bytes)   CaneBayDoctorfish_tn.jpg (65300 bytes)   CaneBayLongsnoutButterflyfish_tn.jpg (102368 bytes)

CaneBayJuvenileTrunkfish_tn.jpg (116099 bytes)      CaneBayJuvenileTrunkfish2_tn.jpg (75477 bytes)      CaneBayJuvenileTrunkfish3_tn.jpg (100754 bytes)

CaneBayPeacockFlounder_tn.jpg (94614 bytes)   CaneBayJuvenileBlueheadWrasse_tn.jpg (35698 bytes)   CaneBayJohnFilmsATurtle_tn.jpg (41932 bytes)   CaneBayKnobbyAnemone_tn.jpg (101376 bytes)   CaneBayLongspineSquirrelfish_tn.jpg (79928 bytes)   CaneBayPedersonCleanerShrimpAndFriend_tn.jpg (112033 bytes)   CaneBayCeroMackerel_tn.jpg (65868 bytes)

CaneBayReefShot_tn.jpg (95245 bytes)   CaneBayPencilCoral_tn.jpg (73465 bytes)   CaneBayRoughHeadBlenny_tn.jpg (81694 bytes)   CaneBayRoughHeadBlenny2_tn.jpg (70200 bytes)   CaneBayPeacockFlounder3_tn.jpg (105613 bytes)   CaneBayStoplightParrotfishInitialPhase_tn.jpg (76070 bytes)   CaneBaySeaFan_tn.jpg (111122 bytes)

CaneBayTilefish_tn.jpg (64244 bytes)    CaneBaySmoothTrunkfish_tn.jpg (76724 bytes)    CaneBayWhitespottedFilefishOrangePhase_tn.jpg (67908 bytes)    CaneBayTilefish2_tn.jpg (75139 bytes)    CaneBayTrumpetfish_tn.jpg (69947 bytes)

CaneBayTerrie_tn.jpg (59516 bytes)

Night Dive

CaneBayNightArrowCrab_tn.jpg (67485 bytes)    CaneBayNightParrotfish_tn.jpg (81154 bytes)    CaneBayNightOrangeBallCorallimorph_tn.jpg (91602 bytes)    CaneBayNightBasketStar_tn.jpg (81042 bytes)    CaneBayNightBridledBurrfish_tn.jpg (78938 bytes)    CaneBayNightFoureyeButterflyfish_tn.jpg (67776 bytes)    CaneBayNightOceanSurgeonfish_tn.jpg (79199 bytes)

CaneBayNightDoctorfish2_tn.jpg (85716 bytes)    CaneBayNightBlueTang_tn.jpg (68948 bytes)    CaneBayNightSleepyParrotfish_tn.jpg (87311 bytes)    CaneBayNightBlueTang2_tn.jpg (88078 bytes)


Wednesday, December 19th

North West Corner of St. Croix ~ Butler Bay Shallow Wrecks (Two morning dives)

There are three wrecks in close proximity at this site, the Suffolk Maid, an old North Sea fishing ship that sits in 60ft. of water, an oil barge, named The Virgin Islander and the North Wind, a small tug boat sitting in only 40ft. of water, which was used in the movie "Dreams of Gold, The Mel Fisher Story".  There is also part of an underwater habitat, possibly part of the Hydro lab used at Salt River.  We spent the first dive on the barge and the Suffolk Maid and the second dive headed over around and past the old habitat and to the smaller tug.  Lots of nice coral and sponge growth on these wrecks.  Saw lots of Bristle Fire Worms, Grunts, Tangs and the ever present Soldierfish.  Also several Trunkfish, tiny little Roughhead Blennies and Pederson Cleaner Shrimp.  A couple of Barracuda (small ones) and Moray Eels both big and Green and small and Spotted.  The North Wind tug had the most growth and was home to a couple Spotted Morays, a nice Scorpionfish, Arrow Crabs galore and some Sharpnose Puffers.  A nice big Turtle swam past us between the barge and the fishing boat and the sand was full of Garden Eels and some nice YellowHeaded Jawfish.

AButlerBayShallowWrecksDiveBoard_tn.jpg (61541 bytes)

ButlerBayShallowBargeSurface_tn.jpg (83750 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowWreckSpongeGrowth_tn.jpg (61799 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowBarracuda_tn.jpg (47463 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowWreckDiversAndBubblesComingUp_tn.jpg (60482 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowBarracudaOnWreck_tn.jpg (84458 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowWreckSuffolkMaid_tn.jpg (60237 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowBicolorConey_tn.jpg (96468 bytes)

ButlerBayShallowBillAndTubeSponge_tn.jpg (47811 bytes)     ButlerBayShallowBillCruisesBy_tn.jpg (43494 bytes)     ButlerBayShallowHabitat_tn.jpg (82578 bytes)     ButlerBayShallowHabitatAustinFilmingAMorayEel_tn.jpg (52363 bytes)     ButlerBayShallowTerrieDownBesideSuffolkMaid_tn.jpg (56173 bytes)     ButlerBayShallowAustinFilming_tn.jpg (25194 bytes)

ButlerBayShallowSecretaryBlenny_tn.jpg (66957 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowNorthwindTugAndTerrie_tn.jpg (60845 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowsGreenishBeardedFireworm_tn.jpg (93103 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowSharpnosePuffer_tn.jpg (122132 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowSpottedMorayEelNose_tn.jpg (87966 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowBlennyAndFoot_tn.jpg (68726 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowTugAndMaryAnne_tn.jpg (78460 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowTugArrowCrabInACrack_tn.jpg (85723 bytes)

ButlerBayShallowSmoothTrunkfishOnBarge_tn.jpg (81299 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowSmoothTrunkfishAndBillShooting_tn.jpg (63649 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowSmoothTrunkfishSnacking_tn.jpg (122943 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowSmoothTrunkfishBlowingOnWreck_tn.jpg (119584 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowTerrieTakingEelPicture_tn.jpg (89408 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowSpottedMorayEelOnWreck_tn.jpg (117840 bytes)

ButlerBayShallowBranchingTubeSponge_tn.jpg (79273 bytes)    ButlerBayShallowLongspineSquirrelfish_tn.jpg (77750 bytes)    ButlerBayShallowMazeCoral_tn.jpg (117345 bytes)    ButlerBayShallowPedersonCleanerShrimp_tn.jpg (114209 bytes)    ButlerBayShallowTugScorpionfish_tn.jpg (95353 bytes)    ButlerBayShallowPedersonCleanerShrimpAndAnemone_tn.jpg (92124 bytes)

ButlerBayShallowTurtle2_tn.jpg (30416 bytes)      ButlerBayShallowTurtle_tn.jpg (25289 bytes)      ButlerBayShallowTurtle3_tn.jpg (33102 bytes)

ButlerBayShallowTugStacks_tn.jpg (90255 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowTugTheNorthwind_tn.jpg (79023 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowWreckIntoTheHold_tn.jpg (63432 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowTugSpottedMorayFace_tn.jpg (97482 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowWrecksLargeBeardedFireworm_tn.jpg (97630 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowWreckFishCoralAndSponges_tn.jpg (94336 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowWreckGrowth_tn.jpg (87081 bytes)

ButlerBayShallowLoneGardenEel_tn.jpg (72123 bytes)    ButlerBayShallowGardenEels_tn.jpg (77819 bytes)    ButlerBayShallowWrecksFishTrapAndADeadFish_tn.jpg (61761 bytes)    ButlerBayShallowTubeSpongeOnWreck_tn.jpg (71368 bytes)    ButlerBayShallowScorpionfishEye_tn.jpg (102926 bytes)    ButlerBayShallowScorpionfish_tn.jpg (120766 bytes)

ButlerBayShallowWreckBargeSurface_tn.jpg (77991 bytes)    ButlerBayShallowYellowHeadedJawfishFace_tn.jpg (87480 bytes)    ButlerBayShallowTugBeardedFireworm_tn.jpg (84764 bytes)    ButlerBayShallowTugBeardedFirewormOrgy_tn.jpg (90493 bytes)    ButlerBayShallowTubeSpongesOnTheWrecks_tn.jpg (97224 bytes)

ButlerBayShallowTugMaryAnne_tn.jpg (48104 bytes)   ButlerBayShallowSunshineThroughTheProp_tn.jpg (40443 bytes)     ButlerBayShallowSafetyStopDivers_tn.jpg (34746 bytes)

West Side of St. Croix ~ Fredricksted Pier (Three dives / Including a night dive)

The pier at Fredricksted is a shallow dive from around 20 feet to 90 out at the end of the new section.  We never made it deeper than 30ft. as there is so much to see both day and night.  The pillars holding up the pier are encrusted in massive amounts of sponges and house all kinds of critters.  I took 250 pictures just at this dive site and had to cut way back on what to post here.  We saw big Flying Gunards, Scorpionfish, Flounders, Bristle Fire Worms, schools and schools of big Sargent Majors and Arrow Crabs crawling all over everything.  There were Spiny Lobsters, Spotted Lobsters, Decorator and Spongy Crabs, a couple of Seahorses, a Southern Ray and juveniles like Highhats and French Angels.  That night we saw several Octopi and several Moray Eels.  I looked and looked but never did find the frogfish though others did find some.  On the night dive Bill and I got so engrossed in all the sights we had to swim frantically back to the ship to get back before the dive deck closing time.

FredrickstedPierADiveBoard_tn.jpg (61854 bytes)

FredrickstedPierTrumpetfish_tn.jpg (77332 bytes)   FredrickstedPierArrowCrabEating_tn.jpg (111764 bytes)   FredrickstedPierBrittleStarInASponge_tn.jpg (67858 bytes)   FredrickstedPierAnotherSpongyDecoratorCrab_tn.jpg (53979 bytes)   FredrickstedPierDecoratorCrabOnTheMove_tn.jpg (57914 bytes)   FredrickstedPierFeatherDusterWorm_tn.jpg (109138 bytes)   FredrickstedPierChannelFlounder_tn.jpg (107601 bytes)

FredrickstedPierFlyingGunard2_tn.jpg (77867 bytes)      FredrickstedPierFlyingGunardFinSpan_tn.jpg (83900 bytes)      FredrickstedPierFlyingGunardFace_tn.jpg (98917 bytes)

FredrickstedPierIntermediateFrenchAngel_tn.jpg (94928 bytes)    FredrickstedPierJuvenileFrenchAngel_tn.jpg (84984 bytes)    FredrickstedPierJuvenileFrenchAngelFace_tn.jpg (87543 bytes)    FredrickstedPierJuvenileFrenchAngelfish_tn.jpg (107756 bytes)

FredrickstedPierJuvenileHighHat_tn.jpg (123482 bytes)      FredrickstedPierJuvenileHighHat2_tn.jpg (110510 bytes)      FredrickstedPierJuvenileHighHat3_tn.jpg (121840 bytes)

FredrickstedPierPorcupinefish_tn.jpg (95914 bytes)   FredrickstedPierSargentMajors2_tn.jpg (48307 bytes)   FredrickstedPierLongsnoutSeahorse_tn.jpg (98541 bytes)   FredrickstedPierLizardfishHiding_tn.jpg (77311 bytes)   FredrickstedPierLongsnoutSeahorseCloser_tn.jpg (84825 bytes)   FredrickstedPierMagnificentUrchin_tn.jpg (113962 bytes)   FredrickstedPierPorcupinefish2_tn.jpg (62287 bytes)

FredrickstedPierSpongyDecoratorCrab_tn.jpg (122857 bytes)   FredrickstedPierScorpionfish_tn.jpg (116491 bytes)   FredrickstedPierSargentMajorsAndGrunts_tn.jpg (76356 bytes)   FredrickstedPierSpineyLobsters_tn.jpg (114817 bytes)   FredrickstedPierYellowGoatfish_tn.jpg (89315 bytes)   FredrickstedPierSargentMajors_tn.jpg (87329 bytes)   FredrickstedPierTinySandCrab_tn.jpg (116101 bytes)

FredrickstedPierSouthernRay_tn.jpg (68408 bytes)     FredrickstedPierSouthernRay2_tn.jpg (50409 bytes)     FredrickstedPierSouthernRayAndFriend_tn.jpg (61131 bytes)

Night Dive

FredrickstedPierNightJuvenilePuffer_tn.jpg (121695 bytes)    FredrickstedPierNightBandedSeaStar_tn.jpg (83268 bytes)    FredrickstedPierNightBeadedSeaCucumber_tn.jpg (123355 bytes)    FredrickstedPierNightOcellateSwimmingCrab_tn.jpg (109277 bytes)    FredrickstedPierNightBrittlestarOnASponge_tn.jpg (83105 bytes)    FredrickstedPierNightIntermediateFrenchAngel_tn.jpg (101666 bytes)    FredrickstedPierNightSmoothTrunkfish_tn.jpg (89187 bytes)

FredrickstedPierNightLongsnoutSeahorseFreeswimming_tn.jpg (98862 bytes)     FredrickstedPierNightLongsnoutSeahorseOnTheMove_tn.jpg (88037 bytes)     FredrickstedPierNightPurpleMouthMorayAndFish_tn.jpg (81985 bytes)

FredrickstedPierNightOctopus_tn.jpg (112373 bytes)     FredrickstedPierNightOctopusInAPipe_tn.jpg (98265 bytes)     FredrickstedPierNightOctopusPeekingOutOfPipe_tn.jpg (109162 bytes)     FredrickstedPierNightOctopusHavingDinnerInACan_tn.jpg (91026 bytes)

FredrickstedPierNightScorpionfish_tn.jpg (106993 bytes)     FredrickstedPierNightSpottedSpinyLobster_tn.jpg (127073 bytes)     FredrickstedPierNightSpottedMorayEel_tn.jpg (117057 bytes)


Thursday, December 20th

North Side of St. Croix ~ Vertigo (Two morning dives)

Did not seem to be as much fish life on this site.  Undefined finger reefs of coral led out to a steep sloping wall.  The visibility wasn't as good and it was extremely surgey,  so it wasn't a great site for my amateuristic photo skillz.  There were some fantastic stands of Elkhorn Coral in the shallower areas and an abundance of Flamingo Tongues.  Also saw several Smooth Trunkfish, some Black Durgons, Parrotfish and Blue and Brown Chromis with Isopods on their faces.  Some Pederson Cleaner Shrimp and Cleaning Gobis and a nice Batwing Coral Crab were seen as well.

VertigoADiveBoard_tn.jpg (66711 bytes)

VertigoTerriesUpsideDownPictureTakingSkillz_tn.jpg (69888 bytes)    VertigoBillInTheBlue_tn.jpg (22033 bytes)    VertigoAnotherBigBarrelSponge_tn.jpg (102782 bytes)    VertigoBigBarrelSponge_tn.jpg (82141 bytes)    VertigoBillWithElkhornCoral_tn.jpg (67032 bytes)    VertigoCleaningGoby_tn.jpg (106891 bytes)

VertigoElkhornCoral2_tn.jpg (40676 bytes)    VertigoElkhornCoral_tn.jpg (62002 bytes)    VertigoElkhornCoralOnTheReef2_tn.jpg (50112 bytes)    VertigoElkhornCoralOnTheReef_tn.jpg (74938 bytes)    VertigoElkhornCoral3_tn.jpg (81191 bytes)

VertigoRopeAndTubeSponge_tn.jpg (112515 bytes)    VertigoBlackDurgonOnTheReef_tn.jpg (110656 bytes)    VertigoFireCoral_tn.jpg (85593 bytes)    VertigoHarlequinBass_tn.jpg (96658 bytes)    VertigoHarlequinBassFace_tn.jpg (98482 bytes)    VertigoJuvenileMorayEelSnout_tn.jpg (86331 bytes)    VertigoPairOf FoureyeButterflyfish_tn.jpg (122291 bytes)

VertigoPedersonCleanerShrimp_tn.jpg (90770 bytes)    VertigoFlamingoTongueCloseUp_tn.jpg (49666 bytes)    VertigoFlamingoTongueOnRock2_tn.jpg (92864 bytes)    VertigoBatwingCoralCrab_tn.jpg (111659 bytes)    VertigoSoapfish_tn.jpg (92222 bytes)    VertigoBrainCoralCloseUp_tn.jpg (114189 bytes)    VertigoBrownTubeSponge_tn.jpg (111245 bytes)

West Side of St. Croix ~ Kings Cross (Three dives / Including a night dive without the camera)

Fairly surgey site with milky visibility.  Lots of coral rubble and quite a bit of dead coral.  Saw the biggest Green Moray of the trip near the mooring.  Swam out toward the wall drop off but the visibility wasn't great and didn't see much other than a big Honeycombed Cowfish and a Turtle.  Back in shallower water we found lots of Trunkfish, Arrow Crabs, an adult Spotted Drum, a Spotted Moray Eel, Trumpetfish and lots of juveniles. and lots of Chromis.  Opted not to take the camera on the night dive and the visibility had dramatically improved.  Had a relaxing dive, spotting lots of Spiney Lobster, big Channel Clinging Crabs and had a nice long Octopus encounter.  He was small but colorful and hung around for quite some time.

KingsCrossADiveBoard_tn.jpg (71472 bytes)

KingsCrossBandedButterflyfish_tn.jpg (86926 bytes)   KingsCrossAdultSpottedDrum_tn.jpg (97208 bytes)   KingsCrossAdultSpottedDrum2_tn.jpg (99444 bytes)   KingsCrossBalloonfish_tn.jpg (77827 bytes)   KingsCrossFishDance_tn.jpg (56533 bytes)   KingsCrossBigGreenMorayEel_tn.jpg (74108 bytes)   KingsCrossBillOverBarrelSponge_tn.jpg (33427 bytes)

KingsCrossChannelClingingCrab_tn.jpg (121361 bytes)   KingsCrossTrumpetfishHead_tn.jpg (62244 bytes)   KingsCrossHoneycombCowfish_tn.jpg (70974 bytes)   KingsCrossJuvenileSharpnosePuffer_tn.jpg (94457 bytes)   KingsCrossArrowCrabInASponge_tn.jpg (44235 bytes)   KingsCrossHoneycombCowfish2_tn.jpg (86283 bytes)   KingsCrossGraysbyOnASponge_tn.jpg (84576 bytes)

KingsCrossSpottedTrunkfish_tn.jpg (79211 bytes)     KingsCrossSpottedMorayEel2_tn.jpg (90532 bytes)     KingsCrossSpottedMorayEel_tn.jpg (78465 bytes)     KingsCrossSpottedMorayEel3_tn.jpg (94891 bytes)     KingsCrossSpottedTrunkfish2_tn.jpg (93095 bytes)

KingsCrossBillAtTheProp_tn.jpg (36525 bytes)        KingsCrossAlAtSafetyStop_tn.jpg (30294 bytes)


Friday, December 21st

North Side of St. Croix ~ Pavillions (Two morning dives)

This site is a nice sloping reef with good coral and pretty Sea Fans and Elephant Ear Sponges.   The visibility was good at this site and it was a nice relaxing dive.  A little bit of current but not a lot of surge.  Got a great picture of a Balloonfish and several Flamingo Tongue shots.  Saw a big Spotted Moray, families of little Fairy Basslets, lots of Parrotfish, Butterflyfish, Trunkfish, Blennies and Cleaner Gobies.  Saw a few Smooth Trunkfish, some Grunts, Squirrelfish and a big Juvenile Yellowtail Damselfish.

PavillionsBalloonfish_tn.jpg (82199 bytes)    PavillionsBalloonfishFaceJPG_tn.jpg (75592 bytes)    PavillionsHydroidsOnMooringLine_tn.jpg (56831 bytes)    PavillionsHydroidsOnMooringLineCloseUp_tn.jpg (69390 bytes)

Above are a couple originals and the zoomed in for detail copies together.

PavillionsFrenchGruntAndFairyBasslets_tn.jpg (70922 bytes)     PavillionsPeppermintGoby_tn.jpg (79241 bytes)     PavillionsGlasseyeSnapper_tn.jpg (81293 bytes)     PavillionsLongspineSquirrelfish_tn.jpg (78781 bytes)     PavillionsLongjawSquirrelfish_tn.jpg (96859 bytes)

PavillionsReefShot_tn.jpg (96685 bytes)    PavillionsBillOnReef_tn.jpg (59493 bytes)    PavillionsTimOnAPhotoMission_tn.jpg (47771 bytes)    PavillionsBillUpsideDown_tn.jpg (45952 bytes)    PavillionsDonnieAndMelAlongTheReef_tn.jpg (42894 bytes)    PavillionsTimAndMelAlongTheReef_tn.jpg (51969 bytes)    PavillionsSeaFansOnTheReef_tn.jpg (79703 bytes)

PavillionsFlamingoTongueOnSeaFan_tn.jpg (101516 bytes)    PavillionsFlamingoTongueOnBlackSeaRod_tn.jpg (54767 bytes)    PavillionsPairOfFlamingoTongues_tn.jpg (49648 bytes)    PavillionsFlamingoTongueOnBlackSeaRod2_tn.jpg (53799 bytes)    PavillionsWhiteStarSheetCoral_tn.jpg (119830 bytes)

PavillionsSpongeGrowingAroundSeaRod_tn.jpg (89975 bytes)   PavillionsSmoothTrunkfish_tn.jpg (78520 bytes)   PavillionsSpottedMorayEel_tn.jpg (104383 bytes)   PavillionsFairyBasslet_tn.jpg (114030 bytes)   PavillionsTangNearMooring_tn.jpg (66734 bytes)   PavillionsYellowtailDamselfish_tn.jpg (85898 bytes)   PavillionsYellowtailParrotfishInitialPhase_tn.jpg (81654 bytes)

North Side of St. Croix ~ North Star (Three dives)

The last dive site of the trip is a sheer wall.  The ship moored in shallow water its a short swim to the edge of the wall where it plunges rather dramatically to very deep water.  The visibility at the wall was less than great and Bill was having serious leaking issues with his mask.  We swam along the wall and through some cut throughs and then up toward the shallows.  Saw lots of various Butterfly fish and Parrotfish.  One smallish Parrotfish swam right into my head !  There were Scorpionfish, Bicolored Coneys, Red Hinds and Hogfish.  In the shallows we saw a big Porcupinefish and several small Blennies and Yellowheaded Jawfish as well as Flounder.

NorthStarADiveBoard_tn.jpg (62662 bytes)

NorthStarBeardedFireWorm_tn.jpg (101397 bytes)    NorthStarFeatherdusterWorm_tn.jpg (108775 bytes)    NorthStarRedbandParrotfish_tn.jpg (99549 bytes)    NorthStarFlamingoTongueOnFan_tn.jpg (62417 bytes)    NorthStarHeartShapedVaseSponge_tn.jpg (75847 bytes)    NorthStarParrotfishBeingCleaned_tn.jpg (54086 bytes)

NorthStarPeacockFlounder_tn.jpg (88275 bytes)     NorthStarPeacockFlounderFace_tn.jpg (68342 bytes)     NorthStarPeacockFlounder2_tn.jpg (86236 bytes)

NorthStarPedersonCleanerShrimp_tn.jpg (73214 bytes)   NorthStarPedersonShrimpAndFriend_tn.jpg (60573 bytes)   NorthStarBeardedFireWorm2_tn.jpg (78253 bytes)   NorthStarBlackDurgonBeingCleaned_tn.jpg (70273 bytes)   NorthStarPrincessParrotfish_tn.jpg (62958 bytes)   NorthStarRedHindWithIsopod_tn.jpg (78262 bytes)   NorthStarScorpionfish_tn.jpg (92097 bytes)

NorthStarTubeSponge_tn.jpg (105110 bytes)     NorthStarYellowTailDamselfish_tn.jpg (86794 bytes)     NorthStarYellowHeadedWrasse_tn.jpg (114716 bytes)

NorthStarBillCloseUp_tn.jpg (58659 bytes)    NorthStarBillAndTerrieDivers_tn.jpg (79985 bytes)    NorthStarBillNearMooringLine_tn.jpg (67101 bytes)    NorthStarDonnieInTheBlue_tn.jpg (35798 bytes)    NorthStarTimInTheBlue_tn.jpg (36844 bytes)

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